Thursday, March 31, 2011


I was a bit worried putting in my request for two days off in April. Seeing's I took off three weeks when Gabe was home for R&R & here I am asking for more time off again. The more I though about it I should have put my request in when I did my R&R one but I didn't think about it. I went back and forth on if I should wait to turn in my leave form now or wait till the beginning of next week. I refuse to work on my birthday and this year is no different even more so with Gabe being gone. I need that day to pamper and spoil myself. And why the heck would I take off a Thursday and go to work on a Friday???? Nope it ain't happening, not this girl. So finally I broke down and I filled out my form and turned it in last Friday. What the least they could do would be say no and then I would have to beg and plead with them. I mean not like I was asking for the whole week off, its only two days. I almost rarely ask off to begin with and I never call in sick. So I do have that in my favor not to mention I'm a good reliable employee.
I have checked my box (which is were they turn in leave forms to us, & other paper work) faithfully every day. Maybe two and three times a day just to see if my leave slip was in there. Each time sadly nope it was not, I wasn't worried just antsy because I want to know for sure and be able to do a little happy dance.
FINALLY, as I was clocking out to go on my lunch this afternoon I checked my box as I always do and THERE IT WAS. My paper signed sealed and delivered with a stamp of approval on it. I was so happy walking out of the center I was probably grinning from ear to ear. I can't wait till I talk to Gabe so I can tell him. He was so sweet when I told him I was asking for my bday off. His reply was "well I hope you get it even though you know you wont be able to sleep in." Thanks to our lovely pups who have to wake up at 6am every morning.
I'm looking forward to celebrating with my favorite girls here on island. We have dinner plans at a pretty swanky place and then only time will tell what we are going to do after that!!!!!! Not to mention my gift from Gabe, yes I know what it is because we have been talking about it and planning it for a while now. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flirty & Fun

Just a little bit of the past few months, out with the girls.

Headed to dinner at one of our mom's house in Ko'Olina. She invited the three of us over for a night in & some girlie chit chat. Its nice every once in awhile to just kick our shoes off and enjoy the company of someone new & get to know them a bit more.

Beaching it up for one of my Little's 2nd birthday. Better late than never her momma said. We may always be one of the only couples at the parties with out any wee little ones but we still love going. Its our way of spoiling the little ones and taking in all their love. At the end of the party we get to go home empty handed & the parents are the one stuck with the sugar high kid. I absolutely love my little girls I have grown so close to over the past few years.

Celebrating Valentines Day @ one of my all time favorite place's to eat on island. Dixie Grill, I could eat there once a week & it would never get old. From there sweet tea to the BBQ and the decor its just something that simply reminds me of home. It was a great way to spend Valentines since my love was gone.

Out for the night to help Nancy celebrate her & her husbands 3 year Wedding Anniversary. It's what us girls do when our men are away. Going strong and keeping each other busy & making sure we still make time for the important things in life. Dinner at PF Changs was yummy yummy in my tummy!!!!!

A much needed night out after a long week, not so much from work. It was the first time I had really got out since Gabe left & well as hard as it was I did manage to have a good time. Cheese Cake Factory is one of our favorite place's to go eat but because its so bad for you we don't go that often. When the girls invited me to come along I couldn't resist & had to join in.

I was over due for a fill on my nails so when my spouse invited me to go with I was all about it. We decided to try out a new place this time and we liked it quite well. Back in Texas I would always get my nails done but since living in Hawaii I have yet to find a place that I really like the way they do them. I think I have finally found that place again, & am happy the way my finger nails look once they are done. It's just a simple way of pampering myself & what better way to do it then with a girlfriend.

Today's adventure took us girls to Pearl Harbor for another birthday party for one of our little ones. Little Linc. turned ONE & his daddy made it back from Iraq just in time to be here to celebrate with him. A pool party with burgers & dogs, gold fish as the table center pieces & streamers every were. This little one was in heaven when he had a life size sea turtle cake all to himself as his smash cake. (it was SOOOO freaking cute)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Meaning of LOVE

Someone who makes you feel good
about living,
who brings out the you
who is joyful and giving
This is the Meaning of Love.

Something that gives you a chance
to be strong,
or trust in another
to help you along
This is the Meaning of Love.

