Sunday, July 21, 2013

Busy Busy Week & Weekend...

(sorry for the over due, long update)

I don't mind when I'm really busy on the weekend when the hubby has to work, it helps the time go by. This past week has been so busy for both of us and we've hardly seen each other at all. Next week is gonna be just the same because he'll be out in the field for Vic. Forge with his BCT Company. 10 days till Graduation HELLO!!!!!!! I know this has been a draining cycle for both of us, I don't know what is so different then past cycles but I'm ready for a break....he's ready for a break...WE NEED A BREAK. No big plans for cycle break yet but I'm sure we'll do something fun over the weekends. He'll have about 27 days of down time so that won't be to bad.
Sunday I went to Spin class at JSF (Jamie Scott Fitness), it was my first time back in a Spin class in a good long while. After class I was so glad I went, I love Spin its such a great work out. Not to mention Kelly was teaching the class to night so that made it all the more fun.
I came home and fixed us a yummy, simple yet healthy dinner. Grilled Chicken Salad with all fresh veggies. I'm a huge salad fan, I could probably be fine with having salad at least once a day. 
This past week the hubbs had so stay over night in the field, thanks to the Army Furlough. (the army's broke, haven't you heard)Transportation and Motor Movement has been restricted. So that left me and the pups home alone for the evening. I was able to get in a good run after work with Kelly and came home to watch the Bachelorette before calling it a night.
After I got home I from my run and taking the hubbs dinner out to the field I still have some baking to do. Some fellow co-workers and I were putting together a dinner for a co-worker who recently lost a loved one. I signed up to make dessert and of course I decided to try something new. Cheese Cake it was, but not just any cheese cake. I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheese Cake. The mix made enough to make two cakes so we had one to eat on through out the week. It turned out so good!!! Two worlds collided in to One. 
Wednesday I had a FRG meeting so I came home from work quickly ate a bite to eat with the hubbs and was back out the door again. Sidenote: I found out at the meeting that the hubbs will be on Cycle break during my Full Marathon in Savannah, GA which means he will be able to COME. I was so relieved and happy when I found that out. I mean not only is it a really big deal to me that he's there but its our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary as well. Def. some good news for me!!! 

Thursday night I agreed to keep sweet Lucy over night (Kelly's daughter) because both her momma and daddy were gonna be outta town for work. So I took her home from school we did dinner, bath and bed and she was asleep by 7pm. (that's her bedtime, she's on a really good schedule.) So of course I didn't see the hubbs that night. 
Friday during lunch me and my beautiful bestie had a lunch date at one of my local favorites. (did I mention she's working with me now, HOLLA!!!!!) The Other Store it was Chicken Bog Friday, which we both LOVE. From there we went to Ally & Eloise Bakery to pick up a little sweet treat to hold us over till quitin time. 
Friday after work I went by and switched out cars with the hubbs at his work. I tried sneaking in a visit but he was busy teaching a class. We switched cars on Wednesday so he could go get my registration done on mine and I needed the truck since I was gonna have Lucy. It's just easier to get her car seat in and out of the truck vs. my car. After getting my car a ran home, checked on the dogs and headed out to babysit one of my sweet kiddos from class. Her parents were going out to celebrate their Anniversary and asked if I could hang out with little E. I couldn't say no, I'm all about celebrations. I didn't get home till 11:45 Friday night so the hubbs was already asleep. 
Saturday the hubbs had CQ so he wasn't going to be home till Sunday morning. It was a crazy busy day for me. From the moment I woke up at 7:20am, (and I woke up late) I was running around all day. I gathered all my baking supplies put my running clothes on and headed to Kelly's house. We had plans to go for a long run this morning at the River Front Park downtown. We decided to go for something different and it worked out great. It wasn't to hot yet, every so often a good breeze came through and it allowed us to change up the scenery. 
 We are starting to add in some long runs and starting to build the miles getting ready for Savannah Rock 'n Roll. I'm super excited about it but I still have a lot of training & work to do to get ready for it.
After our run we headed back to Kelly's house to start some baking. I was baking cookies for a birthday party I was helping out with later that afternoon and Kelly offered to help me. See she's not a big cooker or baker that's why I call her Betty and she call's me Martha. So I took over my whole kitchen. Ok well not really but close enough, all the baking supplies, my cookie sheets and KitchenAid.  The party was a basketball theme, the birthday boy was turning 5 years old and is a huge Gamecock fan. I was just going to make Chocolate Chip Cookies (homemade mind you) and Kelly insisted they needed to be iced and made to look like Basketballs. And so she offered to do the icing, works for me. It ended up being really fun baking with her and icing the cookies. It def. made for a more enjoyable afternoon than doing it all at home by myself. They turned out super cute and were a big hit at the party. 
We made some flowers for Lucy and Ellie (the b-day boys sister) to enjoy a special treat. They loved them and sat there and ate them so well. I love these two little ones, I'm going to be heart broken when they move up to the next class in a couple weeks. #NOTREADYTOLETGO

