Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life Lately via the Gram....Instagram.....

Of course I've been staying up with my running, with my fabulous girls K and her sweet little one. With the thought / idea of running my first Full Marathon in late fall I've got to keep those miles adding up. I feel so much better about myself after each run and I seem to impress myself more and more every day. Is so hard to explain the feeling sometimes but I LOVE IT!!!!! I have two set races coming up and then I don't think I'll do any through the hot summer months but hey who knows. Trying to do 13 races in 2013 and of course my 500 miles in 2013 so gotta keep hitting the streets. I have a race this Saturday and I'm hoping the rain holds out till after. 

The pups and I have been spending a lot of time at the dog park here lately. I feel guilty when I come home in the evenings from work and they've been stuck inside all day. So up to the park we go, 9 times out of 10 we are able to stay and play for a good bit but when other dogs come we have to bounce out because Bailey isn't so social in a confined area. she's kinda crazy They go nuts on our walk, you'd think it was the first time they have even been out. And it happens like that every single time. It's one of those things, you'd better be ready to step out the door the minute you pull the leashes out of the coat closet because they are going to go NUTS!!! 

Friday night I was babysitting K's sweet little one while they went on a date. It was about 8pmish and the hubbs texted me saying he was thinking he was going to come home for the weekend. SAY WHAT.... I know its only been a couple week's since he's been gone but this is the longest we've been apart in almost 2 years since he came home from his last deployment. So to say I was having hubby withdrawals would be a understatement. I had a commitment Saturday night that I could not get out of and I reminded him of that and he didn't mind. When I asked what made him think about coming home he said there really wasn't anything there for him to do over the weekend. Talk about a heart breaking moment. So we agreed that even though we'd only get a day together and a little bit of Sunday morning it was totally worth it. I some how managed to stay away once I got home till  2am when he got home. Saturday we met up with one of my families from school at the bowling alley on post to say a quick Hello and so they could me the hubbs. I love their little guy, he's so stinkin cute and his parents are the best. Little E to right to the hubbs and they were the best of pals, he took E and showed him the "trucks" outside and even offered to share his banana with him. Later that morning we did a little window shopping around town and then headed to Olive Garden for dinner. The weather out was super ugly and a bit chilly even so taking the pups out was a no go. We enjoyed the day together and I was so glad he came home. It was a short visit but nice having him around the house again. lol (you'd think he's been gone for months on end.) Sunday morning before he headed out we went for breakfast (Sunday morning tradition when he's home from work is homemade breakfast ), at least this time with him leaving I wasn't overly sick. GoodByes never get easy no matter how many we go through, no matter were they are going or what they are doing, they just SUCK plain and simple. I can't wait to have my love home again!!!! 

This week at work is Teacher Appreciation Day. Our Parents have spoiled us the last two days and its been super nice. They are so sweet and care so much about us. They always do their best to show us how much they care. Yesterday we received flowers, a Target gift card along with homemade blueberry muffins which were fabulous. Today we were given a jar of M&M's with the cutest poem on it about how much we love our kiddo's it was adorable. Our PTO (parent teacher organization) set up a wonderful buffet of snacks for all of the teachers today. There was everything from fresh fruit, muffins, candies and much more. It was a nice treat and we all enjoyed it VERY much. lol. After work I normally go straight home and I've been trying my best not to eat out since the hubbs is gone (gotta save that money) but today I treated myself, its teacher appreciation day after all, right!!!! 

With the hubbs gone I haven't really done to much, just hanging out with the pups and being a bit of a home body for the most part. I did have a little get together here at our house last night. I invited a few friends over for dinner and dessert and everyone seemed to have a great time. It was nice and I'm glad we did it, I miss having our weekly dinners like we did in Hawaii when the guys were deployed. I def. think I'm going to try and start doing this most often. Who know's maybe I'll actually meet some more wives in the process. 


Katie said...

I wish I could love running as much as you do. I always hear people get such a high from it...but I cant even get close to that point at all. Hopefully the days will go fast for you while he is gone. Its good your keeping busy!
P.S. eat some olive garden for me! Craving it bad!!!

Janna Renee said...

I know JUST how amazing it would be to have him home for the weekend. Yay!