Somewhere that you feel like
you've been forever
a place where you're growing
and learning together
This is the Meaning of Love.

With you,
I've found the someone
who accepts me as I am,
yet helps me to become
a better, more fulfilled person......

With you,
I've found the something
that allows me to be strong,
yet gives me comfort and support
whenever I need it......

With you,
I've found the somewhere
that makes me feel sheltered
and secure,
yet free to grow and develop
on my own......

With you,
I've found what it seems
I had been looking for forever
the beautiful, and very real,
meaning of LOVE!!!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Pick Me Up

Work has totally been a drag since I have been back. It's not not even the fact that Gabe has left from R&R. Day one when I went back I broke down but I've done pretty good since then. The staff in my class has changed on some levels and its just a hard adjustment. I mean they are the same people just personality wise they are different. I almost feel like the "new person" in the class & that the two of them are BFF's. It's just something that has been hard for me to adjust to. Not that I care what kind of friendship they have, but it's hard when I feel left out. Or When X isn't there then Z is her self & everything is ok. But when X & Z are both there is like pulling teeth to get though the day. Well to 2pm at least because that's when X leaves. I have been in the classroom the longest, I turned it around and brought it to what it is now. To see them act and speak the way they do really gets to me. Maybe its just me taking things to personal but I have a soft heart & can't seem to help it. I can pretty much stand up to any one and say what I feel and speak my mind, however in this situation its different. I have to work with these two people every day and if I say something that brings tension to the room it may make for a awkward work day.
I'm hoping that it is just a phase & that it passes soon. For the first time today, I though I can't wait to move so I can get out of this situation that I am in. Not very often do I "want" to move already so this is a big deal to me. Just about every day this week something or someone has almost brought me to tears and I just bite my tongue and go about whatever it was that I was doing. I look forward to my lunch every day because I know I can come home work out some of my frustration on the Air Rower & then go back to work & X will be gone.
I'm missing Gabe more than ever so sure maybe that has a tiny bit to do with it but it's no were near all the problem at all. This afternoon my old co-worker, aka Spouse / Best Friend Sarah stopped by the center around 4pm when it was just me & a couple kiddos. She came with yummy sweet comfort food from Starbucks to cheer me up. She knows what has been going on & though a visit to see me would help cheer me up. I absolutely love her to death and she always know the way to my heart lol.

After work when I got home the pups and I went for a walk around the track as we have been doing every evening. I walked the first lap around with them so they can get some of their energy out. I jogged the second lap around, they did so good & stayed right with me the whole time. It definitely has been a great stress reliever getting out with them & getting some fresh air. Work aside, I'm so in love with this new life style of exercising / working out & eating better. I am turning my life around & couldn't be more happier.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Maybe its the deployment blues but I'm totally in a funk right now. I wake up in a semi ok mood but be time I make my way down stairs that mood has totally shifted. Maybe it's because for the past 2 weeks I would wake up & walk down stairs to Gabe & now he isn't here. Maybe its because in the evenings I didn't have to "think" about what I wanted for dinner because we would decide together & now I have to think about it. I had gotten use to seeing other couples together & it didn't bother me and well now it just makes me wanna puck. I enjoy my job but the people I work with are seriously getting under my skin with their nonstop comments on how we only have 3 months left to go. (alot can happen in 3 months, heck we lost 2 soldiers & 9 others were injured in the first 2 months of our deployment)
I'm really not trying to push people away but I'm so sick of the questions & the "oh it will be ok". It's kinda what I do though, it just seems easier to shut the door, not answer my phone & ignore everyone else. I almost want to just stay home on the weekends & watch movies with the pups. Then I don't have to deal with the outside world unless I want to. I'm tired of putting on a "happy face" showing that I am ok because well lets face it I'm not. I'm heart broken and feel completely empty with out my love here.
I have absolutely no appetite at all not that I did really before he came home for R&R but now I just don't at all. Sure I know I should eat but what and why when I'm not hungry.
One of the only things that I have kept up with is the house, that's because I'm completely anal about it. I hate clutter & things just laying around. The dishes are always done & put away same with the laundry. Everything has its place & when I'm down in the dumps or in a funk I clean and organize. So there has been a lot of that going on the last couple days. I even managed to finish the first step to one of my photo projects I have been working on so I'm quite happy about that.
Usually I try to make the most of my weekends & days that I have off work however the last few days I have done nothing. Its been kinda nice in a way but very lonely at the same time. I know I'm only doing it to myself but its my way of "coping". The couple days I had off work after Gabe went back I stayed home and watched movies or cleaned the house the whole time. Today I had plans to go get my nails done in the morning with a friend & then came home back to my bubble. Its my safe place right now were I can just be me and not have to be judged. A few of my girl friends went to Cheese Cake Factory last night for dinner & they pretty much had to bribe me to go with them. It was nice to get out but it was a bit much for me all at one time. I'm just having a hard time being sociable again with out having to put a act on.
We did get a bit of good news today and so I can only hope that it comes true. It's what is keeping me going, that and knowing the end is in sight. It might be semi far in sight but its there, I can see it and feel it as I see more & more of our closet doors.
I had to get out of the house this evening and clear my head. We tend to take a drive together on the weekends to just get out and take in whats around us. I grabbed my camera & headed to North Shore, no plans at all. Just going with the wind & seeing were it took me. I ended up making my way down to one of our favorite areas were we like to go off roading. With the radio up and the sun slowly starting to set in front of me I knew Dillingham was the perfect place to be. I sat there on a rock listening to the waves crashing against the beach. No cell phone, no ipad and no more radio just me and good old mother nature. For a moment I was able to close my eyes and just let it all go. Just for a moment I was able to forget about everything that had been filling my head. It was nice I only wish things could stay that peaceful as they were in that moment.

