Friday, March 4, 2011


That's how I'm feeling right about now.......FABULOUS........for so many different reasons. Of course the main reason is because the love of my life is home. The past few days have been wonderful, just getting out and about doing every day things together. I miss being able to go shopping with him, and cooking dinner. Him helping me around the house and doing dishes, its just the little things that I enjoy the most. Over the last 3 days we have looked at three different cars. Yes I know its a problem that Gabe has and I tend to tag right along with him. It comes with the marriage, it's just something that he enjoys doing. He says the market has come out with quite a few new cars since he has been gone and just wants to see what is available. Hey as long as there is no trading in the truck & buying I'm all for it. I have to say there are some pretty nice features on some of these new cars that have made there way to the lots in 2011.

Monday we went to the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, the Hawaiian Hall was absolutely gorgeous. I enjoy seeing the different artifacts that the ancient Hawaiians used. The science part of the Museum was really neat as well, especially the black light hall way. This has been some were we have been talking about going since before Gabe left we just hadn't got around to it. I'm glad we were finally able to check it off our to do list.
On the dinner menu for the evening were Quesadilla's, not just your average ones either. Loaded with chicken, beef, fried potato's, refried beans, bell peppers, onions & cheese. The hubby was quiet impressed, I absolutely love cooking for him.

Tuesday after Gabe got back from the gym we had plans..........plans of reaching new heights that is.

We hiked our way around Waimano and it was absolutely beautiful out. Not to hot and not cloudy at all, just perfect. I love getting out side and hiking with my love its one thing we really enjoy doing together. I miss being able to see the island this way when he is gone. After our hike we did a bit of shopping around, we got a new coffee table for our house and I got a new cell phone as well. This is something that was long over due, as mine as been giving me crap for the last few months. I'm not good with new electronics but I'm getting there.

Wednesday we did some random things around the island that needed to get done. The oil changed on the truck, registration and inspection on Fins car. We went to breakfast at home of Gabe's favorite place's Anna Millers. We decided that we would get his Dress Blues bought and put together over R&R so that when he came home for good we didn't have to worry with it, so today we did that as well. Almost $500 later and we are good to go, well we still have to pick them up from alterations next week.

Thursday was a exciting day but yet I was kinda nervous about it as well. We went to lunch at a local Mexican Joint called Cholo's & then we had plans to go horse back riding. (more on that in another post) and then for dinner we where having lunch with Gabe's LT. They happen to be on R&R at the same time, I have met him before but never really spent much time with him. I was semi nervous because we were going to a Thai place in Haleiwa called Haleiwa Eats. I have never had Thai food in my life and frankly I was not looking forward to it. Thankfully I did a bit of googling before hand found out they had Fried Rice. So of course that's what I went for, I'm not a out of the box kind of girl unless I cook it. Dinner went well and I guess you could say better than I had though but I am glad it's over with.

This is just a little sneak peak of the AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL life we are living. Sure it might be R&R but this is our every day life even when he is home & not going through a deployment. I absolutely love our life together & couldn't ask for anything better.

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❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I love that you two are having a fabulous time together!! You definitely deserve it!! We're gonna be redoing Allen's dress blues over R&R too. It makes me gulp just thinking about how expensive they are. I keep telling Allen he has to stay the same size for at least the next two years...haha :)