Monday, July 29, 2013

RIP PAPA......

Never did I think I would be writing this post, at least not right now any how. 
I woke up Saturday morning the hubbs was already at work, just like any other day here lately. I laid there in bed with my fat puppies surfing the web on my phone. Checking up on the latest as to what was going on in the world.....only to find out that my Papa had passed away. SERIOUSLY!!!!!! I found out on FACEBOOK that my Papa had passed away. COME FREAKING ON PEOPLE. I understand that you want to get the word out but don’t you think it would be right if you made sure immediate family new FIRST!!!! I think the thing that pisses me off the most about this is that it was one of my Cousin’s that posted it that isn’t even in Texas were my papa lived or immediate family. I know he was close to my papa but still. It happened at midnight Friday night / Saturday Morning and he posted it on FB Saturday Morning at 7-F-ING-AM. To say I was slightly pissed would be a understatement. That’s not how I want to find out about my papa passing away. And then for me to call you and you have NO details or information on what happen and your NOT even sure if my mom know’s yet, whom happens to be the daughter of my papa. AAAAHHHHAAAAAHHHHH I was fuming. What if my mom didn’t know (thankfully she did) and she logged on to FB and saw your post and that is how she found out that her dad has passed away. People seriously I tell you, the nerve. Don’t get me wrong I love this cousin very much and have much respect for for him, for other reason’s but this right here just makes me so angry. 
It’s 7am in the morning, I gather myself and try to think of who to call back home. Thankfully its only a hour time difference (they are behind.) I’m still nervous to call my mom because at the time I didn’t know if she knew or not. I decided to call my grandma (my papa’s ex wife, however you’d think they were still married sometimes but that’s another story lol) she didn’t answer, I knew she would be awake but she wasn’t answering the phone. I called back several times and still nothing, this had me worried. I called my brother, nothing. I called my brothers girlfriend (thank goodness the girl loves me calling her at 6am Texas time.) I woke her up and felt awful but no brother. (normally they are always together) He was at the river house, so I called him back again. He answered, I made sure he was good and awake and I told him about the passing of our papa. He was devastated and just kept saying over and over “I can’t believe it I can’t believe it”. I felt so bad because I knew he was there alone and had no one to turn to at the moment. The last time both of us lost someone we were this close to was our other Papa back in 2002. (That was a extremely difficult time for us both) I still had no answer’s or detail on what had happened. Finally my grandma called back, I fished around to see if she knew anything about what happened because I didn’t want to be the one to tell her, like I said they were still close. I knew it would be a hard hit for her as well. I asked her several times if she’d talked to mom or if she’d heard from her lately and she said no and asked why. I just avoided her asking and told her I’d call her later. She then told me she knew about my papa and so did my mom. Awh, what a relief I suppose. She then told me that the hospital called her first, asked if she was related to him. Her name was listed in his phone as Wanda Mercer and my papa’s last name is Mecer and they were trying to reach the next of kin. She told them that she was not the next of kin that she was simply his ex wife. Of course at that point they would not tell her anything. She told them he (my papa) had a son and daughter that would be the next of kin and they mentioned my mom’s name. She said yes, they’d been calling but couldn’t get a answer from her. My Mamaw then called my Uncle (my papa’s son) and told him he needed to call the hospital that something was going on with his dad. He replied with “mom I don’t know how to call the hospital”, my mamaw though about it and told him that the hospital person called from my papa’s cell phone. She told my Uncle to call his phone back and surly someone would answer. He did so, they asked whom he was and he told them. It was at that time that the hospital representative told my Uncle of his father’s passing. He hung up and called my mamaw back (his mom) and said “Momma, daddy’s gone, he’s gone”, she told him he needed to call my mom because she didn’t want to be the one to tell her. He though she would be mad because she wasn’t there when it happened but no body was so how was she to be mad. He called my mom and told her and of course it was one of the hardest moment in her life I’m sure. She lives about a hour away from our whole family so she quickly headed to pick up my Uncle and they went down to the hospital from there with one of their cousins. 