I can not wait till this is all over, this time after R&R has definitely been harder than the first time. I just want our life back to normal. Not that it really is living the military life but as normal as it gets for us would be nice.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just one more !!!!!!!

One night over R&R we went to dinner with Gabes Platoon leader & his wife who happen to be on R&R at the same time. They flew out of their FOB on the same day but they were split up in Kuwait. LT. * ended up getting here a day before Gabe. It took my love 5 days to get home & be time he got to Hawaii he was completely exhausted. I felt so bad for him, alls he wanted to do was get home and he had no control over the process.
Back to my point, at dinner that night the guys were talking about when they fly back downrange. Not really the topic of dinner conversation I wanted to have but hey it's reality. Well come to find out that LT. * was going to be flying out the same day as Gabe. Now that didn't make any sense at all, I mean he got here the day before him he should be leaving a day early. The guys chatted a bit & he told Gabe how to call and request a extra day since it took him so long to get here & he would have been shorted a day of leave.
A couple days later he made the call and they intend told him he had to call someone else. They sent a email to his command downrange explaining what was going on and told him that he would know if it was approved in a few days. Well R&R went on & on and we heard nothing back. We were prepared for him to leave on a certain day. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. What we though was our last night together we made the most of at home just the two of us & our pups. Spent every last second before falling asleep cuddle in each others arms just talking.
That next morning rolled around & Gabe woke up around 6:30am as he had every morning. Around 6:45am my phone rang & it was some lady who barley spoke English asking to she to Mr. Jared Gabriel. (we didn't have his phone turned on so everyone would call my phone if they needed to get in touch w/ him as well) It through me off a bit because no one but his family calls him by Jared. Not thinking thing of it, I went downstairs & handed him the phone. A few minutes later he brings me his computer showing me a email with had a NEW flight date & time on it.
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! It was approved, he was granted the extra day. Not that it made things any easier I mean he was still going to have to be leaving but none the less we have two more whole full days together. I was beyond excited because the morning we got the call was suppose to be the day he left.
It pays to ask questions and go that extra mile to see if you can get that last little bit of time. I mean what could happen they say no and you leave the day before. You never know unless you try or ask. I was so grateful to have that extra time with my love, we truly made the most of it as we did with each & every day of R&R.

Sea Life Park

One place neither of us have been to since living in Hawaii was Sea Life Park. I had heard mixed reviews about it and so I was kind of hesitant about going. One morning while hanging out at the house Gabe was googling & suggested that we go. He went further than that and suggested we do one of the activities that they offer. (He'd already picked one) Before I could really do any reading / research on it he was already on the phone calling to check in to it. UMmmmm hello were is my husband and what have you done with him.

