Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I PASSED !!!!!!!!!!!

DAY 60
My CDA Test

After a long day at work I was at home finishing up a few things around the house when I realized I hadn't checked the mail yet. Any other day I would have just waited till tomorrow because it was so cold outside but I needed to pull the trash out seeings tomorrow is trash day. So while I was out there I walked across the street to check the mail. Were I found 3 small envelopes (2 Christmas cards & a letter from by bubby) & a large flat cardboard envelope. There was just enough light from the street lights for me to see that the large envelope was from the CDA Council in Washington DC. I seriously RAN back home with the biggest smile on my face I KNEW (hoped it was what I was thinking) what it was. I tossed everything else on the counter and quickly tore into the envelope. For a brief moment I "though" about waiting till Gabe came home in a few days to open it but I just couldn't hold out I wanted / needed to know the results like NOW. I worked so hard on completing my resource binder and studying for the final test yet I was still nervous about the out come. Gabe kept me focused and positive by being so encouraging and supportive through out the whole process.
I pulled out the papers inside and right on top was my official certification on completion of my Child Development Associate. I actually squealed for a moment with excitement I just couldn't contain myself. This is something that I started back in March while in Hawaii and honestly though I'd never see the end of it. But here I am 3 months shy of a year with the whole process complete and behind me. The certification is good for three years and then I have to renew it, no problem there though I did it once I CAN and WILL do it again.
Completing this and seeing it through to the end gives me that extra boost of confidence that I needed to really push myself to go back to school. In the beginning of this process I wasn't sure if I could do it but now that I have nothing can stop me.

Great things await me, I know its never to late to follow my dreams no matter what they may be or how long they make take to accomplish!!!
I am determined to see my next goal through to the end!!!


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Jamie said...

Congratulations! Completing goals is the best feeling.

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Congrats, chickadee!! What does a CDA do?