Saturday, December 3, 2011

Road Trip

DAY 50

A Hawaii Reunion :)

After a quick trip into work I was on my way to Tennessee for the weekend to visit a few friends. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get there. This was going to be my longest road trip I've ever done by myself. It was a total of about 8 hours from our house through North Carolina to Tennessee. I was a little nervous about the drive but I knew I could do it with out a problem. Most of the drive ended up being during the day time so that was nice but once it got dark I phoned a few friends to keep me busy on the road. I only stopped twice on my way there once right after I got into TN for a potty break & then a few hours later for gas. I was on a roll, I had told Gabe that if I didn't have to get gas I wouldn't of stopped. Sadly no gas no go so I had to stop, grabbing a bite to eat while I was at it, girls gotta eat to right.
The B family moved to Ft. Campbell in June right before the hubbs came home from deployment. Since getting there R had her sweet baby boy Owen whom I hadn't had the chance to meet yet. Of course the curly blonde headed child Savannah was another highlight of the trip. I watched S all the time in HI, she has such a crazy personality that I love & miss so much.
The W family is still stationed in HI but currently on the Mainland for training. This weekend A was going to be in NC so it was a perfect chance for Vic. and Gigi to drive up to TN as well. I also watched Gigi all the time in HI. Both girls spent many evenings with us, I met both families while I was working at the CDC and our friendships just grew from there.
I got there a little after 9pm and we spend the evening chatting away and catching up. I saw Vic. & Gigi in mid Sept. before I left HI but hadn't seen the B family since the end up May. Both families are so special to Gabe & I, they helped me a lot when I first moved out to Hawaii. They have a world of knowledge when it comes to being MiliSpouses, I always loved picking there brains. Not to mention the fact that their daughters were two of the cutest little girls in the world.
The night was long but cozy sitting around the fire talking about old memories while making new ones.
The Army takes us all over the world to many different places but the one thing we will always have is our "army family". Knowing that the three of us made the effort to get together this weekend even if it was just for collectively 2 whole days, let me know that we will continue to do so. The bonds you build with MiliSpouses are so different then the ones you have with Civilian Spouses. You need them to get through life the good times and the rough times. I am so happy that I have a fabulous group of girlfriends to turn to at a moments notice when ever I may need. Not just these two lovely ladies but a few others as well. The Army / Military has been a huge life change for me and I am LOVING it. No its not always easy but I tell you I wouldn't change it for the world.


Whit said...

We have family that is stationed at Fort Campbell as well. We love going to Nashville. It's one of our favorite stops, that's where we got engaged too! :) Fond memories for both us!

lilmoomoo said...

I haven't met any army or military wives yet, since I became an army wife myself, other than my bloggy friends!! ;)
I know I will soon though! Hoping to get involved with the FRG here!
So glad your roadtrip went well!!! I used to drive to charleston from ky on the weekends occasionally in college, and that was about an 8 hour drive! And then when we lived in Oklahoma I drove 16 hours straight one time back to KY to do some stuff for the wedding. It wasn't fun. Haha!!