He is NOT big in to touristy things around the island were I am. He doesn't care much for the water were I do. He likes to eat fish & they don't bother him were as I FREAK at the sight of one swimming with in 10 feet of me. So when he suggested doing the Sea Trek Tour I was shocked. I was a tiny bit nervous as well seeing's the fact that I don't do well with fish.
Our friends Sarah & Brian came with us as well to join in on the fun. We went early so we would have time to look around and see the park before our reservation time for our tour. It was nice not some were I would go again, its kind of a one time thing I though. We did have a great time and the weather was perfect which made for a fantastic day.

(signing their life away before the Sea Trek Adventure)

Once we reached the platform area were we had to change in to our wetsuits & we were briefed on what we would be doing in the water I became a bit more nervous. Hearing her tell us about how we would be feeding Lucky the stingray right out of our hand and the other fish as well. OMG, my heart was pounding and my legs were shaking. Clearly if this was dangerous they would not allow people to do it but I was still scared. I told Gabe, S & B that I couldn't go in first and I couldn't go in last. Once suited up we had to get in the water stand on a latter & the instructor placed a helmet like thing on our heads. It allows you to breath underwater with out the water in your face or a snorkel in your mouth. So that was really nice, made me a bit closterfobic at first but I adjusted well. Finally it was time to make our way down the 17 foot latter, with another instructor going down right beside me it still felt like I would never reach the bottom. Walking down I was so scared, Gabe went in first and was waiting for me when I got to the area were we stood. So to see him standing there and alive I was relieved. Sarah & Brian slowly made there way down as well, one at a time. Once we were all in place we were given leaves of lettuce to hold and feed the fish. They would just come right up and eat it right out of our hands, kinda freaked me out at first. I was afraid they were going to bit my hands off. We each had the chance to feed Lucky the giant stingray a shrimp and a clam (still in the shell) right out of our hand. You hold it in the palm of your hand & once he swims over in front of you just open your hand and he grabs it right up. It had to be the creepiest thing I had ever done, to feel his mouth rub against my hand and feel him grab the food out. Ewh it just creeped me out like crazy, but at the same time it was really neat.

We played underwater Frisbee as well, it was pretty simple. We simply would just pass the Frisbee back and forth between us and the instructor. Sounds easy right, well it is as long as you can catch it before it floats to the top.
I finally faced another fear of mine and swam with the fish and even fed a stingray. There was even sharks in the tank swimming right around our feet. I'm glad that this was something that Gabe & I were able to do together, as well as with S & B.

We are definitely making the most of our time here in Hawaii, I love being able to experience all of these different things with Gabe & our friends.

(we weren't along to take underwater camera's but they did have someone take pictures for us. we purchased a few but they were print outs.)

Trying different flavors of Jelly Belly's they had some of the strangest flavors. Brian and I just watch and laughed as Gabe and Sarah had fun with them. No way was I trying something that could possibly taste like skunk, buggers, puck, pencil shavings. You get my drift.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Things :)

Its the little things that I can do myself but I love that he does for me when he is home. I tend to put things aside that I know I can do but would just rather not. Knowing he was coming home soon I tried to get everything on my "TO DO LIST" done & well I pretty much did. I was able to sit in the passenger seat the entire time & kick my feet up and relax. Keeping up with house isn't to hard because we are both very neat & organized people but there are something that I love when he helps me with. Or that we do together as a couple.
Such as...........

* doing the dishes or helping with them
* helping me fold the laundry & putting it away
* cleaning up the backyard
* getting the oil changed in the truck
* bathing the dogs
* going to the commissary w/ me
* fixing the vacuum cleaner
* solving our printer problems by buying a new one
* getting new windshield wipers for my car & putting them on
* going hiking together
* washing the cars
* cooking w/ me or for me :)
* shopping together
* taxes
* getting up early w/ the dogs

OH MY GOSH there are a million things that I love about him & us together. I could go on and on forever. This is just some of the little things that make him perfect & that I tend to take advantage of when he is home. We absolutely are a match made in heaven and complete each other. We finish what the other has started & complete each others sentences. I can't even imagine anything different life is just blissfully beautiful!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Island Seaplane Tour

I have been wanting to see the island from above for a while now. Well really every since I got here and we have just been waiting for the right time. We finally decided we would go while Gabe was home on R&R & do it to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary. After loads and loads of research Gabe finally found a company that we were happy with and made plans to go for it.

