Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh My EYES!!!

DAY 78
Two things I HATE cutting.

Whenever prepping dinner the two things that I hate having to chop up most are Onions & Jalapenos. The onions always make my eyes water no matter how hard I try not to glare right into them. I try to chop them up pretty quickly to avoid the terrible teary flow but 9 times out of 10 that doesn't happen.
With the Jalapenos the reason I hate chopping them is because afterwards no matter how well I wash my hands it never seems to be good enough. At some point or another I will touch my eyes and feel the burn from the pepper sting and it sucks. :(
We have a really fancy chopper that we got as a wedding gift that I use some time but if I'm doing alot then I use the cutting board.

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lilmoomoo said...

Haha. I always wear sunglasses when I chop onions...
I'm so cool.