Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby it's HOT outside....

Hot or Cold, Rain or Shine I've got my booty out there on the streets hitting the pavement almost every other day. I've got exactly 5 months before my first full marathon (that I still haven't signed up for, don't worry I will get there lol) I've been working on my time a lot here lately. Doing a Full Marathon has given me a lot of motivation to kick my butt in high speed and push myself even more than I ever have.
I absolutely LOVE running there's not denying that but running in the horrible heat we are having right now is killer. I'm doing my best to push through it no matter what. I'm sure here soon I'm going to have to wait and go later in the evening's or even worse get up super early before work and go running. YIKES!!!!! For now though I will muster through the heat and Keep Calm and Keep On. 
This evening while doing some catching up on line and sorting through pictures I happen to glance down at my computer screen and see this lovely advertisement below. Is this a sign that I need to get my butt in gear and sign up already or what. The date is the only thing holding me back, I know I'll do it I just need to gather and pull myself together on what else is taking place on that day. 
This evening I did a little speed training, went for a bit of a shorter distance but picked up my pace quite a bit and felt great about it. I just need to work on keep that pace during longer distances. One step at a time though. I didn't get were I am over night so I certainly wont do that with this either. But in due time I'll be there!!! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

She melts My Heart

Monday this hubbs and I both managed to have the day off. How this happened so early in Red Phase was beyond me. We decided to go to lunch at a local burger place and then did a little window shopping at some of the hubbs favorite stores. Before we headed home we stopped for Cupcakes at our favorite place. I picked one up for my Sweet Lu and we made a pit stop by her house on our way home. 
I'll say she enjoyed it quite well. She had just finished a popsicle but mom was so kind to let her indulge. She makes my heart melt and almost makes me wanna have one of my own. Don't get all excited people I said almost, we still aren't ready to make that 100% commitment yet. So in the mean time I'll just enjoy and spoil this sweet girl. 
I think we'd make some pretty cute babies!!!!

OMG, seriously he melts my heart. He was all over the yard playing with Lu and helping her blow bubbles. I was enjoying watching to much that I didn't take any pictures. He's gonna make a great daddy some day!!! 
and that's all she wrote........

Never Forget the Fallen!!!!

Remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice this Memorial Day weekend and ALWAYS. To the Men and Women that never made it home, THANK YOU for paying the price for the rest of us who you've left behind. You will never be forgotten. I'm so blessed to be married to a true American Hero who has returned safely to me after 2 long grueling deployments. I cherish every minute with him.
 God Bless our Military Past, Present and Future!!!!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

We've been around this block a time or two....

Today was pick up day for our company. A new set of Privates join the army and start their journey though BCT Basic Combat Training. I feel like we just graduated our last cycle but it was the beginning of May when we did. Here we are again starting all over, another long 10 weeks of training. Long nights, way to many CQ shifts to keep count of and crazy stories from the hubbs and other Drill SGT's. (I love the stories) I'm Volunteering for our Companies FB page again. Giving daily updates as to what the PVT's are doing and answering questions that the families have. I enjoy it, and it makes me fill like I'm doing my part in the Military / Army even though I'm only a Spouse. Well not "Only" a Spouse, I have to say I'm a pretty fabulous Army Spouse and I'm sure my Drill SGT can vogue for that one. 

During BCT the area were the PVT's sleep is not called a Barracks, rather its called a BAY. Inside the Bay is a separate office area were my husband along with the other two Drill SGT's in his Platoon work. Drill SGT C painted the crest's below to represent the three of them. They are on the floor right as you walk into their office. I though it was pretty cool, she did a good job on it. G is Infantry, Sr. Drill SGT Brady is Field Artillery & Drill SGT Cutter is Quarter Master Corps. 

