Monday, May 27, 2013

She melts My Heart

Monday this hubbs and I both managed to have the day off. How this happened so early in Red Phase was beyond me. We decided to go to lunch at a local burger place and then did a little window shopping at some of the hubbs favorite stores. Before we headed home we stopped for Cupcakes at our favorite place. I picked one up for my Sweet Lu and we made a pit stop by her house on our way home. 
I'll say she enjoyed it quite well. She had just finished a popsicle but mom was so kind to let her indulge. She makes my heart melt and almost makes me wanna have one of my own. Don't get all excited people I said almost, we still aren't ready to make that 100% commitment yet. So in the mean time I'll just enjoy and spoil this sweet girl. 
I think we'd make some pretty cute babies!!!!

OMG, seriously he melts my heart. He was all over the yard playing with Lu and helping her blow bubbles. I was enjoying watching to much that I didn't take any pictures. He's gonna make a great daddy some day!!! 
and that's all she wrote........

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