Monday, January 31, 2011

Pro Bowl 2011 Hawaii

With our game shirts on and high school ribbons in our hair, my spouse & I met up early to head out for some tail gating before the PRO BOWL GAME started. We arrived shortly after noon and grabbed lunch at Subway were we parked and walked over to the Aloha Stadium. Meeting up with a coworker and her family we sat and chatted about our daily gossip and what was going on in every one's lives. We were finally able to meet R's husband and all of her kiddos, which I think are possibly clones of her because they all look exactly alike. While we munch on our sandwiches and they made theirs the clouds started rolling in. I was starting to get a bit bummed but still had hope......then the rain started and I was ready to go home. I absolutely HATE being out in the rain, I don't mind it just rather be inside enjoying it.

After a while the rain seemed to start drifting away and so we made our way up to the stadium and found our seat. Not before grabbing a $14.00 margarita that is on the way. Come to find out we were sitting right next to Sarah's husband's old Major and his family, who's youngest daughter happens to be in my class at the CDC.
The sun was starting to peek though and dry things up which was a much needed relief. The pre-game started out with local Hawaiian Dancers, a performance by The Goo Goo Dolls, The National Anthem and NFL team's Cheerleader representing. Fire works and the Star Spangle Banner followed by the KICK OFF and it was GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!

We sat and chatted enjoying the game watch the AFC suck really bad. I can say that because well of course I'm a Dallas Cowboy fan and they are NFC. Sadly Sarah is a Steelers fan and so even though they were taken out of the Pro Bowl last minute do to going to the Super Bowl She was still cheering for the AFC. We had a fabulous time and I couldn't think of any one better to have gone with. There was a ton of other people there that I knew & friend of mine JS happen to find us and came for a visit to our seats which was a nice surprise.

Right before Half Time we made our way back down to the food area to get some deliciousness to enjoy during the Half Time Show. We each got a Roasted Corn on the Cob one of my favorite game day eats and Sarah picked up a Funnel Cake as well. I wasn't as impressed with the HT show as I was with the Pre Game show but it was still good. I love seeing the mascots of the different teams run up and down the field doing flips and acting goofy as ever they are so cute. Seems like that would be a pretty cool job to have.

Right towards the end of the 4th quarter there was about 5 to 6 guys that ran on to the field from the crowd and started running though the players. Some of them were taking off their shirts and others were just running around crazy. The players were charging at them and security was trying everything they could to catch them. It was quite comical if I do say so, I've seen this happen on TV before or in video's but never in person. Everyone was getting a good kick out of it.

The game ended and NFC defeated AFC with the score of 55-41. It was a wonderful day well spent with my bestie. Only time will tell but I hope that we are able to go next year together as well. The 2012 Pro Bowl will be held in Hawaii again however the location for the game in 2013 has not yet been decided.

Another CHECK off my 30 B4 30 list has been made ~ Go to the Pro Bowl.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girls Night Out

Every now and then you just need to let loose and get out there. Therefore calling a GIRLS NIGHT OUT on the town. After a bit of chit chat and some planning we were ready to go. The three of us girls, (My Spouse, Mistress & I ) packed up a over night back, picked out a killer outfit or two and were on our way to Waikiki to spend the evening. We quickly checked into our hotel @ the Sheraton Waikiki and went up to our room to change and get ready.

We didn't have much of a game play other than to have a fabulous night that included lots of drinks. As we were walking down the strip there was several homeless people on the street, and poor Sarah just wanted to give everyone of them money it was quiet comical to say the least. (on the way back it was even funnier) We ended up making our way to the Yard House were we found ourselves sitting at the bar for the rest of the night. A few drinks in and a couple shots and the night was still young.

We chatted a bit with the people around us, just making small talk getting to know them. Next thing you know some of them are buying S & N shots, now of course they took them I mean who is gonna turn down free alcohol. A friend I had met a few months back was at the bar and came over to join us and we started chatting, its always fun to chat up.

1am rolled around and the lights started to come on meaning the bar was closing, not quiet ready to head back to the hotel S & his friend invited us to Kelley O'Neils with them. So we made our way down there with a newly made friend C and I'll have you know it was like ALL of Yard House was there because that place was packed. We saw just about everyone we had talked to at YH there.