This makes our 5th full cycle, we've done 6 total but the first cycle was the last two weeks so we really don't count that one. A typical Drill SGT will go through about 10 cycle's during his or her time on the trail.  Unless they are extended or request to stay on a third year. Which makes sense because we just passed our year out mark that we have left here. (I have mixed emotions on that, more on that later)
The below picture's are what we call the Shark Attack, when they first get off the buses and are rushed though to the company area. 
Once all of the privates have formed up in formation they are put through a few tests right away. Simple ones but when flustered and caught off guard they can through you off in a heart beat. Such as locating and showing their ID card. This is also were they learn simple commands such as standing in "Parade Rest" standing in "Attention". They will meet their Drill SGT's for the first time by name here as well. 

Here is my Drill SGT giving instructions on how to do a proper push up, also known as 
Seeing him in "action" is crazy because he's a completely different person than everybody else knows. Our friends always say they can't picture him yelling and being mean and a in your face kinda guy. Well when the Brown Round goes on it must just flip a switch because he's a pretty bad a$$ Drill SGT if I do say so. I'm not just saying that bc I'm married to him, but I hear and read from families on our Company FB page how their SIT (Soldier in Training) has / have learned so much from him and looks up to him. It's such a great feeling knowing that my husband is making such a big impact on these young people.....our FUTURE Army HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!
 THE PUSH UP!!!!!! 
Meet the Company Drill SGT's, Cadre and Command Team
(tall guy front and center is the Company 1st SGT, guys a giant)
The hubbs is in the 2nd row middle. 
 Drill SGT Cutter re-sighting the NCO Creed. 
Followed by the Soldier Creed - from another DS
Red phase is brutal, its hard on the PVT's. It's hard on the Drill SGT's. It's hard on us as Spouses. The hours are unspeakable. No one should ever have to work on that little of sleep let alone train. But they do it and some how manage to push through each time. Better them then me though, I need my rest or I'm a cranky person. 
BCT is made up of 10 weeks..
week 0-1- is spent at 1-20th, also known as reception. 
week 2-4- is red phase
5-7- is white phase
8-10- is blue phase
As each phase passes the training lightens up a little (not much) and the Drill SGT's have a little time off.  During the entire 10 week's of BCT the only time a Drill SGT has a day off is the day after CQ. Typically they sleep most of that day any how because they've been up for over 24hrs at that point. They are given ONE four day weekend during the Cycle that they have off but other than that they work 7 days a week STRAIGHT. Its brutal I tell you!!!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Local Pickin

 Taking advantage of a Sunday off for the hubbs we went and picked some locally grown Strawberry's at Cottle Farm this morning. I was worried with the early rain we had this morning we wouldn't be able to go but thankfully it passed on shortly after the farm opened. I've got lots of tasty plans for these fresh beauties, but of course there just fabulous by themselves. Strawberries are one of my all time favorite fruit's.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last Week ReCap....

They are so exhausted after a long run around post, the combination of the heat and several miles did them in. It's been a while since I'd taken them on a long run with me but they did great and stuck it out the whole time. 
 Kel and her tiny Famdamly went out of town for the weekend and asked me to dog is (last weekend). I took full advantage finishing up watching "Shameless" Season 3. Which they got me addicted to, have you seen it??? Its pretty good if I do say so. This is how I spent most of the next morning, relaxing in their backyard. I told the hubbs we must get one soon, for our future home. 
 Relaxing at the park after another great run with Kel & Lu. future Full Marathon training is in full affect. It's a big commitment and I'm ready to tackle it. I've got plenty of time to train and prepare for it. There's just one thing standing in the way of me committing 100% to registering for it. I have a little while before the price goes up again to make my decision (the price is not the issue), fingers crossed I don't make the wrong decision. 
"So glad I have both"
One of my fav. running T's, your never to old for Minnie & Mickey Mouse!! 
 The hubbs has been gone for way to long now and its been so lonely around the house with out him. We've been apart for much longer, lord knows we can handle it but It still didn't make it any easier. I'm so happy that he's back home were he belongs and there's no sign of him leaving again any time soon. 
We celebrated the hubb's home coming and a late birthday treat with some yummy cupcakes. They were so delicious, sometimes its the simple things that make you smile. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Puppy Park on Mother's Day

