Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 30 days of Thanks….

30 days of Thanks Day 1- I'm so thankful and blessed to work for such a wonderful school and to have so many of my parents become such great friends. Happy 2 Year Anniversary at EDS to Me!!

30 days of Thanks Day 2- I'm Thankful for the group of people my husband works with. We had such a great time at our Company BBQ this evening. Couldn't have asked for a better Saturday evening. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 3- I'm Thankful for our Fur Babies. They may annoy the fire out of me sometimes but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Even when they do hog the bed. 

30 days of Thanks Day 4- Im Thankful for the beautiful Sunny mornings on my drive to work, since the time has changed. Its so much more cheerful and a great way to start my day. Not to mention I'm loving the extra hour of sleep.

30 Days of Thanks Day 5- I'm so Thankful for my Mamaw. She is the strongest woman I know. She hold's our family together. I know she will pull through this and be home soon but until then my heart is breaking for her. Please keep my Sweet Mamaw in your prayers. I WILL run on Saturday!!!! She would want me to!!!! (I found out this day my Mamaw was in the hospital on a breathing machine, the doctors are waiting to see if and when she will wake up on her own. She went in for what was suppose to be a out patient procegor and things ended up a lot more scarier that we though.)

30 Day's of Thanks Day 6- I'm Thankful my Husband has such a wonderful relationship with his parents. I only wish everyone was as lucky as he is / was growing up.

30 Day's of Thanks Day 7- I got to TALK to my MAMAW!!!! Thankful beyond words that the breathing tub is out and she is doing better. Can't wait to go home and see her!!!!

30 Day's of Thanks Day 8- Thankful and Feeling overwhelmed by the love and support as I get ready for tomorrow's Race!!!!!

30 Day's of Thanks Day 9- Thank You to everyone for your support, prayers and kind words. I wouldn't of gotten were I am today if it wasn't for all of you. I'm so excited and blessed to be able to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary today as I run my first full marathon. Happy Anniversary Baby I love you Always and Forever and Thensome!!!!

30 Days of Thanks Day 10- I'm Thankful the hubbs and I were able to spend sometime with some of our Hawaii now turn Virginia family. It was loads of fun having them here. Can't wait to do it again.

30 Day's of Thanks Day 11- I'm so thankful for my Husband and all the other Veterans that give everyday past and present. Happy Veterans Day. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 12- We are so grateful and thankful that both our tickets home were taken care of by a complete stranger to us. There are good people in the world! Although id still rather not be going home bc of this.

30 Day's of Thanks Day 13- I'm so Thankful that the hubbs was able to come home to Texas with me to be here. I simply could not have done it with out him. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 14- I'm Thankful to know that my Mamaw touched so many lives in her 73 years and now she is dancing in heaven with both her sisters. Aunt Marie and Aunt Joy, I miss you all so much. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 15- I'm Thankful we were all still able to gather at Mamaw's house and hang out and visit just like normal, only she wasn't there. It still has not set in, it doesn't seem real. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 16- I'm Thankful for a loving and supportive family. Life hasn't always been easy but they've always been there supporting me along the way. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 17- I'm Thankful for the friends that I've met through being a military / army spouse. Its a bond like no other and they are friendships I'll have for a life time. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 18- I'm Thankful to be able to call Texas Home! It will never be the same now that my Mamaw is no longer here but its a great place to be that's for sure. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 19- I'm thankful that we have officially found out were we will be moving next, paper work has already been started. (although we already knew were we are going to be moving, knowing paper work is in the works makes it that much more real. we've got about 6.5 months left in the South) We're excited about the next chapter in our lives together. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 20- Today I'm Thankful that I was able to meet and have dinner with two couples that mean the world to me. Stephanie and Eric (he married the hubbs and I, I used to baby sit his two boys when I lived at home.) Linda and Ken are long time family friends they have a daughter that is 3 years younger than me. The four of them together is just so much fun. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 21-I'm so Thankful for my little brother, he makes coming home so worth it. It's going to be hard coming home from now on but thankfully I have him. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 22-I'm Thankful I had this time home with my family, even though it wasn't my ideal way to come home. I'm looking forward to getting back to Cola and my hubbs. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 23-I'm Thankful that I'm able to be involved with my hubbs Company and Unit, it allows me to go visit him during the day when he's at work and take the Drill SGT's lunch. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 24- I'm Thankful for my Mamaw, today she would have been 74 years old. She was one amazing woman that I'll forever remember and tell my child about one day. I only wish she'd be here to meet them. Happy Birthday Mamaw, I know your enjoying your Birthday with Aunt Joy, Aunt Marie and Grandma & Grandpa Hester. I love you!! 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 25- I'm Thankful to have a love for Cooking and Baking, I love being in the kitchen trying new things and being creative. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 26- I'm so Thankful for My Spouse, life just wouldn't be the same with out her in it. I love you to pieces and miss you even more!!! PS: thank you, I really needed that. It came at the perfect time!!

