Tuesday, December 27, 2011


DAY 75

and boy was it :)

This picture doesn't even show really how big this pizza was but is was a 14 inch. Another option was a 24 inch pizza which the table next to us got. Talk about bit that was a giant pizza but looked so yummy.
A coworker has told me time and time again about this place called The Pizza Joint that serves New York style pizza. NYC pizza can't be beat, there is a place that I always go to when we visit the city that's to die for, mouth watering pizza. We've passed The Pizza Joint a few times and it's always packed, that's got to be a good thing though right. The hubbs & I are both suckers for a good pizza with all the fixins. This afternoon we were out & about checking out another part of Columbia when we decided we would grab a bite to eat for lunch. It was already late afternoon so we new we could go one of two ways. Big and it would hold us over for the rest of the day or light and we would still do a simple dinner. Well we chose BIG, we finally had a chance to check out the pizza place we had heard so much about. Thankfully since it was 2 almost 3pm that afternoon it wasn't busy at all.
We started off with some cheesy garlic bread sticks and finished things off with The Big One. Seriously that was the name of the pizza, we ended up having to bring some home because we couldn't finish it all. It was mouth watering and a plus they had SWEET TEA, we ill for sure be going back again. A+ in my book!!!!!!!

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Whit said...

Looks good! :)