Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Things :)

Its the little things that I can do myself but I love that he does for me when he is home. I tend to put things aside that I know I can do but would just rather not. Knowing he was coming home soon I tried to get everything on my "TO DO LIST" done & well I pretty much did. I was able to sit in the passenger seat the entire time & kick my feet up and relax. Keeping up with house isn't to hard because we are both very neat & organized people but there are something that I love when he helps me with. Or that we do together as a couple.
Such as...........

* doing the dishes or helping with them
* helping me fold the laundry & putting it away
* cleaning up the backyard
* getting the oil changed in the truck
* bathing the dogs
* going to the commissary w/ me
* fixing the vacuum cleaner
* solving our printer problems by buying a new one
* getting new windshield wipers for my car & putting them on
* going hiking together
* washing the cars
* cooking w/ me or for me :)
* shopping together
* taxes
* getting up early w/ the dogs

OH MY GOSH there are a million things that I love about him & us together. I could go on and on forever. This is just some of the little things that make him perfect & that I tend to take advantage of when he is home. We absolutely are a match made in heaven and complete each other. We finish what the other has started & complete each others sentences. I can't even imagine anything different life is just blissfully beautiful!!!!!!!!

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Nichole said...

Love you both so much!!!