From what I was told and what we know right now is that, my papa drove himself to the hospital in the middle of the night Friday night, so he knew something was wrong or not right (the hospital wasn’t to far of a drive from were he lived) once he arrived at the hospital apparently he couldn’t make it out of his truck so he honk and honk on the horn till someone came out. At that point from what I understand they did everything they could but it just wasn’t enough..........he was gone................................

Then that brings me to 7am Saturday morning when I woke up and saw the devastating news on Facebook. 

A biopsy was being done on Sunday to find out what happen but I have not heard anything from that.

I’m on a plane headed home to Texas as I type this, I wasn’t sure If I was going to be able to make it home for the funeral or not. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, I know that sounds bad but I don’t do well with death. I mean no body does but it’s something that is just very hard for me to wrap my head around. I just saw my papa in April when I was home for Spring Break that was 3 months ago, so much can happen in that amount of time, and this just proves it. Papa was a very loving person, he was everybody’s friend and NEVER met a stranger or a person he wouldn’t talk to. It was almost embarrassing sometimes being out in public with him but that was his personality. Everyone loved him and his stories, it was never a dull moment when he was around. (My mom is so like him, so if you never got a chance to meet him hang out with my mom for a day and you’ll know just what I’m talking about.) I have so many fond memories of going to his house for weekends growing up when he lived in Conroe. Playing with the lizards on his back deck, the beautiful flowers and his big old ugly dog Sam. Diggin in the garden, shooting his potato gun off the deck, oh and his baby dear bambie I think her name was. He had one of those big circle chairs that I loved sleeping in and everyone else hatted it. He had hair as silver as a sliver dollar, I can’t remember it ever being a different color. He was a “Jack of all Trades” as some people would say. I know some people weren’t crazy about me marrying a man in the military and moving away at the time but my papa being prior military himself was so proud of Gabe and what he was doing and still is doing for our country, he always asked about him and told me count-less times during both deployments he was praying for him and all those other boys to come home safe. I remember at my wedding my Aunt Holly (my maid-of-honor) coming up and giving a speech then Gabe’s best man, our DJ then opened the floor to anyone else who would like to come up and say a few words, OF COURSE my papa was the the first one up there to put his two sense in, “oh lord I though to myself”. It might have been short and simple but it was sweet and loving. He was a HUGE Texas Rangers fan, well my whole family is minus me really. As much as I hated hearing about the Rangers sometimes I sucked it up put a smile on my face and listened because he loved it. If the game was on you better believe that he’s gonna be watching it and you’d better not disturb him or he was listening to it on the radio if he wasn’t there. He loved going to the casinos, even if he didn’t win anything he had the best time. His favorite candy were these nasty Coconut bars, you couldn’t find them any were but when we did we stocked him up. When we would drive to Houston we always stopped at the same gas station to pick some up for him. He eventually moved back up to Arlington were I’m from and settled there. I moved away a year later and didn’t see him much after that because of the distance but every time I came home we always had a family dinner at my Mamaw’s house and he always came. We would tease my mamaw because papa James was coming and we’d better not let papa Fredo find out (her husband now) because he would go nuts. Not really but it was always a running joke in the family. I could go on and on about the stories of my papa but that would take a life time. I really can’t believe he’s gone, I don’t know if its fully set in or if it ever will. I still have the hardest time believing that my other papa has been gone for over 12 year’s now. Thank goodness the Good Lord blessed me and my brother with two VERY STRONG GrandMothers!!!!!! I don’t know were I’d be with out any of my grandparents. 
I’m blessed and thankful for the time we had together and will never forget the memories we made. 
I love you Papa James and I’ll alway’s think of you in everything I do. Until we meet again. 
Love Tiffany

My Grandparents
RIP Papa James & Aunt Marie 
Hugs after a speech at our wedding. 
Love that goofy old man!!!
Me, Papa and Bubby!!!! 
We love you Papa and will miss you so much!!!! 
December 20, 1940 - July 27, 2013
He was 72 years young when he passed away. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

last weekend....

