Friday, December 30, 2011

Liebster Blog *Award*

I'd like to take a minute and give a BIG THANK YOU to Whit the author / writer over at Little Black Button who has so kindly found it in her sweet heart to nominated my blog for the Liebster Blog Award! This award is for bloggers who have less than 200 followers and are newer to the world of blogging. (I've been blogging for almost 3 years now, so not so new lol)

I'm loving Whits page and following along as she recaps her wedding and trying her hand in the kitchen.

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My TOP 5 picks randomly placed!!!

Oh My EYES!!!

DAY 78
Two things I HATE cutting.

Whenever prepping dinner the two things that I hate having to chop up most are Onions & Jalapenos. The onions always make my eyes water no matter how hard I try not to glare right into them. I try to chop them up pretty quickly to avoid the terrible teary flow but 9 times out of 10 that doesn't happen.
With the Jalapenos the reason I hate chopping them is because afterwards no matter how well I wash my hands it never seems to be good enough. At some point or another I will touch my eyes and feel the burn from the pepper sting and it sucks. :(
We have a really fancy chopper that we got as a wedding gift that I use some time but if I'm doing alot then I use the cutting board.

ISO or ForSale

Yes that's right, I've come across a new FB page here in SC, Columbia / Lexington area. Its called For Sale Wanted or Free in (insert city). There tends to be a ton of baby / children's items as well as video games & consoles, I guess those are popular items that people go through. I'll randomly take a gander on there to see if they have anything worth wild but normally its just all cyber looking. It amazes me what people try to sell on there and the condition that its in, some good and some I'd be embarrassed to post on line if those were my items lol. But to each their own I guess right.

When we moved into our house here on base we still had another week before we got our HHG's but we were getting cable installed before then. Only problem is we needed a TV here at the house for the cable guy to hook up the cable up with. We ended up going to the PX and picking out a cheap one for a couple hundred bucks to hold us over. Well it served its time for a week then went up to the office & has been sitting there ever since. We don't want to put a TV in our bedroom & we really don't have a need for it any were else in the house. That's when it hit me, why not post it on the ISO or For sale page. I confirmed with the hubbs and he was fine with it, I mean a bit of extra cash in our pocket vs. it sitting on the floor in the office. We went with the CASH of course.
I gathered up all the information I could on the TV took a couple quick pictures and posted it on the FB page. Within 5 minutes I already had 2 people really interested in it and wanting to look at it. Score, just 15 minutes later and it was SOLD. Long story short we ended up selling it for a $100 less than what we paid for it which was still a good chunk of cash in our pocket.
I was happy, 2 hours later we went to meet up with the buyers and made the exchange.
It was that easy, to bad I didn't think to do that earlier & we could have had it out of our way a month ago.
WoW ~ now its got me pondering I know were I will turn to next time we are needing to sell or get rid of something. Best part it was all done from the comfort of my couch w/ out any service charges.
kinda makes me wonder if they had something like this in Hawaii & I just never knew about it.

Gymin it UP!!!

DAY 77
I miss the sunsets :(

I miss the beautiful sunset Hawaii has to offer, thankfully we have some rather gorgeous ones here. Nothing at all like sight of it setting over the ocean but still beautiful. I snapped this one on my way to Spin class this evening, I just couldn't resist.

Getting in some extra lovins time with my love before we started on dinner. I finally found a super cute head band for when I work out to help keep my hair back & in place. The color matches perfect with my new Nike Plus GPS watch I got for Christmas.

On another note I got ANOTHER pair of TOMS today. I told you they are seriously addicting & I'm in love!!!! I've found 3 stores here local that sell them. They each carry most of the same styles & colors. Oh the plus side though they all have different ones as well. Soon enough I will have a pair for every day of the week, heck it may even be every day of the month if I keep going. But REALLY A GIRL CAN NEVER HAVE TO MANY SHOES.