The bar was packed, the drinks were horrible and not to mention you could smoke in there as well. Needless to say we didn't end up staying to long. Walking back to the hotel after a long night and quiet a few drinks the heels just weren't working for us any more. So off they came and oh what a relief that was, I had never been more happy to take off a pair of shoes in a long time.

Yea, sure the side walks were completely nasty but you know what that what the lovely hotel showers are for :) lol.
It didn't take long for the 3 of us to crash out in a double size bed, we had two but we managed to all squeeze in together.

10am came a bit early and let me tell you that wonderful ocean view room was pretty awesome. We had a fabulous time and it will be a night I will remember forever.

I'm not one to go out to the bar all the time at all. I don't drink allot, well mainly because I don't get that relaxed chill feeling like everyone else, no I start to feel like crap and sick so its just not that fun. However I did have a awesome time and look forward to doing in again sometime. Maybe for my big 25, but we will see who knows.
I absolutely love these girls I have met here, I don't need allot of friends because the ones I have are the best I could ask for. So why through more craziness in the mix of our already crazy circle.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pure Bliss

One of the most amazing things about living in Hawaii is the winter months. No not because you miss out on the cold weather on the mainland but because of the waves. They are so incredible during the winter and I could sit and watch them forever. Its when all the big surf competition's come to the island and crowds of people storm the beaches to watch it just awesome. I've been making my way to the beach at least once if not twice during the weekends and enjoying every bit of it. Last week I managed to get off work early one day because i wasn't feeling to well, I grabbed some lunch in Hale'iwa and headed down to North Shore for the afternoon.

I love soaking up the sun with a good book. Today I found out we might be staying in Hawaii longer than what we were expecting, it makes me so excited I love the beach!!!!!!!

I could sit and watch the waves come in for hours, its so peaceful and calming. Laying out with the sun beaming down on you, the birds flying above and the crashing waves against the shore line what more could be more perfect.

Monday, January 17, 2011


This month is just barely half way over with and I don't think I have been this busy in a long time. I have had something going on just about every night since the new year and have something going on pretty much every night for the rest of the month. You always hear people say if you stay busy it will help pass the time. I have done that very well and it does help. I find myself just about every night doing "something" to help the time pass. Not to mention the fact that I work 5 days a week 8 hours of the day, so that in its self takes up a good amount of time.
With my work hours and the time difference between Hawaii & Iraq, I am able to talk to Gabe before I go to work in the mornings and before I go to bed at night. It makes things a little bit easier seeings that I don't really have the ability to always answer my phone at work. Thankfully when I'm working he is sleeping, And when I am sleeping he is working. The timing of things has really worked out as well as the technology that we have through this deployment. So with as busy as I have been I have still been able to talk to my love when ever he is online. (thanks to my lovely high speed celly phone with Internet & my lovely HOT PINK 3G Ipad)

