Saturday, December 10, 2011

umm umm good

DAY 57
A Mexican Twist

When thumbing through Pinterest last week I came across this recipe for Mexican Baked Eggs. At first glance it looked ok but I was hesitant because the only typed of cooked eggs that I like are scrambled and these were far from that. But when Gabe laid his eyes on this recipe he was sold and couldn't wait to try it. I'll do anything for my love even if that means making a funky meal for him. Turns out this one gets a gold star :) I have to fill you in on a little secret though, I didn't try the eggs I left them for the hubbs and picked around them. I'm not to sure what it is about them but the though of not fully cooked & mixed eggs just kinda creeps me out.
I can't wait to try this one again, we did it as dinner but I think it will make a really yummy breakfast on top of a slice of toast. It was just enough for the two of us as well. One thing that gets me is making meals for the two of us that makes enough for 5 or more. I have been making some freezer friendly meals for lonely nights at home, so it's not a total waste. Nothing was left from this one though, must tell you something......right!!!!

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lilmoomoo said...

I feel like when I go all out and make a big dinner we have SOO much leftovers, that we usually don't eat! I feel so wasteful!