30 Day's of Thanks Day 27- I'm Thankful for the ability to run, not many people can. Its my therapy, my time to myself were I can let out all my stresses and worries. Just me and the streets, I'm Thankful for the ability to do something only many wish to do. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 28-Happy Thanksgiving, I'm so very Thankful for so many things. Most of all being able to experience life to the fullest and enjoying it with the ones I love both family and friends. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 29- I'm so ever Thankful for that phone call 7 years ago today, that forever changed my life. Happy 7 Year Anniversary of being together babe, I love you to pieces and there isn't anyone in the world I'd rather be with. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 30- I'm Thankful for relaxing day's at home on a cool winter afternoon!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sibling Love

Going home as forever changed, I’m so back and forth now on weather or not I want to move back there when we get out of the army. Texas is home and will always be, nothing can or will ever change that for me. Thankfully we still have a good bit of time before we even have to start thinking about that. So I manage to make the most of my time at home when I do go home. This trip back was obviously unexpected but that didn’t mean I wasn’t excited about seeing my family. My little brother and I are super close and I love spending time with him. It kills me being so far away and missing out on so much that goes on with him. I saw my bubby every day I was home, we did something weather just hanging out at my Nene’s house were I was staying or taking our little cousin Shae some were. He even went on a dinner date with me to see two of our really good family friends. I’m pretty sure then it was because he couldn’t pass up a wonderful meal at Babe’s Chicken. (If your from Texas you know Babe’s and if you don’t your seriously missing out.) He’s doing so good in school and he graduates in March, I couldn’t be more proud of him. (I’m thinking of going out for his graduation but nothing has been planned yet.) He’s completely remodeled the river house and is living up there now. It looks great, completely different and so much more up to date. He’s got a wonderful girlfriend named Rebecca and they are just perfect together. When I was home in July I asked him if he was gonna marry her. He informed me they were just working on 5 months. Well a few months later now November I asked him again and he said we are only working on 8 months. You can’t help a girl for trying though right. I love getting to see her when I go home. Sadly enough its never longer enough because she works mid day to nights and through the weekends sometimes. My bubby’s been through a lot for such a young kid (ok he’s really 25) and it broke my heart to see him in such a bad place in his life but I believe its brought us closer. I can’t wait for him to come out and see us when we move. I can’t wait for us to go home for the summer and the hubbs finally get to go out on the boat with us to watch us water ski. I’m so glad that the hubbs and bubby finally got to spend time together and more than just 4 hours worth. Seeing them talking and hanging out while in Texas makes my heart melt. He’s one of my best friends and I’d do anything for him. I only want the best for him and to see him happy. He’s got a long road ahead of him still but I know he will manage and do just fine. It never fails I always leave in tears when I have to tell him goodbye. Until next time bubby I love you, Love you Big SiS.
I love my bubby to pieces. 
JT & Rebecca 
They're so cute. 

JT & Shae, two of my favorite people. 

Took the hubbs to check out the boat ramp, the water's so low. 
Kisses from Cali
Bubby's Pit :) 

Faces of Shae

Really I just can't get enough of her, she means everything in the world to me. When we aren't together a piece of me is missing. She brings out the kid in me and I can completely let loose and have a blast with her. I've watched and continue to do so, grow into such a beautiful young lady. 