I decided to head down to the Soda City Market this morning to get my mind off some horrible news I found out this morning. (more on that to come) I walked around a bit treating myself to some freshly squeezed lemonade. It was so refreshing and hit the spot on this hot summer day!!!! 
While living in Hawaii My "Spouse" introduced us to Frosty Paw's puppy ice cream. We get it all the time for the pups and they just love it. There is a local vendor that makes and sells homemade Popsicles and Pupsicles. I decided to pick up two on my way out to take home for our fur babies to try. They were a little confused at first but quickly finished them off. 
Later that evening after the hubbs made it home from work I decided to do a little baking. It was a first for these Chocolate Chewy Reese's Cookies, and although they were good I don't know that I'll be making them again. They just didn't hold there shape well. When you would go to pick one up to eat it, it would just fall apart. 
Sweet Sweet Kelly!!!! She's converting my over more and more to a true Southern Girl. I love everything Monogrammed. "If its not moving Monogram it right"!!!! She got me this cute tank and had my initials monogrammed on the back of it. This was my end of the year gift from her and Lucy. I just got it a little early :) Isn't it so cute, and its super comfy as well. 
She had herself one made as well, and then had a bright idea to start selling them through the summer. She's always on the go and looking for fun idea's to keep her busy. She asked if I would help promote them on my facebook page and it just took off from there. 
Sunday morning we went for a long run and half a mile in to our 8 miles she needed a potty break. Taking a random turn on to a street we never go on led us to this not so lovely porto-john. ewh ewh ewh, but I guess when you gotta go you gotta go. It was a great morning run, I'm feeling stronger and stronger every day. I can't wait for the Marathon to get here, well I kinda can because I still have lots of training to do. But you get what I mean right. 
It was a good morning in the South to get a run in!! Headed home to spend the rest of the day lounging around with my love!!! Happy Weekend everyone!!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Review....

Its kinda become a routine around this here blog of mine since we don't have much going on right now.

*Monday~                  During my lunch break from work I decided to get my run out of the way for the day. I headed to The RiverFront Park down town in the Vista area to work on some interval training. I'm trying to slowly but surly get a little faster on my runs. I'm not trying to do this so I can finish the Marathon at a faster time but simply to make myself stronger and to eventually run at a faster pace all the way around. It was a HOT summer day but I pushed through and was so proud of myself. 
                                  This is the 2nd to last week for this cycle that we are in. The SIT in training Graduate NEXT Thursday. Come.On.Cycle.Break. So that means this week is Vic. Forge week. This is were the SIT stay out in the field all week Mon-Fri. and put everything to the text that they have learned over the last 9 weeks. This also means that the hubbs has to stay out there as well, he might get to come home one night but we aren't holding our breath. He needed a few things from home so I made the 20 minute drive out to the range after dinner tonight and was so happy to see him when he pulled up.

