Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas w/ The Spouse's

So my Spouse being the awesome gift giver that she is just couldn't wait any longer to open gifts. On the drive home she was already talking about how she wanted to exchange gifts that night. So we celebrated Christmas together after a much needed yummy dinner. I made Taco Stew a favorite that we haven't had in awhile.

First up she had a few gifts from the Mistress that she brought along as well. I though it was funny because she had to wrap them along with hers. Apparently Nancy doesn't know how the whole wrapping process works lol. First up was a super cute dress, the three of us have matching dresses now for our cruise in October. N has pink & I think S has purple or a color similar to those. The plan is to wear the with cowboy boots, on separate nights of course. The picture really doesn't show how cute it is but I absolutely love it!!!!

Next from the Mistress was the perfect gift, I have been randomly looking for a super cute "lunch pale" to use for work once I start full time. She must have been reading my mind because I had though of ordering one through 31 but never got around to it. I have a couple other items from 31 in this same print and LOVE LOVE it. Its insulated on the inside so it will keep things cool. SIMPLY PERFECT, it has my last name on it to so I wont have to worry about labeling it when I put it in the frig at work.

Along with the dress she also sent a beaded belt to wear with it. Each of us girls have a different color belt. I seriously can't wait for our cruise it's going to be a blast!!!!

Next was the Spouses turn ~ She has this thing for dinosaurs and I'm not really sure were it came from but I feel sorry for their child if they ever have one. There poor life will be filled with dinosaurs and everything that comes along with them.
We were at Hobby Lobby one evening and I came across these cute baby dinos and picked them up for S. Not really sure at the time what I was going to do with them but I knew I'd come up with something. And that I did, it was her own little dino aquarium with her name on it. Along with two new books. We both got a pretty good laugh out of this one, it was one of those moments you just had to be there to get.

On to the next gift she was slowly ~ carefully ~ slowly opening it......

and that aaaaawwwhhhh moment!!!!!!!

I had a custom frame made that said "SPOUSES" and in each letter was a different picture of the two of us. I was really happy with the way it turned out and absolutely loved it and I'm pretty sure she did to from her reaction :) We've been through so much together and this just show cases a few of our wonderful memories.

Gifts from the spouse, seriously I swear she is so creative when it comes to gift giving. A few weeks before I left Hawaii we were out on one of our normal Target shopping trips. We came across these singing characters in the toy section were we literally spent a good 20 to 30 minutes playing with them and listening to all the different songs they played. We couldn't stop laughing it was so funny. Here we were two married KIDLESS adults playing like kids, it was great. We debated then getting one for each of us and Nancy but decided not to. Now we are all three proud owners of our very own Sing*a*ma*jigs. Mine plays "Its Raining Its Pouring"

Something new I started here in our SC home was a cross wall. I was inspired by my friend K in Texas, her cross wall is awesome & I love it. (you may remember me posting abt friendship crosses we made together.) Seriously my spouse is awesome she had this beautiful cross made for us. In the center is says "The Gabriel's" then below that it has our saying "Always & Forever & Thensome". It is the perfect addition to my cross wall, 1) its personalized, 2) its from my spouse SCORE!!!!!

On top of that she also had 3 different Christmas ornaments made for our tree. A set of 3 snowmen with our names on each (her, Nanc, & Me), the other two were made with pictures one of Gabe & I from his Homecoming, & the other of us three girls from our stay at Turtle Bay. The best part about the Turtle Bay one is its not christmasy, it only has the year on it so its something I can leave out all year.
She also made us a set of coasters, a idea off pinterest. See, now you know what I mean when I said that she is a great gift giver. I love the pictures she picked they are just perfect and will be a great conversation piece for years to come.

No Christmas celebration would be complete with out the hubbs included as well, leave it to S to pull that one off. The day Gabe flew out of Hawaii to Texas the two of them stopped off at Anna Millers for a bite to eat. I think if Gabe had the choice he would eat there at least once if not more a week. He absolutely loves that place and he loves his coffee, she surprised him with a Coffee Mug from Anna Millers & one from Dunkin Donuts as well. He was quite surprised about the first one but the D&D her kind of already knew about due to a pretty funny prank we pulled on him a while back.

It was the perfect Christmas celebration, I'm so glad that I was able to share this moment with my spouse here in SC verse over the phone or computer. We had so many laughs opening gifts and telling stories about them. I truly cherish every moment with her now that we aren't 5 miles away from each other any more. (its only temporary though that WILL change soon)


❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I'm so happy your spouse was able to visit you so you two could share in the holiday cheer!! I love the color of your dress!

lilmoomoo said...

You look so HAPPY!! :)
So glad your spouse got to come for a visit! :)