With our Papa Fredo!!
I can't help myself, I give in to what ever she wants. 

With our Aunt Joy!! 
Her daddy, my Favorite Uncle Richard 

Lunch at OTB!

Late Night Target trip!!! 

Just trying a sip of wine! 

I can't wait to go back to Texas and see her again. I miss her so much already. 
I love you baby girl and always will, stop growing ok!!! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Forever Changed

Early Wednesday mornings the hubbs and myself boarded a plane from the South headed to Texas. I NEVER wanted to have to go home for this but I suppose you can say that’s life. Although I’m still having a really hard time with everything. (hints the reason I’m just coming around to posting part 2) This is hitting me much harder and very different than it did just a couple months ago when my Papa James passed away. My Mamaw was and is my everything. She is the rock of our family and going home has forever changed my life. We arrived at DFW around 9am, my little brother and favorite cousin picked us up from the airport. We headed over to our Nene’s house to visit for a bit before meeting with my mom for lunch. After lunch myself and little cousin Shae headed down to Hillsboro with my mom to take a few things to the funeral home. We walked in the room were they had my mamaw’s casket not knowing it was going to be open. It took all I had to hold myself together and eventually I lost it. It wasn’t suppose to be like this, I wasn’t suppose to come home for this reason. Still I have a hard time believing this is real and I wont be able to talk to her or see her again. She wasn’t just my mamaw but one of my best friends. A true role model in my life, I will forever cherish every moment we had together. That evening my mom took Shae and I to the river house were my brother and the hubbs were. Justin’s boss along with his best friend Chris came over for dinner.The guys were going to cook dinner out on the grill while us girls, Shae and I hung out inside keeping warm while finishing up the sides. That morning we got dressed and ready for the day I’d been dreading. We headed out to the funeral home were the rest of our family had started gathering. I was doing ok for the most part, thankful that the hubbs was able to be here with me because frankly I wouldn’t have been able to handle it on my own. Of course I had my family there but he is my one and only that I lean on. Seeing so many family members many I hadn’t seen since our wedding was such a joy, of course I only wish it was for different reasons. The time came to sit down so the service could start. Mamaw’s Pastor Brother Pew did the service and his wife Sherry sang. It was simply beautiful, the tears flowed and flowed. I found myself with my head in my hands hoping I’d wake up from the horrible nightmare but it never happened. I know its part of the circle of life but that doesn’t make it any easier. I loved hearing the stories from him about my Mamaw it was so beautiful. Once last I love and goodbye before they closed the casket. My brother, the hubbs along with 3 other cousin’s were the pallbearer’s. I couldn’t have been more at peace knowing for a moment she was in the hands of her beloved grandchildren. I know she is in a better place now, no more pain, no more suffering, no more 24/7 oxygen but still I just wish she was here with us. What I’d give for one more day with you here. From the funeral home we made the 25 minute drive out to the cemetery. It seemed like the longest drive ever. I’ll never forget the older man who was going the opposite direction along the road who stopped, got out of his truck, took his cowboy hat off and placed it over his heart. Such a heart warming moment for sure. There were a few words spoken at the cemetery. I took at moment to visit with my Aunt Joy who passed away back in 2005 and both my Great Grandma who passed away in 1990 and Great Grandpa who I never had the chance to meet, he passed away in 1972. My brother, hubbs, Shae and I left shortly after and headed back to the river house before heading into town to my Aunt Mary’s house for a small family gathering. 
It’s by far been one of the hardest day’s for me and I’ll remember it forever. 
I love you Mamaw and I always will. RIP November 10, 2013. She held on for one more day, not to leave me on my Anniversary and I’ll forever be grateful for that. 

