Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bitter Sweet Moments

DAY 68

Trying to see the GOOD in the BAD

I simply HATE good byes, they SUCK no sugar coating it at all. It just breaks my heart into pieces and makes me want to cry. Late this morning we dropped S off at the airport for her to continue her Christmas vacay. As much as I was sad to see her go I have to share her with her family because they miss her to.
My heart hurt having to say our "see you soon's" again so soon but knowing that B will be home on r&r soon makes my heart happy for her. Knowing that it's going to be SIX whole months before I see her again makes me terribly sad but keeping it mind that it will be a fabulous reunion trip to DC makes me excited seeing's neither of us have been there before.
With S leaving it also reminded me that I had to go to work later that afternoon BLAH. I was in a funk and really didn't want to go. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that is was only for 4 & half hours and it was the last day for TWO whole weeks. YUP, that's right the school I work at follows the same schedule as the local public school district so when they are closed we are closed pretty awesome right. The crummy part about today was that it's TUESDAY meaning I had off all weekend & yesterday only to go back for ONE day. However I did have a few gifts to deliver to the wonderful ladies I work with so I was excited about that. Little did I know the parents had a little something waiting for me as well when I got there. Each one of them gave each of us teachers a little baked goodie or little present for the Holidays with a sweet card. The school also has a program called PTO - Parent Teacher Organization similar to PTA - Parent Teacher Association, the parents get together and do something extra special for the teacher during the Holiday season. I'm not really sure how the whole process works as this is my first year there but we each received a card & gift card to target that totaled $113.00. Yes you are reading that right, when I opened the card after getting home this evening I had to look at the amount written on the back twice. I feel so blessed to work for such loving and caring parents. It is much different then working at the CDC on a Military base, I still can't tell which one I like more but I am enjoying my time at EDS.
I also received two gifts from teachers I work with & the school as well gives each teacher a Christmas Bonus with the amount based on how long you have been there. (the CDC never did that)

Candy jar's I made for the ladies I work with, filled with their favorite candy & their names on the back done in Glass Etching. (a pinterest idea!!!)

Goodies & gifts that I recieved from the parents & teachers I work with.

Awh, one of my favorites I was given. One of the girls I work with who I've also started going to Zumba with gave me this fabulous new cute water bottle!!!! (can't wait to break it in tomorrow night at zumba!!)

I've been blessed already and it's not even Christmas yet, not only by the people I work with but my the people I have in my life.

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Whit said...

I love ZUMBA! It's fantastic! Looks like Christmas came early for you! :) The jar gift was a cute idea!