*Wednesday~      I headed back out to the RiverFront Park on my lunch to get another run in because I had Spin class later that evening after work. A co-worker went with me and it made the run go by much quicker. She is slowly getting into running and working out more so it was nice to talk to her about it and help encourage her along. It was hot of course but thankfully not nearly as bad as Monday. That evening after work I headed up to Jamie Scott Fitness were my girl Kelly was teaching Spin class. I absolutely fell in love with spin last spring but after a brutal run day adding that in I was feeling it that night. I always try to push myself as much as I can because I figure if I don't I'm simply wasting my time and money paying for the class. So no matter how hard it hurt I gave it my all. I know I'm only helping myself and when my Marathon Day gets here I'll be so happy I put forth the extra work. 
*Thursday~              It was another run day this time after work with Kelly and sweet little Luc. We waited a little later in the evening to go hoping it wouldn't be as hot. Boy were we wrong, it might have been a degree's or two cooler but not much. Never the less it was a good run and we made it through. Since we are planing to do a long-ish run on Sunday we kept it short today, not to over work ourselves to much. The hubbs was able to come home tonight after some back and forth with some of the other Drill SGT. I was so happy because he was able to get ready for the board he was selected to go to on Friday. (side note: he didn't make it- it was for drill sgt of the month, he said some new guy got it..lame) We cooked dinner together (picture fail, but it was good) I picked up the house while he study and we called it a early night. 
*Friday~                   It was so nice being able to wake up to him Friday morning before we both went off to work. That doesn't happen very ofter for us because he has to be in so early. Getting ready and being able to spend some time together made for a great way to start my Friday. Even though he as to work this weekend it put a smile on my face to have that time with him. That evening when I got home I finished up dinner (Hello Crock Pot) and got it in the oven. We double teamed it and cleaned the back yard and mowed, followed by the ever so lovely laundry. I tried to get some of my normal weekendly duties done tonight so I wouldn't have to worry with it as much this weekend. 

                                  No plans as of yet for the weekend, other than cleaning up the house and getting somethings organized. I might make a trip to the local Soda City Market (no its not a soda as in coke market, that's just the name) on Saturday to take a walk around but we shall see. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!! 
I'll leave you with this one last picture I borrowed from a fellow runner......
I believe I can do it and I will do it....come on November 9th.....its just gonna be me, some tunes and the streets. 


Monday, July 22, 2013

Wishing Time Would Slow Down

1) Mid-afternoon Interval run on my lunch break during work. Working on my speed, trying to get faster!!! It was hella hot out but come 5pm when I was able to go straight home, I was so glad I got it done and out of the way for the day. 
2) Feeling a little exhausted after a good long run after work last week, so I decided to lay out on the back porch with the pups. Progress is perfection and I'm working towards it. 
3) This week is Vic Forge, so the hubbs is out in the field all week. He needed a few things from home and of course I'll never say no to taking anything to him. Especially if it means seeing him pull up lookin like a stud muffin. 
4) I officially have become addicted to monogrammed EVERYTHING, Kelly got me a new Camelbak and had my initials monogrammed on it. It was a good luck in training for your first Full Marathon gift. I absolutely LOVE it. 
5) The hubbs has been working some long crazy hours here lately. That's what happens towards the end of each cycle but for some reason this cycle has been extra draining. He went to bed right after dinner one night the week before last and I was completely heart broken because we hadn't had much time together at all. I woke up to this sweet note on top of the crock pot. Seriously he melts my heart. 
6) I'm really trying to add in as much cross training as I can in preparation's for my First Full Marathon. With that being said I've decided to go back to the pool on post at least once a week and swim laps. I used to be really good about going but as you all know life gets in the way and I just found my going less and less. Almost down to the 3 month mark so its serious crunch time. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Busy Busy Week & Weekend...

(sorry for the over due, long update)

