Sunday, December 4, 2011

Can we borrow him......

DAY 51

...just for a couple days.

(note this has got to be one of the worst picture of the 3 of us but B has the rest so until then, this will have to do. I didnt take many pictures while we were out)

Pour Chris & O were totally out numbered this weekend with all us girls in the house. However it didn't stop him one bit. This morning he work up and made all of us breakfast the works, eggs, bacon, grits & cinnamon rolls. It was so yummy and I was completely stuffed after wards. After breakfast we bundled up the kiddos and went out back to let them run around and play. We spent the better half of the day out there chatting and intervening on the girls. Sometimes even the best of friends can get on each others nervous and 2 1/2 - 3 year olds are the same way. Chris being the awesome guy he is made us lunch later that afternoon, grilled cheese sandwiches. Not to mentioned he cleaned and put away all the dishes from breakfast & lunch while we sat around the table after both meals talking. Seriously what a awesome guy Becca has on her hands. Vic and I mentioned a few different times about borrowing him and taking him home to put him to work at our house. It was really nice to be able to just sit back and hang out, not worry about the house or run around town getting things done. It was nice to just leave life at home for the weekend and get away. Although I did miss my husband like crazy, even with it being just a couple days.
The girls went down for a nap while we gossiped and watched a bit of college football. The evening followed with a fully home cooked meal for dinner, a stroll down the Clarksville Boardwalk to see the lights display that they put on. A live nativity scene, Christmas carols and the cold breeze blowing through air made for a great evening. Later that evening when we returned C started a fire in the back yard and we roasted marshmallows & made S'mores. I seriously love s'mores they are one of my all time favorite treats. Growing up going to the river house on the weekends we would always make them after a long day out in the boat.
Today was great there were no set plans, no were we had to be by a certain time, no schedule just hanging out and enjoying being together again. A great way to spend the day.

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lilmoomoo said...

He does sound like a keeper!!! Haha!
And s'mores are totally awesome :)