Island Sea Plane Tours of HNL, their sea plane base was featured in the movie "50 First Dates". When we arrived we were greeted with open arms, the staff was so friendly. We took a look around while waiting for our tour time and I managed to snap a few pictures of the plane. It was really neat to be able to see it so close up and personal. It kinda had me worried just for a bit as the plane sat there rocking back and forth on the water. However I was so excited to get going and see the island.

Before we boarded the plane and took off we got a brief introduction on what all we would be seeing. As Debbie the pilots wife was going over the map with us, I began to think wow this is awesome we only paid for the half hour tour which goes around the lower downtown / Kaneohe Bay part of the island. As she was explaining everything I began to relize that we are going to be getting the full hour tour. The full hour tour takes you all around the island after taking off we flew alongside Honolulu Harbor and Aloha tower, then pass offshore of Waikiki Beach followed by Diamond Head Crater, Kahala area, Koko Head Crater, Hanauma Bay, Sealife Park, Kaneohe Bay. From Kaneohe Bay down along side Windward Coast with views of Chinaman's Hat the movie site of "Jurassic Park" and Godzilla, "Kahana Bay, the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Mormon Temple, BYU Hawaii Campus, the old Kahuku Sugar Mill, the Windmill Farm and the Turtle Bay Hilton Hotel. We also passed over the famous surfing areas of Sunset Beach, the Banzi Pipeline, Waima Bay and Haleiwa as well as the beautiful Waimea water fall. Shortly after that we passed over the pineapple fields and the remains of the old sugar cane fields, past Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Air Field and finally Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, the Battleship "Missouri" and Hickam Air Force Base before touching down at Keehi Lagoon were we started our journey.

*Diamond Head Crater*

*Hanauma Bay*

*Koko Head Crater*
*Kaneohe Bay Marine Base*

*Schofield Barracks*
*Wheeler Army Air Field*

It was truly an amazing experience, although I got a little motion sick I managed to make it through and enjoyed the ride. The Plane was much smaller on the inside than I had expected so that made me a bit nervous but we lived through it. Hee hee.
I think it was by far it was well worth it more than a helicopter tour that we had originally talked about. I mean how many people can say they have flown in a sea plane.

It was a awesome way to celebrate our Anniversary, we are truly reaching new heights in our relationship. I can't wait to see what is in store for us in the future.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kayaking to Mokulua Island

Our adventure for today was kayaking over to one of the Mokulua Islands. We set out from Bellows Air Force Station with our Kayaks in tow & a picnic lunch for once we got over there.
Both islands are seabird sanctuaries protected by the state of Hawaii, but the beach on North Mokulua is open to the public during the day. Which is the one we went to.

Sarah & I had a bit of fun on the beach while we waited on Gabe to go park the truck. We wrote in the sand & had fun taking funky pictures

This was looking back at Bellows once we reached the island. Sarah & I went over in the same kayak together and boy was it a work out. We had a great time but I would be lying if I said it was easy. We definitely got our work out in for the day. On the way back we went with our husbands, which I was a smart idea because I was don't know if I could have made it back with out him. Getting in the kayak from the beach was a bit comical if I do say so. It was not easy at all, the waves were crashing up against the kayak making it hard to hold and keep steady while getting in. At one point once I was in the waves came crashing the side causing it to tip me out and the kayak over on top of me. We made it back to the beach safe and sound though.
There is a small trail leading you around the island to the back, there were several small pools of water along the way. We would stop and take a look here and there to see what was in them. Some of them had a few little fish & crabs swimming around.
This was the back side of Mokulua it was absolutely beautiful. There is a area were you can hike up alittle further and jump in the ocean but when we were there the current was so strong you would just get swept away. You would have to be crazy to get in the water the way it was.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us from our trip over. He truly makes me light up and gives me butterflies. There is no way I would be able to experience any of this if it wasn't for him in my life & so I am so grateful.

Making our way back to Bellows after relaxing on the beach and munching on some delicious food.

(thanks to Sarah for bring her under water camera & capturing these awesome action shots.)