I may not be a momma to any two legged babies but I a momma to two four legged fur babies. They warm my heart and always seem to make me smile. Sure they annoy the nonsense out of my sometimes but I wouldn't change them for the world. We've been through so much together in the past 4 years. It's just been the 3 of us over the last month and we've had some extra bonding time. We've gone on lots of walks and runs together like we always do when daddy's home. We've spend a lot of time at the Dog Park (I wont take them in the wooded trail area by myself like we do when the hubbs is home) letting them run some of their energy out. I love that we have a dog park on post and its only half a mile from our house. Not only do they get a good walk in up there but then they can run around free and play. We've been pretty lucky here lately and there really hasn't been anyone there. I say luck because Bailey is kinda crazy with dogs she doesn't know when in a confined area. 
I couldn't think of a better way to take advantage of this beautiful day then a trip to the puppy park. 
Sweet Bailey Girl taking a break in the shade, its only 9am and its already pretty warm out. 
They love playing on the ramp, its so fun to watch them run up and down because they get so excited.
(the below left pic. shows B's double ridgeback hair line so well, I love it) 
Bailey hasn't quite figured out the tunnel yet but Dingo just jumps right in. 
They love the dog park and we had so much fun running around playing this morning. We spent over a hour there. Now I have two pooped puppies and this momma is relaxing for a bit before I go get some fresh local Strawberries. Yum :) We're officially on count down mode till daddy / hubbs comes home and I can't wait. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you Momma's & Momma's to be out there!!!!! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Get In The Pink 10K

Getting up at 5:00 - 5:30am on a Saturday is not how I enjoy starting my weekends. Heck I don't even get up that early for work. But when it's race day I seem to be able to pull myself together a little better. Thankfully. 
This morning I met up with Kell at her house and we headed down for the 5th annual "Get In The Pink" 10K race. The is a race in memory of her dear friend S that passed of cancer a few years back. I love running races but running a race with a cause is so just that much more enjoyable. Running a race for someone that Kell actually knew was so touching, knowing I was doing something to help warmed my heart. 
It was a pretty good course, parts of it were the same that we run on a weekly basics. Some areas were what we ran during our half marathon back in March. Knowing the streets and neighborhoods has its advantages and disadvantages. It was a HOT morning, probably one of the hottest we've had this spring so far. Of course I had to wear my Hot Pink pants but boy was I regretting that a couple miles in. I was definitely hot and feeling it. I think I could have done a bit better had I had shorts on. Oh well live and learn right. Still had a great time and I got 6 miles in before 9am. 
With Kell being from the South she knows tons of people when ever we go to races. Me on the other hand I never see anyone I know. I recognize people from previous races but that's about it. Today was different I saw someone I knew before she did. As we were walking up to the start area I saw one of the Hubbs good friends (they call themselves manpanions) that he works with. I just so happen to know him as well along his beautiful wife & daughter (who sadly weren't there). We've all gone to dinner quite a few times and he's over often doing gun stuff. We chatted for a bit and wish each other best of luck before we went on to get started. I didn't expect to see G at the finish line knowing he was going to be finishing quite a bit earlier than me. As soon as I crossed the FINISH LINE I though I was going to be sick. I've never had that feeling before, I don't know if it was because I was so hot, maybe. I looked up and didn't see K right away or the water table. But there was G I asked him were the water was and told him I needed some. He pointed in the direction of were it was a ran ahead of me to get some. I'm so glad we've been able to meet some great people here in the South. 
I had a great run, do I wish I did better of course I always do but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. There's always next time. I have a goal I'm trying to reach (well a couple) by the end of the year and I was hoping to come a little closer during this race but not quite. Although I didn't go over my last 10k time I finished right at the exact same time as my last one. I suppose that's better than coming in slower, I really would beat myself up if that was the case. 
Next set race isn't till the end of June and its a 5k, so I've really got to work hard over the next month because I want to get my 10k down. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life Lately via the Gram....Instagram.....