Just as I did with my Papa James I wrote my Mamaw a letter and left it with her along with a picture of the hubbs and I. Mrs. Sherry was kind enough to read it during the service. There’s no way I could have managed through it. 
“I love my Mamaw with all I have. I still can’t come to terms that she’s gone. Gone physically but in my heart forever. Mamaw held our family together, she was the rock. You could always count on her. She always kept me in the loop with the family drama after I moved away. I will miss our phone call’s and sitting on the couch watching those horrible western movies. I spent every weekend just about growing up at her house. My life has forever changed. I know she is having the best time with Aunt Joy and Aunt Marie right now but I just wish I had one more day. I’ll love you forever Mamaw. My Angel. Love You Favorite Granddaughter Tiffany.”
She was such a Character, she is missed greatly. 

With Mamaw, Papa Fredo and Mom before we left for the South.

Mamaw with her favorite girls. 
Visiting with Great Grandma & Great Grandpa
Visiting with Aunt Joy. 

Big Robert and Me 
She'll always be a light in my life. 
One of her Favorite Songs!
Holding her close to my heart.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My First 26.2!!

The morning started off EARLY 4:30am EARLY to be exact. I rolls over and told the hubbs I wanted to sleep in and didn't wanna run. Mainly because I was tired and it was so freaking early. I knew I couldn't do that I had to run, not only would I be letting others down if I didn't but most important I'd be letting myself down. I some how managed to pull myself out of bed and got ready. I knew once I got up and moving I would be fine. We left the hotel about 5:45am to make it down to the start line by about 6am. I wanted to make sure I was early enough to find my spot in the corral and not be rushed. The hubbs dropped me off with two of his buddies he works with that were also running the Full. I hung out with them for the morning while the hubbs went and got breakfast at Waffle House and then back to the hotel for a nap. About 6:40am we turned in our bag with our jackets and I made my way just about to the front of the start line to fine Kelly and say hello to her before the race started. We were in completely different corral numbers based on our finish time. We weren't sure if we'd see each other pre-race just because of the amount of people and craziness that was going to be going on. It def. gave me that extra little bit of boost that I needed getting a good luck hug from her. 7am rolled around and corral 1 started, then corral 2, 3, 4, 5, and finally corral 19 which was me. At 7:24am I crossed the start line to my very first Marathon, I literally had tears in my eyes with excitement that I was actually doing this. I couldn't believe it, I had been training for this day for the last 5 months and it was finally here. I started off running the first half mile with a Pacer, I did this with my first half marathon and I really enjoyed it. That however didn't last long, I left her and the rest of the group shortly after we started. Her pace plan was good for her and others if you trained the way she ran but I didn't. She ran 0.40 miles and then she would walk 0.10 miles and then run 0.40 miles and walk 0.10 miles ect. They planned to do this the entire race. To me that was just did not make sense for me to stick with them. I trained to run the entire race and I knew I could, there was no reason I couldn't. Leaving and getting ahead of them I was guaranteed to come in under my goal time, with the idea that nothing happened and I was able to stick with it. The race was the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon Series, it was the 3rd year that city had hosted the race. The Bands SUCKED big time, the course wasn't bad at all it was 98% flat which was a huge plus for me because I trained in one of the most hilliest cities in South Carolina. I'm strong on hills and can push through to the top no problem but 26.2 miles of flat is gravy in most cases. Around mile 16 my right knee started giving me a lot of trouble. I had the same pain 2 weeks prior to race weekend but it had gone away. I was literally almost in tears running through that stretch of the race. I texted Kelly as I was running and told her I was hurting, she asked what and were and I told her. She asked me what mile I was at and I told her. She reminded me I just had 10 miles to go and to pouch through. She told me to stop at the next Medic Station to see if they could do anything and I did. It was a quick 45 second stop for Tylenol and some biofreeze spray and I was back on my way. The porta potties that were just around the corner were completely empty so I stopped for a quick potty break that literally lasted 15 seconds and I was back on the road. I some how broke off one of the ear buds to my head phones but I was doing good. I was pretty sure that pace group was still behind me because I didn't see them ahead of me at all and I was only out of sight for literally 15 seconds. I pushed along and managed to keep going, thinking of how proud I was of myself for getting this far. Only 1% of the population can say that they've ran a Marathon and I was going to be