3~work, picked up Gigi from her FCC provider & watched her for a bit, went to B's house to watch the Bachelor & dinner
4~work, picked up Gigi from her FCC provider & took her to her home, ended up staying & chatting w/ Vic. for hours
5~work, meeting with K about a up coming baby shower
6~work, 2nd brigade half way celebration on sills field
7~work, girls dinner @ Sarah's
8~BEACH DAY, lunch w/ B @ Cholo's, shopping w/ Sarah, ICE SKATING w/ Sarah & Nancy
9~lazy morning, lunch with G @ Ruby Tuesday's, DOG BEACH w/ Sarah & our pups.
10~work, came home early bc I was sick :( laid around all evening & watched TV
11~work, left @ 1pm bc I was still sick, grabbed lunch in Haleiwa @ my fav. sandwich shop, relaxed on the beach for a few hours, babysat lil S. that evening
12~work, evening to myself @ home
13~work, went to a passion party with Nancy, Sarah & Renee :)
14~work, babysat K & L from 5:45 - 7:45
15~babysat ALL day (8:30am - 7:30pm) S & G, went bowling with Sarah & Nancy had a fabulous time
16~DOG BEACH w/ Sarah & the pups, cleaned my car, commissary trip, got all the laundry caught up
17~OFF WORK, got a estimate on getting the truck fixed & dropped it off to go ahead with getting fixed, lunch @ Chili's w/ Sarah, shopping @ Walmart, Price Busters, Ross & the commissary again, cleaned our bedroom
18~work, dinner @ A's house in Ko'Olina w/ Sarah & Nancy
19~work, dinner @ Sarah's house with her & Renee
20~8:30-12:30 waiting for maintenance to come to my house, work, baby shower for D. @ 6pm
21~work, babysitting K & L from 5:45 - 7:45 & S from 5:30 - 10:00
22~WORK BLAH!!!!!!! (training day) from 8:30am - noonish I think, hoping to pick up the truck, SPENDING THE EVENING in WAIKIKI hitting up the town w/ Sarah & Nancy & staying downtown for the night !!!!!!! yay for hotel nights w/ awesome girlfriends
23~sleeping in recovering from the night before lol, BBQ @ Noon @ the W's new house on North Shore, clean the backyard (doggies poop so they will mow it)
24~work, babysitting K & L from 5:45 - 7:45
25~work, work on taxes
26~work, babysitting K & L from 5:45 - 7:45
27~work, Pampered Chef party @ my house (hoping to find out some BIG NEWS as well)
28~work, possibly having a sleep over w/ lil K @ my house
30~PRO BOWL w/ Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW, that was exhausting just going back through it all and seeing whats to come. I love staying so busy & fill blessed that I have some amazing friends to help me do so. Time does not seem to be flying by but it is definitely going by and I'm enjoying it passing right along. I wouldn't at all be mad if it sped up just a bit. I can NOT wait to see what February has in store for me!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!!!!!!!!!

When you think of Hawaii what comes to mind........the beach, ocean, sun and fun. Well that's not all your gonna get when you put Myself, Sarah & Nancy together. The three of us are unstoppable and are always having a blast where ever we may be. Tonight we found ourselves at the Ice Palace (the local Ice Skating Rink) with our mittens & scarfs on. Bundled up in our winter attire with our skates laced and ready to roll. We hit the ice with the tunes rocking & the lights dimmed low we were ready to go. It was so cold I though I was going to just fall over and freeze my butt off right then and there but thankfully we managed to survive. I had not put a pair of skates on in over 2 years so I was a tiny wee bit nervous. The moment I stepped on the ice I was thinking to myself what the heck am I doing, I'm gonna fall right on my face. I decided to venture away from the wall to see if I could still manage and I did quite well I must say.

Sarah and Nancy were not to far behind me trying to get the grove of things as well. Neither of them had been skating in ages so it was new again to all of us. I semi quickly made my way around the rink once and met back up with S & N who were still trying to make it around the first lap. I was loving it, no pro at all still scared shitless but I did it. I was worried that my ankles would give me a really hard time seeings I don't have a arch in either of them but they didn't bother me at all which made for a even better night.

We took a spin around using the little kiddo helper contraptions and it was oh so comical. Made things a bit easier for sure but that was way to may people in that small little sectioned off area for our taste. Back on the rink after a short break we found ourselves in the middle of playing the Four Corner game. I remember playing this while roller skating as a kid but couldn't remember how it worked. Sarah was totally lost but after the DJ explained what to do we were on a roll and managed to stay in through 3 rounds.

I have not had this much fun in a while and even better that I was with two of my favorite people. I absolutely love living in Hawaii and being able to share this experience with them. Although having my lover with me here would have just topped the night, I know he is happy that I am enjoying myself and making it through this deployment.
We are definitely going to go again, I can't wait. No way in the world I could ever be a pro ice skater but hey a girl can dream right.

Friday, January 7, 2011


This past week the 2nd brigade 25th ID had a Half Way celebration on post. We have finally reach the half way point in this deployment. So much has happen in the first half, I am really looking forward to the last half and seeing what it holds.
I normally don't attend any of the events such as these that are put on for the spouses & families of the deployed. Mainly because well they are always geared toward children and no don't get me wrong that's great and all but seeing's I don't have kids there is never much to do. And not to mention 90% of the time they are during the day, and well what do they think we all sit at home, Ummmm I have a job and have to work so it makes it a bit hard to attend.
My dear friend N was going and so I decided to go as well this time. The plan was to go right after work and meet her up there but I managed to get off a hour early and got there just in time.

