Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas from the In~Loves

DAY 71

For the pups & us !!

We received a package today from the wonderful In~Loves also known as Gabes parents. They always add a little something extra for the pooches when sending something our way. They seriously have got to be the best IL's ever, always thinking ahead and out of the box.
There were two toy ropes on top for the pups when the hubbs opened the box & with out going any further he tossed them to the pups. From there they were going crazy around the house running up and down the stairs and through the kitchen. It was so funny you would have though they hadn't ever had any like them before. They finally made there way to the first landing on the stairs and were going to town. There was two ropes and yet they were fighting over the same one. Bailey had Dingo pinned in the corner a couple times, they were both chewing on the same rope together when the other one was laying right by them. Its so funny to watch them play and run around. I love that they get along so well, it would have been a complete disaster if they didn't.

A few other gifts included but one that the Hubbs had been faithfully checking the mail for. His Kiffel Cookies, a family favorite that he grew up on. The first time I had them I wasn't crazy about them but after a few bites over the last 5 years they have definitely grown on me and lets just say I'm in love. Last Christmas when Gabe was deployed my mom~in~law came out to Hawaii and we made a whole bunch together. That was the first time making them with her and boy was it a process. I'm hoping next time we go to AZ that we can make them again so I can really figure out how to make them & then I will be able to make them for years to come for my love.


Whit said...

Last year we brought a huge bone for his family's dog from Fleet Farm, it was so huge she could barely pick it up. :)

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I've never heard of a kiffel cookie before. What do they taste like?

lilmoomoo said...

Hahaha. Love that your in-laws are your "in-loves".