Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nail Salon

DAY 67

Every Girls needs pampering

What better to do when your Spouse is in town then to go get your nails done together.
Pedis, YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!
It was our thing to do, about once a month we'd make plans to go get pedis together. A pit stop at the Starbucks on the corner first to grab a drink and something to munch on. So while she was here we made plans to go get our toes down. I hadn't had the chance to go since we arrived in SC, really I just hadn't made the effort to go. I was told about a place in a shopping center that freaquently went to and so we decided to try it out. I have to say as far as the pedis themselves went they did a pretty good job. However their customer brightness was a little off, as well as the chairs. Come on I mean every body loves the comfy over sized chairs that massage your back. They had these awesome over sized bench seats that sat two but only one of them worked. We did notice they had regular salon chairs further back so I suppose if I go back there I'll just have to request one of them.
We sat back and enjoyed the moment, talking about how neither of us have gone to get a pedi in BLUE JEANS. We were always wearing shorts or a summer dress but not here in the South, not right now at least. Burr the cold weather is killer & I'm not diggin it one bit.

After our toes had dried we went next store to check out Wine Styles, awh yes we were in love. We have one back in Texas and I've been a time or two but that was really before my love affair with wine. I fell in love with a glass personalized wine stopped, I mean how cute is it I just had to have it. S was a bit sad because they didn't have one with a M on it. (not to worry spouse I'll keep checking)
We also stumbled upon a bottle of "Pink Moscato" that we though we would give a try. Yes just because of the name, is pretty and every girl loves PINK. It ended up being ok, not fabulous but it was good. I think it's safe to say we will stick with regular Moscato though.

That afternoon we spent on the couch watching the movie Bridesmaids before venturing out to the gym. I attended a Spin class with S in Hawaii a few weeks before we left and enjoyed it, once I got the hang of it. I had been wanting to try the Spin class here but hadn't got the courage up to go by myself. Thankfully S didn't mind going at all, the class we did was called Spin & Pump it was a good work out and I felt so much better about myself afterwards. It gave me that boost of confidence that I needed, reminding me that I CAN DO THIS and I WILL. I just needed to take that first baby step.
The rest of the evening we hung out at home cooked dinner and talked about how much we weren't ready for her to leave. Although there are great things that await her when she gets back to HI (after a trip to WV to visit family) for that I am happy and will let her go. lol Also another thing that keeps me going is knowing that I will see her again in 6 short months for a trip to DC.

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Pris said...

you need to try barefoot pink moscato champagne! its amazing :) moscato is the only wine i can drink, wella nd lambrusco but I prefer moscato esp the pink champagne one :)