We actually went yesterday & I picked a pair out. I didn't try them on seeing I knew my size. So today when we were getting ready to leave I put them on and they were WAY to small. I was caught off guard because they were the same size as the last ones I bought. Sure they stretch out some after being worn a bit but there was no way I could wear them this tight. We went back to were I got them from so I could exchange them. They didn't have any more of the style I picked so I came home with these below. Come to find out even each individual size varies in the TOM world. So not every 8 is going to fit the same :( bummer wish I would have figured that out sooner, it would have saved us a trip. It's ok It gave me time to ponder over my next pair.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Night @ the Museum

DAY 76

or not, may a day @ the museum :)

(I took this one here for the spouse, she <3's her dinosaurs )

We decided to check out the South Carolina State Museum today. I'm not big on museums but again I had heard great reviews about this one so I was excited going in.
A three story building full of Art, History, Natural History & Science. A bonus was the Body Works exhibit they have going on right now as well. (pictures weren't aloud in there) When we were in Vegas we were able to tour the Body Museum they had there and I have to say it was much bigger & more in detailed then the one here in SC.
We had the most fun on the 3rd floor that was full of science related gadgets, that were interactive. The first one below you had to balance yourself on and see how long you would stay there. It was alot harder then I though it would be, I tried showing the hubbs up but it didn't work. lol Not to worry he didn't do to hot himself either.

This one here was a closed in triangle, you had to go under a short wall to get in. It was pretty cool, enclosed with mirrors you could see yourself go on forever and ever. I felt like a kid playing around with all the fun stuff they had from pulley systems to testing your grip or hearing the delay in speech.

The museum took you back to before dinosaurs and though the Civil War. Taking you decade by decade change by change, through the Revolutionary War, Plantation Life, Native Americans, Mill Life and so much more. Below is a reenactment of a typical kitchen from the 1920's CRAZY how things have changed so much over the last 91+ years.

We had a really good time at the museum, I'm so glad we decided to go. We spent about 2 hours there looking at every last display and exhibit. I'm proud to say we did learn a bit more about SC and its history. A bonus was the gift shop afterwards it was so big and had some of the cutest things. Tons of stuff for your kitchen to, I came across the perfect sign for my wall talking about "The South". (I am going to have to go back for it for sure)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


DAY 75

and boy was it :)

This picture doesn't even show really how big this pizza was but is was a 14 inch. Another option was a 24 inch pizza which the table next to us got. Talk about bit that was a giant pizza but looked so yummy.
A coworker has told me time and time again about this place called The Pizza Joint that serves New York style pizza. NYC pizza can't be beat, there is a place that I always go to when we visit the city that's to die for, mouth watering pizza. We've passed The Pizza Joint a few times and it's always packed, that's got to be a good thing though right. The hubbs & I are both suckers for a good pizza with all the fixins. This afternoon we were out & about checking out another part of Columbia when we decided we would grab a bite to eat for lunch. It was already late afternoon so we new we could go one of two ways. Big and it would hold us over for the rest of the day or light and we would still do a simple dinner. Well we chose BIG, we finally had a chance to check out the pizza place we had heard so much about. Thankfully since it was 2 almost 3pm that afternoon it wasn't busy at all.
We started off with some cheesy garlic bread sticks and finished things off with The Big One. Seriously that was the name of the pizza, we ended up having to bring some home because we couldn't finish it all. It was mouth watering and a plus they had SWEET TEA, we ill for sure be going back again. A+ in my book!!!!!!!

road trip

DAY 74

On today's agenda we have a mini road trip for the hubbs and I.

We ventured out for a two hour drive to Charleston, SC to see what it had to offer. With out any plans or time frame we were at the mercy of our trusty GPS. There were two sights that I wanted to see while we were there and anything we came across on top of that was just icing on the trip.
Prior to our arrival we stopped at a gun store so the hubbs could have a look around. He left with out the purchase of one though. They had a few he was interested in but nothing that he wanted right then.

Once we got into Charleston, found parking downtown we decided to talk a walked around the pier. Oh the ocean again I can see it and feel the COLD breeze, ummmm this is nothing like Hawaii :( tears yes please. I was heart broken although I knew it wouldn't be like Hawaii at all, I think a bit of me wished it was. For some reason I though since we were closer to the coast that it would be warmer NOT. Another tear for me because I'm hatting this cold weather it totally sucks.

We made our way down the pier taking in what was beautiful scenery all around us. We came across the first of my two must see's!!!! It was a Pineapple water Fountain that my dearest Crystal told me about. It was so neat and just as she describe from top to bottom it looked just like a giant pineapple made up of smaller ones.

From there we continued to walk through downtown Charleston looking at the different boutiques they have and cafes. We came across a awesome kitchen / cookware store that I could have spent hours in, sadly we were meter parked so we were on a time line so to speak. We went through a local street market were they had tons of vendors set up selling anything from local cook books, jewelry, hand weaved baskets, SC themed items and so much more. There was also a horse drawn carriage going though the streets, hearing the hooves of the horse clonk against the street was to cool.