I don't mind when I'm really busy on the weekend when the hubby has to work, it helps the time go by. This past week has been so busy for both of us and we've hardly seen each other at all. Next week is gonna be just the same because he'll be out in the field for Vic. Forge with his BCT Company. 10 days till Graduation HELLO!!!!!!! I know this has been a draining cycle for both of us, I don't know what is so different then past cycles but I'm ready for a break....he's ready for a break...WE NEED A BREAK. No big plans for cycle break yet but I'm sure we'll do something fun over the weekends. He'll have about 27 days of down time so that won't be to bad.
Sunday I went to Spin class at JSF (Jamie Scott Fitness), it was my first time back in a Spin class in a good long while. After class I was so glad I went, I love Spin its such a great work out. Not to mention Kelly was teaching the class to night so that made it all the more fun.
I came home and fixed us a yummy, simple yet healthy dinner. Grilled Chicken Salad with all fresh veggies. I'm a huge salad fan, I could probably be fine with having salad at least once a day. 
This past week the hubbs had so stay over night in the field, thanks to the Army Furlough. (the army's broke, haven't you heard)Transportation and Motor Movement has been restricted. So that left me and the pups home alone for the evening. I was able to get in a good run after work with Kelly and came home to watch the Bachelorette before calling it a night.
After I got home I from my run and taking the hubbs dinner out to the field I still have some baking to do. Some fellow co-workers and I were putting together a dinner for a co-worker who recently lost a loved one. I signed up to make dessert and of course I decided to try something new. Cheese Cake it was, but not just any cheese cake. I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheese Cake. The mix made enough to make two cakes so we had one to eat on through out the week. It turned out so good!!! Two worlds collided in to One. 
Wednesday I had a FRG meeting so I came home from work quickly ate a bite to eat with the hubbs and was back out the door again. Sidenote: I found out at the meeting that the hubbs will be on Cycle break during my Full Marathon in Savannah, GA which means he will be able to COME. I was so relieved and happy when I found that out. I mean not only is it a really big deal to me that he's there but its our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary as well. Def. some good news for me!!! 

Thursday night I agreed to keep sweet Lucy over night (Kelly's daughter) because both her momma and daddy were gonna be outta town for work. So I took her home from school we did dinner, bath and bed and she was asleep by 7pm. (that's her bedtime, she's on a really good schedule.) So of course I didn't see the hubbs that night. 
Friday during lunch me and my beautiful bestie had a lunch date at one of my local favorites. (did I mention she's working with me now, HOLLA!!!!!) The Other Store it was Chicken Bog Friday, which we both LOVE. From there we went to Ally & Eloise Bakery to pick up a little sweet treat to hold us over till quitin time. 
Friday after work I went by and switched out cars with the hubbs at his work. I tried sneaking in a visit but he was busy teaching a class. We switched cars on Wednesday so he could go get my registration done on mine and I needed the truck since I was gonna have Lucy. It's just easier to get her car seat in and out of the truck vs. my car. After getting my car a ran home, checked on the dogs and headed out to babysit one of my sweet kiddos from class. Her parents were going out to celebrate their Anniversary and asked if I could hang out with little E. I couldn't say no, I'm all about celebrations. I didn't get home till 11:45 Friday night so the hubbs was already asleep. 
Saturday the hubbs had CQ so he wasn't going to be home till Sunday morning. It was a crazy busy day for me. From the moment I woke up at 7:20am, (and I woke up late) I was running around all day. I gathered all my baking supplies put my running clothes on and headed to Kelly's house. We had plans to go for a long run this morning at the River Front Park downtown. We decided to go for something different and it worked out great. It wasn't to hot yet, every so often a good breeze came through and it allowed us to change up the scenery. 
 We are starting to add in some long runs and starting to build the miles getting ready for Savannah Rock 'n Roll. I'm super excited about it but I still have a lot of training & work to do to get ready for it.
After our run we headed back to Kelly's house to start some baking. I was baking cookies for a birthday party I was helping out with later that afternoon and Kelly offered to help me. See she's not a big cooker or baker that's why I call her Betty and she call's me Martha. So I took over my whole kitchen. Ok well not really but close enough, all the baking supplies, my cookie sheets and KitchenAid.  The party was a basketball theme, the birthday boy was turning 5 years old and is a huge Gamecock fan. I was just going to make Chocolate Chip Cookies (homemade mind you) and Kelly insisted they needed to be iced and made to look like Basketballs. And so she offered to do the icing, works for me. It ended up being really fun baking with her and icing the cookies. It def. made for a more enjoyable afternoon than doing it all at home by myself. They turned out super cute and were a big hit at the party. 
We made some flowers for Lucy and Ellie (the b-day boys sister) to enjoy a special treat. They loved them and sat there and ate them so well. I love these two little ones, I'm going to be heart broken when they move up to the next class in a couple weeks. #NOTREADYTOLETGO