Bounce house's for the keiki's, Popcorn and Cotton Candy to munch on and music to dance to. It was a fairly simple event not nearly as crowded as I though it would be which was quite nice I have to say.
At the end of the evening they had a candle lighting ceremony and one of the 2nd Brigade Chaplin's spoke as we celebrated reaching Half Way and wishing for a speedy return of our troops.

It was a touching moment for sure, I'm glad I was able to attend and have been there to show my love and support to my husband. I can not believe we have finally reached it, at times when I look back it's as if it went by fairly quick and then other days it went so slow. I hope the next part of the deployment is smooth sailing with few road bumps in the way.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolution

Every year thousands of people make New Years Resolutions to better themselves & their lives. I myself am one of those people who makes the once a year resolution. Last year my resolution was to spend every minute I can with my husband, being in the Army makes it more difficult than a normal family. We did this very well and took advantage of each and every free moment we had to explore the island & make new memories together. The second part of my resolution for 2010 was to get our finance's ready to purchase a home of our own. Now we may not have gone through with the home purchase because I ended up staying in Hawaii during the deployment but we did however get our finance's more the way we want them and I have to say we are quiet happy with the way things turned out.

As far as my / our resolutions for 2011 I was at a loss. I had asked Gabe if he was going to make one and he said "no". He's not your typical follow the crowd, do as everyone else is doing kinda guy. When he asked if I was I had told him "I didn't really know" and then suggested we make one together. He agreed and we decided we would think what we wanted our resolution to be and get back to it. Well needless to say neither of us really came up with anything and just kind of left it to be. While I did have something rather simple in mind, I told him and he agreed it was a good idea. I chose to give up fast food till he came home for R&R. When I told my love this he said that is good its bad for you any how. I replied with "what are you a health freak now???" He said "no, its never been healthy but it's good so why not enjoy it." Like I said he is not your typical guy. lol (I / we don't eat fast food a lot at all we enjoy home cooked meals, but every now and then a drive through meal makes it's way into our home.) Why R&R you ask, well it's only a start. It gives me a semi short term goal and after R&R I can set a new end time frame such as "no fast food till He comes home from deployment." And then possibly by then it will be completely cut out of our daily lives.

There is a second part to my lovely 2011 New Years Resolution and that is to take full advantage of the beautiful sunny weekends. I have plans to spend as much time as I can on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the rays trying to get through some of the books I have. I won't live in Hawaii forever so I have got to enjoy it while we are here. Even if its only for a few hours each time, I'll be there relaxing with my feet in the sand and a good book in my hand. I have found a small little spot right off the North Shore about a 10-15 minute drive from post depending on the traffic that I enjoy going to. This weekend I made my way out there twice and when I left I felt so much better with myself for getting out there and taking in the beautiful view and starting my new resolution.

Here is to a new start on a new year and many changes to come in the future!!!!!!! 2011~ may it bring you peace, love and joy and reunited with your loved ones if you are apart from them.
One other thing that I do plan on trying to implement into my daily life in 2011 is to be better at keeping in touch with my family and friends on the mainland. Something that seems so simple yet I still struggle with this. I have a few ideas in mind on how to do this so I am excited to see how things pan out. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

No big extraordinary plans to ring in the New Year just a simple gathering with 3 friends at their house. We all baked a few dishes to share, mine was Queso & chips, a Tex~Mex dip and No Bake Hay Stack cookies. The 2nd of the three were new recipes that I had not tried before. I wanted to do something new and different as well as exciting. I mean we are celebrating the end of 2010 and the start of 2011 aren't we.

We loaded up our plates and chowed down, munching on all the different treats. Chatting away we were having a grand old time. The Martins love to play games so what better way to spend the evening. First is was Mad Gab which I'd never played before and let me tell you I SUCK. Well ok I managed to answer just a couple of them right but man that is really hard. Here are a few examples that I found on line.

