Monday, December 19, 2011

A Day Out!!

DAY 66
Doing what we do!!!

(he got not one but two new guns at the show )

Were to even start our Sunday was filled with loads of fun, lots of shopping and showing S around the area. The night before S & I prepped a "do ahead breakfast" for today, this particular recipe was a first for us so I was a bit nervous but while it was cooking it was smelling awesome. Turns out it was great and super simple to put together and I will definitely be making it again. The only down fall it takes about 1 & half hours to cook.
After breakfast Gabe headed out to a gun show that was about 2 hours away. After he found out I was going to get him a new gun for Christmas but ended up not being able to (that's another story) he was on a mission to still get one.
That left S & I on our own to do a bit of exploring, shopping and of course girl time!!!!!! We ventured down to Five Points, (I still don't understand the name) its a old Historical area with loads of shops & boutiques. Also a few little cafes & restaurants one in particular called The Gourmet Shop that I love, its a cafe & a kitchen store combined. Here I picked up Gabe a personal size Red Velvet Cake & a Gumbo Soup mix to try. Across the street we walked through the different boutiques that were open. (Sunday's here alot of things are closed) The last shop on the strip was the reason we went down there Bohemian, THEY SOLD TOMS!!!!!!! I seriously have become addicted to Toms they are so cute, comfy, stylish and not to mention they keep my toes warm. The spouse picked a cute creamy color & I went with a brown that had colored spots all over. Oh I'm so in LOVE with them I really want a pair in every color.

All that shopping left our tummies feeling pretty empty so we made a pit stop for lunch at a sandwich shop near by. After lunch we went across the street to Target, a visit together simply would not be complete with out a stop at Tarja. It was a first as we were checking out I looked at Sarah and made the comment that she wasn't buying anything. I can't even remember the last time we went to Target together & one of us leaving empty handed. Right next to Target was World Market another one of my favorite places to shop. S had never been so I had to break her in, she seemed to love it seeing's after checking out she spent a grand total of $100.00 on goodies for herself & others.

We quickly went home so I could drop off Gabes cake & let the pouches out for a bit to go potty. We grabbed our coats and were headed out the door again, we were off to meet Gabe at the Zoo. They have it all decorated up with lights for the Holiday season so we wanted to check it out. The plan was to get there around 4:45 see the animals in the day time & then once it got dark we could see the lights. Well things really didn't happen as planned, see we got there and found out the zoo is closed from 5-6. I'm guessing because it gets pretty chilly out at night they have to put away the animals that can't handle the cold weather. I was a little disappointed but we still had a great time and enjoyed the lights.

We ended the evening with dinner at Texas Roadhouse one of my favorites. When I asked the Spouse were she'd like to go for dinner while she was here TDH as her answer. We didn't have one in Hawaii so we are doing lots of making up for it now.
I've had a fabulous day with my spouse, I am so blessed to have her here for a few days. She makes every thing perfect and I never want this trip to end. I know sounds crazy but it really feels like home now having her here, my heart is warm again and I feel like I can just let loose.

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