Birthday Boy (front right) and his "Basketball Team" along with 3 new USC basketball players and a Clemson Basketball Player that all came to his party!!!! 
 Birthday boy's gift, he already had the PC (the Patrol Cap) I just had his First Name vs. his last name (because he can read his name) added to the back and picked him out a set of PT's for some good exercising. He loved it and though it was the coolest ever. 
After the birthday party Kelly, her dad, Lucy and I headed down to the Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival that was going on. It was super hot outside but that didn't stop us from having a little fun. I tried my first Bloody Mary which I quickly found out I wasn't a fan of. We listened to a local band play and let Lucy do a little dancing around. After about a hour & a half it started to get really crowed so we decided to head out and call it a day. Which was good because I still had a long night ahead of me. 
Sippin my first Bloody Mary, can't say I'll take any one up on a offer of another one. 
I finally headed home for at 5:15pm for the first time all day since I left this morning at 8:00am. I had about a hour to spare before I had to be out again. Since the hubbs had CQ I agreed to babysit for another one of my favorite families from school tonight. It seemed like the weekend for everyone to go out, so why not make a little extra cash in the mean time. #savingforNYC 
I took the Hubbs dinner, didn't even get to see him though because of course he was teaching a class. :( bummer. Life's been busy here lately.

Sunday morning the hubbs came home from work and we were lazy for the first part of the morning. He snoozed up stairs for a while and I watched some TV, I may or may not have fallen asleep on the couch myself. I woke him up to yummy a quesadilla lunch made by yours truly. They were so good, if only I had one right now that would be perfect. Can't wait to make them again soon!!!
Later that afternoon we decided to head out for a little bit of window shopping and dinner. We ended up at the local mall across town were I stopped off to get my wedding ring clean, only to leave ring-less. The Jeweler pointed out that I should probably have it Rhodium Platted soon, which will bring it back to its original color and beauty. Well since we were there I figured I might as well go ahead and leave it. I feel so weird with out it, I keep running my thumb over my ring finger like I always do to make sure its there and its not. I've had a few freak out moments since not having it but then quickly remember that I don't have it.
We headed up to Dillard's to check out there Fiesta Ware Collection. I wanted to see if they had anything new or that I wanted to add to my Collection. I'm a big Fiesta Ware fan, I've got quite the collection built up. (One day I need to do a "show case" blog on my collection) We found a SOAP Dispenser which I'd never seen before. I went with the Flamingo Pink since I didn't have anything that color on my counter top yet. The hubbs picked out a new dish cloth to go on the stove and we found another skillet with a lid (that we didn't have) that matches out cookware that we purchased this past Christmas. It was the same color as the set I had purchased and double bonus was that is was 30% off.
We ended our weekend with Dinner at a local Restaurant that we hadn't been to before, California Dreaming. I was given a gift certificate over the weekend and we decided to make a dinner date night out of it this weekend. The food was really good. Its built in a old Train Union Station and the train tracks are still operating that run behind it. We were actually able to watch a train come through in the pouring rain while we enjoyed our dinner. It was a nice night out before another busy week ahead for the both of us.
Sorry for the long over due update but I want to make sure I document every moment as much as possible during our journey called life. Thanks for those of you who stick around and read through my rambles.

Friday, July 12, 2013


just a little peak at our back yard, our sunflowers are out of control tall but they are so beautiful!!!! 

Summer Cookin

Just a little look at what we've been eatin the last few days. The hubbs has had a lot of late nights these past two weeks so I try to have dinner ready for him when he gets home. 

Grilled Chicken Salad w/ Fresh Veggies 
Lunch date with Jenna on our lunch break from work. 
Stuffed Green Bell Peppers &  Movie night
Bruschetta Chicken w/ Fresh oven roasted Corn on the Cob
Cajun Chicken Pasta w/ Fresh Veggies 
Kalua Pork w/ White Rice 

What have you been eating lately? Tried any new recipes you'd like to share?!?!