Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's gotten in to her.....

DAY 55
Bailey that is....

When we first had both pups in Hawaii they went through this phase of digging in the back yard. Ok no big deal they are puppies I'll let it slide this time and we will fix the holes. They stopped after a couple weeks and after us filling in the holes and grass growing in and around them you couldn't even tell. So tell me what her issue is that all of a sudden she decides she needs to dig a hole in the back yard in our new house after we've been here for almost 2 months. Nothing has changed at all in her or our routine were she would be in a funk. They go out all the time through out the day and spend loads of time out there. Some times I think they would rather be out there laying around in the grass vs. inside on the comfy couch. We leave the back door open alot of the time when the weather is nice so they can come and go as they please. (thank you army housing for no sliding glass door) We take them out on walks 2 to 3 times through out the week and to different areas so they can get off the leash and run around. So its not that they aren't getting out of the house because they are for sure.
She only did it in this one spot right by the patio so it gets all over the patio of course. I was in the kitchen this afternoon getting things ready for work when I saw Dingo at the door waiting to come in. I walked over to let him in and that's when I noticed the dirt on the patio, at first glance I didn't think anything of it and then I opened the door and saw the hole. Not knowing which one of them it was I just filled it back in with my foot and let them in. A bit of time passed and I let them out again while I went up stairs to get ready for work and when I came back down to let them in Bailey gave herself away as I saw her digging. BLAH!!!!!! Seriously dog what are you trying to dig for because I'm pretty sure there ain't anything down there. I got them inside and quickly sent a pic. & text to Gabe showing him what she had done & asked that he fix it when he got home. He to responded with the "I wonder why she has decided to dig a hole."
I really hope she snaps out of this phase quick because I one don't want to be filling in this stupid hole all the time & two I would rather not have it tracked in the house either. I love my Bailey girl don't get me wrong but right now she is on my naughty list.

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