Of course I've been staying up with my running, with my fabulous girls K and her sweet little one. With the thought / idea of running my first Full Marathon in late fall I've got to keep those miles adding up. I feel so much better about myself after each run and I seem to impress myself more and more every day. Is so hard to explain the feeling sometimes but I LOVE IT!!!!! I have two set races coming up and then I don't think I'll do any through the hot summer months but hey who knows. Trying to do 13 races in 2013 and of course my 500 miles in 2013 so gotta keep hitting the streets. I have a race this Saturday and I'm hoping the rain holds out till after. 

The pups and I have been spending a lot of time at the dog park here lately. I feel guilty when I come home in the evenings from work and they've been stuck inside all day. So up to the park we go, 9 times out of 10 we are able to stay and play for a good bit but when other dogs come we have to bounce out because Bailey isn't so social in a confined area. she's kinda crazy They go nuts on our walk, you'd think it was the first time they have even been out. And it happens like that every single time. It's one of those things, you'd better be ready to step out the door the minute you pull the leashes out of the coat closet because they are going to go NUTS!!! 

Friday night I was babysitting K's sweet little one while they went on a date. It was about 8pmish and the hubbs texted me saying he was thinking he was going to come home for the weekend. SAY WHAT.... I know its only been a couple week's since he's been gone but this is the longest we've been apart in almost 2 years since he came home from his last deployment. So to say I was having hubby withdrawals would be a understatement. I had a commitment Saturday night that I could not get out of and I reminded him of that and he didn't mind. When I asked what made him think about coming home he said there really wasn't anything there for him to do over the weekend. Talk about a heart breaking moment. So we agreed that even though we'd only get a day together and a little bit of Sunday morning it was totally worth it. I some how managed to stay away once I got home till  2am when he got home. Saturday we met up with one of my families from school at the bowling alley on post to say a quick Hello and so they could me the hubbs. I love their little guy, he's so stinkin cute and his parents are the best. Little E to right to the hubbs and they were the best of pals, he took E and showed him the "trucks" outside and even offered to share his banana with him. Later that morning we did a little window shopping around town and then headed to Olive Garden for dinner. The weather out was super ugly and a bit chilly even so taking the pups out was a no go. We enjoyed the day together and I was so glad he came home. It was a short visit but nice having him around the house again. lol (you'd think he's been gone for months on end.) Sunday morning before he headed out we went for breakfast (Sunday morning tradition when he's home from work is homemade breakfast ), at least this time with him leaving I wasn't overly sick. GoodByes never get easy no matter how many we go through, no matter were they are going or what they are doing, they just SUCK plain and simple. I can't wait to have my love home again!!!! 

This week at work is Teacher Appreciation Day. Our Parents have spoiled us the last two days and its been super nice. They are so sweet and care so much about us. They always do their best to show us how much they care. Yesterday we received flowers, a Target gift card along with homemade blueberry muffins which were fabulous. Today we were given a jar of M&M's with the cutest poem on it about how much we love our kiddo's it was adorable. Our PTO (parent teacher organization) set up a wonderful buffet of snacks for all of the teachers today. There was everything from fresh fruit, muffins, candies and much more. It was a nice treat and we all enjoyed it VERY much. lol. After work I normally go straight home and I've been trying my best not to eat out since the hubbs is gone (gotta save that money) but today I treated myself, its teacher appreciation day after all, right!!!! 

With the hubbs gone I haven't really done to much, just hanging out with the pups and being a bit of a home body for the most part. I did have a little get together here at our house last night. I invited a few friends over for dinner and dessert and everyone seemed to have a great time. It was nice and I'm glad we did it, I miss having our weekly dinners like we did in Hawaii when the guys were deployed. I def. think I'm going to try and start doing this most often. Who know's maybe I'll actually meet some more wives in the process.