I'm On Stairs Sink ==== Monsters Inc
Wide Own Shoe Seamy Hen Amour ==== Why Don't You See Me Anymore?
Trill My Coy ==== The Real McCoy

See its not so easy now is it. Although very comical we had some great laughs that literally brought tears to our eyes through out the night. Changing it up a bit we went on to play Taboo, now this one I had played before but it had been forever ago. You are trying to get your partner to guess a world and you have to describe to them what it is with out using a selected few worlds. Sounds easy but really makes you think and you better watch what you say because you might just get beeped out of the game.

I was lucky enough to chat with my love the entire night, it was as if he was there with us joining in and having a wonderful time. Just not helping win the game because he would have sucked just as much as I did. But if he was then that would have just been perfect. Never the less I'm happy with the time that we did have together even if it was over the Internet. Each second I have with him I will take and cherish forever in my heart. While the others stood on the back patio and watched the explosion of fire works going off we spent the evening together chatting away.

When it came time for the ball to drop we quickly turned the TV on and counted down the last few minutes of 2010 together. It was all ready the New Year in Iraq but I was quickly typing away counting down with Gabe so he was right with us the whole time. And right at Midnight we had our New Years Kiss, yea sure it may have been through webcam but you know what we were together and thats all that matters. I had a wonderful evening and couldn't think of a better way to spend it.
Here's to a wonderful NEW YEAR to you and your family!!!!!!!!

2010 in the past....

These are just a few of my most favorite memories during the year of 2010. So much has happened and changed in the last 12 months. To many "goodbyes / see you soon's", many wonderful Island adventures, great dinner party's, a few little vacations and a slew of wonderful memories to last a life time. I don't even know what could top this past year but I can tell you what it's going to be a year that will go down in history. I am so over the moon excited about 2011 and everything that awaits us, it to will be one to remember AS WELL.

We visited The USS Missouri w/ The Woodside's whom we love and miss sooo much.

Celebrated little Miss. Cheyenne's 1st Birthday.

Took a walk through Waimea Valley.

Enjoyed many relaxing morning's at home w/ the pups.

Took my new ride out for a spin around the island.

Celebrated Valentines Day with a night out downtown & dinner at Red Lobster.

Dressed up with my Bestie for St. Patties day @ work.

Went to Paradise Cove for a Luau :) Crystal & I & her baby girl.

This little thing stole my heart.....once again.

Beach dates with my Lover are the best.

Had our pictures taken & this is one of my fav.

Celebrated yet another birthday for the both of us. OUR PARTY

Went to Kauai for a day trip.

Beach days with the pups on Hickam were we spent alot of our weekends.

Made the long drive to the Grand Canyon in Arizona while we were home.

We rented a jeep & drove to the end of Dillingham then walked to the end of Ka'ena point.

Hike the Lanikai Pillbox Hike which was incredible.

Had a Ice Cream Sundae sunset beach date just my love & I.

Tantalus drive with the Woodside's, one of the most spectacular drives on Oahu.

The 4th of July show / Event on Post with the Woodside's.

Welcoming Home some of my favorite girls hubby's from their deployment.

In the plane flying up thousands of feet in the air!!!!!!!!

I went SKY DIVING for the first time & fell in love with it.

We did it, Mine & Skanks first Jump Tara's 2nd.

Blue Angels AirShow on the Marine Base.....ran in to Lindsay while we were there.
Watching the Blue Angels preform.
EEK, so excited to be here, its such an awesome show & event to be apart of.

Beaching it up @ Hickam with my pups, enjoying the Hawaiian sun.
Sky Dive trip number 2 with JD (his first) & Tara (her 3rd)
Just completed my 3rd Sky Dive jump with Brian, Sarah & Nancy.

My Anniversary piece, I love it!!!!!!! 3 years and still strong as ever.
All dressed up and headed to dinner w/ my girls to celebrate our 3 yr Anniversary @ the Oceanarium.
Enjoying some Black Friday shopping, the Spouse and I.

Remember Pearl Harbor, Memorial Service Dec. 7th 69th anniversary
Built my first Ginger bread house of the Holiday season.
Cathy, my Mother in Law came to visit for a week over Christmas break!!!

This was just a small sneak peak back on our life through 2010 and the fun adventures we went on and experienced. I can't wait to see what is ahead of us and what new things will come in our life!!!!!!! We really are truly blessed.