Birthday Boy (front right) and his "Basketball Team" along with 3 new USC basketball players and a Clemson Basketball Player that all came to his party!!!! 
 Birthday boy's gift, he already had the PC (the Patrol Cap) I just had his First Name vs. his last name (because he can read his name) added to the back and picked him out a set of PT's for some good exercising. He loved it and though it was the coolest ever. 
After the birthday party Kelly, her dad, Lucy and I headed down to the Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival that was going on. It was super hot outside but that didn't stop us from having a little fun. I tried my first Bloody Mary which I quickly found out I wasn't a fan of. We listened to a local band play and let Lucy do a little dancing around. After about a hour & a half it started to get really crowed so we decided to head out and call it a day. Which was good because I still had a long night ahead of me. 
Sippin my first Bloody Mary, can't say I'll take any one up on a offer of another one. 
I finally headed home for at 5:15pm for the first time all day since I left this morning at 8:00am. I had about a hour to spare before I had to be out again. Since the hubbs had CQ I agreed to babysit for another one of my favorite families from school tonight. It seemed like the weekend for everyone to go out, so why not make a little extra cash in the mean time. #savingforNYC 
I took the Hubbs dinner, didn't even get to see him though because of course he was teaching a class. :( bummer. Life's been busy here lately.

Sunday morning the hubbs came home from work and we were lazy for the first part of the morning. He snoozed up stairs for a while and I watched some TV, I may or may not have fallen asleep on the couch myself. I woke him up to yummy a quesadilla lunch made by yours truly. They were so good, if only I had one right now that would be perfect. Can't wait to make them again soon!!!
Later that afternoon we decided to head out for a little bit of window shopping and dinner. We ended up at the local mall across town were I stopped off to get my wedding ring clean, only to leave ring-less. The Jeweler pointed out that I should probably have it Rhodium Platted soon, which will bring it back to its original color and beauty. Well since we were there I figured I might as well go ahead and leave it. I feel so weird with out it, I keep running my thumb over my ring finger like I always do to make sure its there and its not. I've had a few freak out moments since not having it but then quickly remember that I don't have it.
We headed up to Dillard's to check out there Fiesta Ware Collection. I wanted to see if they had anything new or that I wanted to add to my Collection. I'm a big Fiesta Ware fan, I've got quite the collection built up. (One day I need to do a "show case" blog on my collection) We found a SOAP Dispenser which I'd never seen before. I went with the Flamingo Pink since I didn't have anything that color on my counter top yet. The hubbs picked out a new dish cloth to go on the stove and we found another skillet with a lid (that we didn't have) that matches out cookware that we purchased this past Christmas. It was the same color as the set I had purchased and double bonus was that is was 30% off.
We ended our weekend with Dinner at a local Restaurant that we hadn't been to before, California Dreaming. I was given a gift certificate over the weekend and we decided to make a dinner date night out of it this weekend. The food was really good. Its built in a old Train Union Station and the train tracks are still operating that run behind it. We were actually able to watch a train come through in the pouring rain while we enjoyed our dinner. It was a nice night out before another busy week ahead for the both of us.
Sorry for the long over due update but I want to make sure I document every moment as much as possible during our journey called life. Thanks for those of you who stick around and read through my rambles.

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