Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Night @ the Museum

DAY 76

or not, may a day @ the museum :)

(I took this one here for the spouse, she <3's her dinosaurs )

We decided to check out the South Carolina State Museum today. I'm not big on museums but again I had heard great reviews about this one so I was excited going in.
A three story building full of Art, History, Natural History & Science. A bonus was the Body Works exhibit they have going on right now as well. (pictures weren't aloud in there) When we were in Vegas we were able to tour the Body Museum they had there and I have to say it was much bigger & more in detailed then the one here in SC.
We had the most fun on the 3rd floor that was full of science related gadgets, that were interactive. The first one below you had to balance yourself on and see how long you would stay there. It was alot harder then I though it would be, I tried showing the hubbs up but it didn't work. lol Not to worry he didn't do to hot himself either.

This one here was a closed in triangle, you had to go under a short wall to get in. It was pretty cool, enclosed with mirrors you could see yourself go on forever and ever. I felt like a kid playing around with all the fun stuff they had from pulley systems to testing your grip or hearing the delay in speech.

The museum took you back to before dinosaurs and though the Civil War. Taking you decade by decade change by change, through the Revolutionary War, Plantation Life, Native Americans, Mill Life and so much more. Below is a reenactment of a typical kitchen from the 1920's CRAZY how things have changed so much over the last 91+ years.

We had a really good time at the museum, I'm so glad we decided to go. We spent about 2 hours there looking at every last display and exhibit. I'm proud to say we did learn a bit more about SC and its history. A bonus was the gift shop afterwards it was so big and had some of the cutest things. Tons of stuff for your kitchen to, I came across the perfect sign for my wall talking about "The South". (I am going to have to go back for it for sure)

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lilmoomoo said...

Ahhh!! Fun!!! I love all the random weird things there are to do in museums!!
Seems like you and your hubbs like to get out and do things :) very cool.
Sometimes we do, but we've kinda turned into homebodies since moving to OK then GA then NC...
We need to get out more ;)