Friday, December 2, 2011

Dinner Out

DAY 49

Since your gonna be gone

The plan this evening was just to have a lazy evening at home. Left overs for dinner and some trash TV on the couch. After I got home from work I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen when Gabe came in and suggested we go out for dinner. I asked him were that idea came from, seeing's normally if we go out its only on the weekends. He said since I was going to be gone over the weekend he wanted to go out and have a date. Awh isn't he such a charmer, I love that man. We decided on Olive Garden its one of our favorites and after not having it in Hawaii for so long I am sure loving it here. We've been twice since being in SC and the service it GREAT, makes me want to keep going back. All you can eat bread sticks and salad I could have a meal off that alone. I'm really glad that we decided to change things up a bit and go out for the evening since we wouldn't be together over the weekend. I am loving all this time we have together, having my husband home is the best thing I could ever ask for.


Whit said...

Olive Garden is one of our favorites as well. So much food, but so good! :)

lilmoomoo said...

I love olive garden. It's something about their Italian dressing on their salads! And they have awesome black olives ;) ;)