Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!!!!!!!!!

When you think of Hawaii what comes to mind........the beach, ocean, sun and fun. Well that's not all your gonna get when you put Myself, Sarah & Nancy together. The three of us are unstoppable and are always having a blast where ever we may be. Tonight we found ourselves at the Ice Palace (the local Ice Skating Rink) with our mittens & scarfs on. Bundled up in our winter attire with our skates laced and ready to roll. We hit the ice with the tunes rocking & the lights dimmed low we were ready to go. It was so cold I though I was going to just fall over and freeze my butt off right then and there but thankfully we managed to survive. I had not put a pair of skates on in over 2 years so I was a tiny wee bit nervous. The moment I stepped on the ice I was thinking to myself what the heck am I doing, I'm gonna fall right on my face. I decided to venture away from the wall to see if I could still manage and I did quite well I must say.

Sarah and Nancy were not to far behind me trying to get the grove of things as well. Neither of them had been skating in ages so it was new again to all of us. I semi quickly made my way around the rink once and met back up with S & N who were still trying to make it around the first lap. I was loving it, no pro at all still scared shitless but I did it. I was worried that my ankles would give me a really hard time seeings I don't have a arch in either of them but they didn't bother me at all which made for a even better night.

We took a spin around using the little kiddo helper contraptions and it was oh so comical. Made things a bit easier for sure but that was way to may people in that small little sectioned off area for our taste. Back on the rink after a short break we found ourselves in the middle of playing the Four Corner game. I remember playing this while roller skating as a kid but couldn't remember how it worked. Sarah was totally lost but after the DJ explained what to do we were on a roll and managed to stay in through 3 rounds.

I have not had this much fun in a while and even better that I was with two of my favorite people. I absolutely love living in Hawaii and being able to share this experience with them. Although having my lover with me here would have just topped the night, I know he is happy that I am enjoying myself and making it through this deployment.
We are definitely going to go again, I can't wait. No way in the world I could ever be a pro ice skater but hey a girl can dream right.

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