Friday, December 30, 2011

Gymin it UP!!!

DAY 77
I miss the sunsets :(

I miss the beautiful sunset Hawaii has to offer, thankfully we have some rather gorgeous ones here. Nothing at all like sight of it setting over the ocean but still beautiful. I snapped this one on my way to Spin class this evening, I just couldn't resist.

Getting in some extra lovins time with my love before we started on dinner. I finally found a super cute head band for when I work out to help keep my hair back & in place. The color matches perfect with my new Nike Plus GPS watch I got for Christmas.

On another note I got ANOTHER pair of TOMS today. I told you they are seriously addicting & I'm in love!!!! I've found 3 stores here local that sell them. They each carry most of the same styles & colors. Oh the plus side though they all have different ones as well. Soon enough I will have a pair for every day of the week, heck it may even be every day of the month if I keep going. But REALLY A GIRL CAN NEVER HAVE TO MANY SHOES.

We actually went yesterday & I picked a pair out. I didn't try them on seeing I knew my size. So today when we were getting ready to leave I put them on and they were WAY to small. I was caught off guard because they were the same size as the last ones I bought. Sure they stretch out some after being worn a bit but there was no way I could wear them this tight. We went back to were I got them from so I could exchange them. They didn't have any more of the style I picked so I came home with these below. Come to find out even each individual size varies in the TOM world. So not every 8 is going to fit the same :( bummer wish I would have figured that out sooner, it would have saved us a trip. It's ok It gave me time to ponder over my next pair.


Whit said...

You are right, a girl can NEVER (EVER) have more then enough shoes. :)
Love the TOMS.

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I just had to sort through my shoes before the movers come. I definitely have a love for shoes :)

lilmoomoo said...

Those are so cute!!!!