On to our next adventure was must see #2, which we actually saw when we got into Charleston. It was the Cooper River Bridge known as the longest suspended bridge in the Western Hemishpere. It was giant and a beauty to drive across I was in awh. I don't know that I have been on a bridge of this size before other than the bridge that leads you from New York into Manhattan. While we were talking about it Gabe has to mention that he has been on the highest suspended bridge, in Colorado. Of course he has he lived there for a good bit of his life when his parents were stationed at Ft. Carson. "One day One day" we will go back together and I to will be able to say the same but until then I was loving the view of the Cooper River Bridge. There's a path that runs along side of it from the on ramp down to the other end that allows you to walk, jog or run it if you please. From here you were able to see all of Charleston, the harbors and beyond it was awesome. There were was a good amount of people walking along the bridge when we were going across and only about 3 runners that we saw. We though about walking it but decided to save it for a future visit. There's a 5k bridge run across it the last day of March I "might" do it but I am suppose to leave town that day so we will see.

Our last stop before grabbing lunch was at Mount Pleasant Palmetto Islands County Park. It's a nature - oriented park that is great for families of any kind. It's built in what they call a "tropical setting," with bicycle paths, boardwalks and several picnic areas through out. The park includes a two acre pond that is more like a swamp to me. There is a 50 foot observation tower that offers breathtaking views of the tidal creeks and salt marsh. It was a "hike" getting up so I decided to take the easy way down THE SLIDE. Your able to go kayaking through the marsh and we even saw a few fishing boats on the water as well.

We really enjoyed the park, just walking around and being together. This trip was something we both really needed, it allowed us to get OUT of Columbia and see what else SC had to offer. Knowing that there is hope and there is greater things past these city limits gives me hope.

We stopped for a late on our way back home at a place called Smokey Bones that had some not so sweet sweet tea, nothing a little sugar couldn't fix. It turned out to be a FABULOUS day and I'm so happy we decided to do this.

We are already talking about our next day trip to another city near by. The possibilities are endless its just taking some getting use to.

Monday, December 26, 2011


DAY 73
"Tis the Season to be JOLLY"

We've had a wonderful relaxing day, which is just what we needed. We talked about going home to Texas or Arizona for Christmas but decided to stay home and enjoy the Holidays in our new home. I am so happy we did in the end it was much easier and less stressful doing things this way. Sure it would have been nice to see family again and spend some time with them but we were just there a few months back.
First things first we opened gifts from each other and gave the pups their Christmas bones. Bailey wasn't so much interested at first, I think she was more curious as to what else was going on. Dingo on the other hand headed straight up stairs to chow down. I got the hubbs a few things for the range that he has been wanting for when he goes shooting. He also got another gun, so that makes number five meaning we are even now lol. Although he doesn't seem to think that a Nerf Fun counted, I sure did. He got me a few new pieces to add to my Fiestaware collect that I had been wanting. As well as a Nike GPS to use for running, I can now track my runs, times, miles and calories burned all at once. It's pretty freaking awesome, I have been looking at getting one for a while now but me being the penny pincher that I am didn't want to spend the money. Its great to because I can keep track of my runs at and see how they vary day to day.

He was not so impressed with my bright idea.

side note I didn't finish all mine I was stuffed, it was so good though.

After gifts we cooked our Christmas breakfast Banana Walnut Pancakes with a side of Bacon and a glass of chocolate milk. It was fantastically good and as always there was a ton of dishes to do. It was a cloudy chilly day out with a bit of drizzle but we wanted to get the pups out for a walk & enjoy the day. We bundled up in hopes to stay warm but some how my nose was still cold. We didn't let the drizzle keep us in nor did it stop the dogs from roaming around post. We went down to our normal area were they like to run around off the leash and took a few new turns, which worked out perfect because it made a big circle. I love that we have a couple places so close to our home were we can let them off and be free to do what they want. I was really worried about that coming here to Jackson because in Hawaii there were so many different places to take them. They both do really well in staying together, close to us and coming back when we call them. It's great not having to worry that they might run off, knock on wood lol.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the couch watching a few Christmas movies. I think the hubbs is seriously happy that Christmas has finally come and gone, no more Holiday movies for him. We started our dinner around 3:30pm, even though it was just the two of us we wanted to have a nice Christmas dinner and that we did. The hubbs has always wanted a Turducken (which if you don't know its a duck inside a chicken in side a turkey we sausage in it as well) this year I finally caved in and said the heck with it but we were getting a ham also just in case the Turducken turned out horrible. Along with both the two main dishes we made dressing, rolls, sweet potato's (which I managed to burn the marshmallows) and broccoli cheese rice casserole. It all turned out great even the Turducken was yummy, I did manage to eat around the duck though. Something about eating a duck just creeps me our and I can't do it.

