Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday My Love

Missing my love like crazy here lately (he's away at school) and even more today than ever. It's his 30th Birthday and I can't believe he's so far away. (really he's only a few states away) But still you get my drift, birthdays alone are NEVER fun. When we got together he was only 23 years old and I was 21 kinda crazy when you put it like that. I'm so glad that we met when we were just we little young adults. I wouldn't change it for the world, its allowed us to really grow and become who we are together. I wish more than anything we could spend today together. I know when he gets home we will go out and celebrate both of our birthdays but its not the same as the day of. I'm BIG on celebrating birthdays that day, even if its just doing a dinner. 
So in keeping with my tradition I had to celebrate and the puppies to. The pups and I took a walk up to the dog park on post and had a great time running off all their energy. :) I'll be so glad when he's home and we can take our evening strolls together again. 
After work I went down to the Visita and picked up two cupcakes. You can't celebrate a birthday with out cupcakes. Hey even if he's not here, I have to eat one in his honor. RIGHT???!!!! Of Course. 
Thankfully the hubbs got out of class early and him and some of the guys he's met there went to dinner. We love LOVE mexican food so that's of course were they went. They sang Happy Birthday to him in Spanish (he sent me a video of it, to funny) and he had fried ice cream for dessert. One of his favorites. After dinner they went back to a bar on post for many drinks. The hubbs texted me at one point saying "I'm to old for this, everyone just ordered another round and I'm ready to go." lol I couldn't help but laugh, I don't blame him either it was a work / school night. I'm so glad that he was able to go out and enjoy the day and have a good time with his newly found friends. Even though he says 30's not a big deal, I mean come on it really is. At least its him and not me, at least not yet. 

I love this man so much and I'm so blessed to have spend the last almost 7 years with him. We celebrated more birthday's apart than we have together and you'd think by now we'd be used to it but not so much. I can't wait till he's back home were he belongs. :) 
because the yard needs mowing of course. 

Happy 30th Birthday Love!!!!!!! 
and many more to come.


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Happy Birthday to him! That is fun that your birthdays are so close.

Janna Renee said...

I think cupcakes for his birthday are totally necessary! Happy Birthday to him. Sad y'all have to be apart!