Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Cards Galore

DAY 54

What do you do with yours???

I always remember my momma keeping all of our Christmas cards from every year and storing them with the Holiday decorations. I myself started doing the same since we've been married & have quite the collection now. I would display them through the Holidays season and then pack them away in a gift bag with the last years. This is how it was each year, I never wanted to throw them out but wasn't really sure what to do with them. That's when I stumbled upon a brilliant idea on Pinterest that I knew was a "Must Do." A great way to display your cards (for any occasion, I'm going to do our Wedding ones next) for others to see, also makes for a fun conversation piece when you look back through them. A plus is you are able to keep them all in one contained area with out a mess or being disorganized.
Its as easy a scooping ice cream into a bowl, simply punch a hole in the top corner of your choosing on each card and then string a piece of ribbon through each one and tie it together making a bow. The demonstration on Pinterest used a metal ring which you can use as well but I like the idea of the ribbon so you are able to add more as years go by & its much more festive don't ya think.
I have tons of ideas for the Holidays on decorating, organizing and baking thank goodness for winter break from work soon. It will give me plenty of time to put some of my DIY projects & recipes to the test.

** another pinterest idea put to the test & passed :)

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lilmoomoo said...

Girl, you are putting pinterest to work ;) haha
Cute idea!