Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Traditions

DAY 53
What's Yours???

Every year since the hubbs & I have been married we have gotten a new ornament or two to represent that year. Of course I couldn't help but pick one up in Hawaii before we left. I am absolutely in love with the Sea Turtles also known as the Honu in Hawaiian so I went with this cute little fellow above. While decorating our Christmas tree this evening I made sure it found its place front and center for all to see.
I am still on the hunt for a South Carolina themed ornament for this year as well, I'm determined to to find something OTHER than those darn Gamecocks seriously it like consumes the lives of these people. BLAH.
This is just one of a few Christmas Traditions that we have started, I know its been around for ever but it will be neat 20 years from now to be able to have a tree decorated from "around the world".

What are some of your Christmas Traditions with your family????


lilmoomoo said...

This is cute :) we had talked about doing the same thing! I don't know if we will have a tree thus year or not tho with the move!!
My family's Christmas tradition is chocolate gravy on Christmas morning! Haha. Very weird. But soooo good.

Pris said...

cute cute tiff! we started doing that too! we just missed last year though, so much going on didnt get to get one, but i will find one to make up for it!