Saturday, May 25, 2013

We've been around this block a time or two....

Today was pick up day for our company. A new set of Privates join the army and start their journey though BCT Basic Combat Training. I feel like we just graduated our last cycle but it was the beginning of May when we did. Here we are again starting all over, another long 10 weeks of training. Long nights, way to many CQ shifts to keep count of and crazy stories from the hubbs and other Drill SGT's. (I love the stories) I'm Volunteering for our Companies FB page again. Giving daily updates as to what the PVT's are doing and answering questions that the families have. I enjoy it, and it makes me fill like I'm doing my part in the Military / Army even though I'm only a Spouse. Well not "Only" a Spouse, I have to say I'm a pretty fabulous Army Spouse and I'm sure my Drill SGT can vogue for that one. 

During BCT the area were the PVT's sleep is not called a Barracks, rather its called a BAY. Inside the Bay is a separate office area were my husband along with the other two Drill SGT's in his Platoon work. Drill SGT C painted the crest's below to represent the three of them. They are on the floor right as you walk into their office. I though it was pretty cool, she did a good job on it. G is Infantry, Sr. Drill SGT Brady is Field Artillery & Drill SGT Cutter is Quarter Master Corps. 

This makes our 5th full cycle, we've done 6 total but the first cycle was the last two weeks so we really don't count that one. A typical Drill SGT will go through about 10 cycle's during his or her time on the trail.  Unless they are extended or request to stay on a third year. Which makes sense because we just passed our year out mark that we have left here. (I have mixed emotions on that, more on that later)
The below picture's are what we call the Shark Attack, when they first get off the buses and are rushed though to the company area. 
Once all of the privates have formed up in formation they are put through a few tests right away. Simple ones but when flustered and caught off guard they can through you off in a heart beat. Such as locating and showing their ID card. This is also were they learn simple commands such as standing in "Parade Rest" standing in "Attention". They will meet their Drill SGT's for the first time by name here as well. 

Here is my Drill SGT giving instructions on how to do a proper push up, also known as 
Seeing him in "action" is crazy because he's a completely different person than everybody else knows. Our friends always say they can't picture him yelling and being mean and a in your face kinda guy. Well when the Brown Round goes on it must just flip a switch because he's a pretty bad a$$ Drill SGT if I do say so. I'm not just saying that bc I'm married to him, but I hear and read from families on our Company FB page how their SIT (Soldier in Training) has / have learned so much from him and looks up to him. It's such a great feeling knowing that my husband is making such a big impact on these young people.....our FUTURE Army HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!
 THE PUSH UP!!!!!! 
Meet the Company Drill SGT's, Cadre and Command Team
(tall guy front and center is the Company 1st SGT, guys a giant)
The hubbs is in the 2nd row middle. 
 Drill SGT Cutter re-sighting the NCO Creed. 
Followed by the Soldier Creed - from another DS
Red phase is brutal, its hard on the PVT's. It's hard on the Drill SGT's. It's hard on us as Spouses. The hours are unspeakable. No one should ever have to work on that little of sleep let alone train. But they do it and some how manage to push through each time. Better them then me though, I need my rest or I'm a cranky person. 
BCT is made up of 10 weeks..
week 0-1- is spent at 1-20th, also known as reception. 
week 2-4- is red phase
5-7- is white phase
8-10- is blue phase
As each phase passes the training lightens up a little (not much) and the Drill SGT's have a little time off.  During the entire 10 week's of BCT the only time a Drill SGT has a day off is the day after CQ. Typically they sleep most of that day any how because they've been up for over 24hrs at that point. They are given ONE four day weekend during the Cycle that they have off but other than that they work 7 days a week STRAIGHT. Its brutal I tell you!!!!!

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