Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last Week ReCap....

They are so exhausted after a long run around post, the combination of the heat and several miles did them in. It's been a while since I'd taken them on a long run with me but they did great and stuck it out the whole time. 
 Kel and her tiny Famdamly went out of town for the weekend and asked me to dog is (last weekend). I took full advantage finishing up watching "Shameless" Season 3. Which they got me addicted to, have you seen it??? Its pretty good if I do say so. This is how I spent most of the next morning, relaxing in their backyard. I told the hubbs we must get one soon, for our future home. 
 Relaxing at the park after another great run with Kel & Lu. future Full Marathon training is in full affect. It's a big commitment and I'm ready to tackle it. I've got plenty of time to train and prepare for it. There's just one thing standing in the way of me committing 100% to registering for it. I have a little while before the price goes up again to make my decision (the price is not the issue), fingers crossed I don't make the wrong decision. 
"So glad I have both"
One of my fav. running T's, your never to old for Minnie & Mickey Mouse!! 
 The hubbs has been gone for way to long now and its been so lonely around the house with out him. We've been apart for much longer, lord knows we can handle it but It still didn't make it any easier. I'm so happy that he's back home were he belongs and there's no sign of him leaving again any time soon. 
We celebrated the hubb's home coming and a late birthday treat with some yummy cupcakes. They were so delicious, sometimes its the simple things that make you smile. 


Brittany said...

I want a hammock so bad! And I love your Minnie shirt :) you are so cute. The cupcakes look delicious! Way to go, wifey!

Jenna Morgan said...

Those cupcakes look yummy!!!