Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DAY 61
He's Home!!!

I spent the last 4 almost 5 days all to myself just me and the pups. Gabe was in the field helping with a training exercise they were doing. It was a bit lonely at times but I made the most of it. Got the rest of our Christmas shopping & mailing done, along with tons of baked cookies. Since I was gone all last weekend (which I did enjoy seeing the girls) it made it even harder to be apart this weekend. I know this is the Army life and I don't know why I seem to let it get to me when he is away but non the less it dose. It was only for a few days thankfully and starting this coming Saturday we are both off work till after the new year so we will have loads of time together before he goes to DS school.
I'm so glad to have my love back home.


Whit said...

Take advantage of the quality time together! Make the most of it! :)

lilmoomoo said...

Yay! so glad he is back!! :) Enjoy your time together!
My hubby is taking 10 days for Christmas! I'm so pumped to have some time together! haha