in that 1%. Around mile 18 or 19 the pace group caught up with me but I was still going strong and doing good. I stuck with them through mile 22 or so doing their run 0.40 walk 0.10 run 0.40 walk 0.10 but it eventually got to be to much and I just continued to run ahead as I did before. At one point the pace group passed me, I was still running but my pace had slowed down a bit. I knew if I was going to finish the race I needed to keep my head in the game and not worry about trying to stick up with them. I had / still had a goal finish time that I was going for but at this point I just wanted to finish. I swore I'd never do this again. I had planned to run a marathon before I was 30, it was on my 30 b4 30 list. As I was running a sweet girl started talking to me and clicked right away, we continued to talk a little exchanging conversations. At one point as we were heading back on the home stretch I was having a hard time and though I wasn't going to be able to make it. She asked if I was ok and I told her yes I just was ready to be done. She encouraged me and kept me going, gave me some great advice and told me she was sticking with me till the end that we were going to finish together. At about mile 22 I asked her, her name Ali it was. I'll never forget her, we talked, laughed even struggled a bit but we sucked it up and pushed on. I told her about my Mamaw being in the hospital, she told me about how she came to run the Sav. RnR. It was also her first full marathon, and she said probably her last. lol. At mile 24 I texted Kelly and told her I had "2 freaking miles left". I pushed in and dug deep and gave it all I had to get to the finish line. Ali and I still going strong together, we passed about 6 or  7 photographer on those last couple of miles and totally cheesed it up. Just pass the 26 mile marker I heard Kelly yelling my name as she was running towards me along the side. We had tears in our eyes, I yelled back at her, I was SOOO EXCITED to see her. She ran along my side, I introduced her to Ali and she told us we were almost there. I asked her if she had seen the hubbs if he was at the finish and she said yes he was there waiting. I couldn't wait for him to see me complete my first marathon. Literally right around the corner she said. We entered the finished lane and I told Ali to come on…..we sprinted to the finish line, I don't know how I still had any energy in me but I pulled it out and did it. I didn't know it till after the fact but Kelly was running along the right side videoing as I crossed the finish line. It was one of the proudest moments of my life, I had just ran a Marathon, 26.2 freaking miles and I did it proudly. My goal finish time was 5 hours and 30 minutes, I came in just 8 minutes and  34 seconds over my goal time. A bit disappointed in myself because I though if I wouldn't have walked those 2 half mile stretches at one point I could have made it right at 5 hours and 30 minutes. I crossed the finish line was handed my metal and a bottle of water. I felt like I was going to throw up right there I stopped looking all around me to find a place were there wasn't any people were I could throw up. This man on the side lines yelled and said keep moving, I wanted to tell him to shut the heck up but I didn't. I gathered myself and looked up just as I did I saw the hubbs walking down to were I was. I gave him the biggest sweatiest hug ever, almost in tears I was so happy. I did it I finished and he was there to see me do it and it was our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary what a better way to spend the day!!! Kelly came around and gave me the biggest hug ever. She and her friend Cynthia had ran the half so they finished a while ago and had already gone back to their hotel showered and changed. Lucky Dogs. Kelly had a Monogrammed pullover made for me for a Marathon Finishers gift. It was so cute, I love it. She tied it around my waste and we of course had to take a few pictures documenting one of the best days ever. The four of us headed out to lunch downtown before we headed on back to Cola. Not that I just ran 26.2 miles but I had to walk half a mile to a place for us to eat. I guess it was better than walking back to the car, and driving around some were right. I'll never forget my First Marathon experience, I said towards the end of the race to Ali I was never going to do this again and she said that same thing but now after the experience and recovering and seeing that I am bigger and strong than I let me mind know, I know I really could do it again and I just may. Running is my therapy and I couldn't imagine not doing it. Although half marathons seem so much more manageable running a full is something not many people can say they've ever done. I have to thank my new sweet friend Ali for helping me and getting to the finish line with me. I know she needed me just as much as I needed her, we exchanged numbers and bf's at the end and plan to run another race together at some point. Here are a few of the pictures from my big day. I still haven't decided which ones I'm going to purchase from the ones the race people took but once I do and get them I'll be sure to share. But until them I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.