We had dessert all planned out a favorite of ours Apple Crisp, sadly enough we were both way to stuffed to even entertain the idea of eating dessert. We decided it would be in our best interest if we held off for another night.
The day was full of relaxing and enjoy the company of each other being in our home. I like the fact that we have our own way of doing things for the Holidays. It's perfect just the two of us, simple, no stress or rushing around to see all of our family.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

letting it out

I've had a lot on my mind lately and its really eating me up, I don't know when or if I'll ever post this. However I figured instead of it continually stabbing me in the heart I'd put it in words & maybe that would help. Get it off my chest if you will.
Have you ever had that one person that just rubbed you the wrong way. They may have never really done anything "to you." But yet you just can't seemed to really "get them." Once I get to know you I am pretty open, honest and will do just about anything for my friends. If we don't click we don't and just go our way from there. It does take me a while to really open up to someone, trust them & be myself around them but once I do there is that potential for a life long friendship. The road my not always be a walk in the park but there is always a shining star at the end. There is just this one person that for one reason or another (that I've yet to figure out) I just can't bring myself to click with. We aren't even in the same state so it's not like I have to see or interact with them yet it still gets me down.
I can't seem to put into words my feelings or reasoning, all I know is it really gets to me. I'm not sure if this person even knows how much it hurts me. I know things will only get harder over the next 2-3 years and still there wont be anything I can do about it. I suppose I just have to stay strong, be myself and continue to show the people I carry close to my heart the reasons I love them and why they are so special to me. In hopes that, that will keep us together, keep the knots tight with out any loose strings.
I'm not sure if its because we have been at our new duty station for a bit now and I've still yet to make a single friend. Maybe it's because I'm not totally in love with the way things are here in SC and I'm letting that get to me and so I'm taking everything a bit more to heart. Then again these feelings aren't something that just came up. They have been there for a while now and I just continued to keep them to myself.
In the back of my head I tell myself that as long as I have Gabe in my life and we are together that's all I need. However I know that's not true, in a way it is but I still need my girls & I hope that they will always need me. Though distance may be between us or even separated by the deep blue sea the bonds we built I will always carry close to heart. Maybe its knowing and seeing that those people I hold close to me are also building bonds like we did with others. The fear of being forgotten, left out or replaced is what scares me the most.
What if I become not needed to them any more because they have someone else to turn to, you know since we aren't in the same place. Not being a part of there life as I have been for years will be devastating. Being the first person they turn to when something good or bad happens is a great feeling, what if they have a "new someone else" and I'm 2ND or last. I knew moving back to the Mainland would be hard but I had know clue it would have been this hard. Some days I wish we would have been able to stick with our first orders issued by the Army. Then we would be in OK close to the friends & family were now we are miles away from them. For some reason it seemed different in Hawaii I don't know what it was, maybe because it almost seemed to be a different world. Being back on the Mainland has been a big adjustment for me and its not setting well. Hawaii is home, we built such a wonderful life there & made some fabulous friends. Some of those friends that I know we will always be there for each other, the best of friends and then others were we may drift apart over time. That's life as much as it hurts and as hard as it is there's nothing we can do about it.
I can only hope as things continue on over the next few years that I don't allow this person to get me down. I can't let this person walk over me or the relationships I've built. I can't say that I will ever really let this person into my life. I think what is done is history, I can only move on from here. I can forgive and forget but something things are beyond that, even if there was never anything "done" in my heart I feel as if there was.
You know that moment when your in Jr. High or High school, you find out your classmate who you though was a "friend" turns out to seal your best friend or your boy friend the minute you were no longer in the same class. All along they said that's not what they were trying to do they have a BF of their own but bam the second you were no longer in the picture they stepped in and were quite to take your place. It's heart breaking, almost like a piece of you is missing now.

I have many people in my life I would call "friends" but I have fewer people in my life that I would call "true friends". You know the ones that will ALWAYS be there for you no matter...... how long its been since you have seen each other, talked to one another, the miles between you. Your true friends are the ones that will be there when you are at your worst and tell you, you look beautiful. Your friends will be there to get you & them to the next day. I feel that I have figured out who is who in my world. I have to say I'm grateful for each and everyone of them and I have grown and learned a lot from both sides.

As I was sitting here blogging this evening I received a text from a friend who sadly enough for her can relate as well. And is in the same situation that I am, this person said it really simple by saying "I think I will always be jealous of people that get to spend time with my family & friends". Maybe that's just it I'm just jealous that this person gets to spend time with someone I can't. It's the price we pay living the army life with the one we love.

Merry Christmas Eve YALL!!!

DAY 72

Let the Festivities Begin!!!!!!!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Holiday season this year. Weather you are home with family or away like we are it's always a special time of year. Our Christmas celebration consists of baking, shopping, gifts, cards, weather, lights, decorations, food & the best of all just being together.
This morning we started things off with a bang!!! We decided to try out a new recipe I found on Pinterest for breakfast. It turned out pretty good for the first go around, so that's always a plus!!! The ideas from here are endless on how I can incorporate this into future meals.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Wreath


After breakfast we went for a stroll around the block with the pups. It's crazy how they know we are getting ready to take them out before we even get their leashes out of the closet. We decided to to take them across the street to the CYS Sports Field since there wasn't anyone there we could let them off the leash and they could run free. They went crazy running back & forth between the hubbs & I. He stood near one end of the field while I was on the other end, . It's funny to watch them run across the field because Dingo always tries to attack Bailey for some strange odd reason. We ventured down further into the forest were they both continued to run around like crazy mutts sniffing every inch of the ground they could get their noses on. I love our kids they are just perfect, they don't ask for much either so that's always nice. Our Christmas wouldn't be complete with out our family together. I'm glad they have their daddy home this year.

After our walk we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at home. I got a bit of cleaning done down stairs while Gabe cleaned his guns. I have this thing with my floors, I'm always cleaning them. Sunday is laundry day and since its Christmas tomorrow I went ahead and got it all taken care of today. We did take a break in there for a bit to put together our Gingerbread House. We made a great team with putting the House its self together and then we both just went to town decorating it. Thankfully I had a can of white frosting in the pantry because the frosting mix that came with our kit was crap. We made quite the mess putting it together but we had a fun in the process.

The House sits on our Peppermint Candy Tray that we made. A idea on Pinterest (thanks lol) that I came across a couple days ago. We went to the PX late one evening to get the peppermints and they only had red. I plan to keep a eye out for green ones so I can make another one adding a bit of piazzas.
Here are a couple other pictures of our peppermint candy serving tray!!

Sandwiches for Christmas Eve dinner is what the Hubbs & his family grew up having. I found this out last year when the MIL was in town. So what better way to enjoy our evening then with a good ol' grilled cheese. But not just any grilled cheese, a new recipe we haven't had before Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese (I guess today was a day for new foods). They turned out great we paired it with some chips & salsa we got yesterday from the farmers market.

The rest of the evening was spent cuddled on the couch watching Christmas Shows and sipping on Hot Cocoa. The perfect ending to a wonderful Christmas Eve. It was a simple laid back day, not much going on. We've really been taking advantage of this time off and the simple things in life like just being home together.

I've got the best Christmas present I could ask for and lucky for me I didn't have to do any unwrapping & I even got it early. :) I love you Baby Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas from the In~Loves

DAY 71

For the pups & us !!

We received a package today from the wonderful In~Loves also known as Gabes parents. They always add a little something extra for the pooches when sending something our way. They seriously have got to be the best IL's ever, always thinking ahead and out of the box.
There were two toy ropes on top for the pups when the hubbs opened the box & with out going any further he tossed them to the pups. From there they were going crazy around the house running up and down the stairs and through the kitchen. It was so funny you would have though they hadn't ever had any like them before. They finally made there way to the first landing on the stairs and were going to town. There was two ropes and yet they were fighting over the same one. Bailey had Dingo pinned in the corner a couple times, they were both chewing on the same rope together when the other one was laying right by them. Its so funny to watch them play and run around. I love that they get along so well, it would have been a complete disaster if they didn't.

A few other gifts included but one that the Hubbs had been faithfully checking the mail for. His Kiffel Cookies, a family favorite that he grew up on. The first time I had them I wasn't crazy about them but after a few bites over the last 5 years they have definitely grown on me and lets just say I'm in love. Last Christmas when Gabe was deployed my mom~in~law came out to Hawaii and we made a whole bunch together. That was the first time making them with her and boy was it a process. I'm hoping next time we go to AZ that we can make them again so I can really figure out how to make them & then I will be able to make them for years to come for my love.