Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 30 days of Thanks….

30 days of Thanks Day 1- I'm so thankful and blessed to work for such a wonderful school and to have so many of my parents become such great friends. Happy 2 Year Anniversary at EDS to Me!!

30 days of Thanks Day 2- I'm Thankful for the group of people my husband works with. We had such a great time at our Company BBQ this evening. Couldn't have asked for a better Saturday evening. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 3- I'm Thankful for our Fur Babies. They may annoy the fire out of me sometimes but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Even when they do hog the bed. 

30 days of Thanks Day 4- Im Thankful for the beautiful Sunny mornings on my drive to work, since the time has changed. Its so much more cheerful and a great way to start my day. Not to mention I'm loving the extra hour of sleep.

30 Days of Thanks Day 5- I'm so Thankful for my Mamaw. She is the strongest woman I know. She hold's our family together. I know she will pull through this and be home soon but until then my heart is breaking for her. Please keep my Sweet Mamaw in your prayers. I WILL run on Saturday!!!! She would want me to!!!! (I found out this day my Mamaw was in the hospital on a breathing machine, the doctors are waiting to see if and when she will wake up on her own. She went in for what was suppose to be a out patient procegor and things ended up a lot more scarier that we though.)

30 Day's of Thanks Day 6- I'm Thankful my Husband has such a wonderful relationship with his parents. I only wish everyone was as lucky as he is / was growing up.

30 Day's of Thanks Day 7- I got to TALK to my MAMAW!!!! Thankful beyond words that the breathing tub is out and she is doing better. Can't wait to go home and see her!!!!

30 Day's of Thanks Day 8- Thankful and Feeling overwhelmed by the love and support as I get ready for tomorrow's Race!!!!!

30 Day's of Thanks Day 9- Thank You to everyone for your support, prayers and kind words. I wouldn't of gotten were I am today if it wasn't for all of you. I'm so excited and blessed to be able to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary today as I run my first full marathon. Happy Anniversary Baby I love you Always and Forever and Thensome!!!!

30 Days of Thanks Day 10- I'm Thankful the hubbs and I were able to spend sometime with some of our Hawaii now turn Virginia family. It was loads of fun having them here. Can't wait to do it again.

30 Day's of Thanks Day 11- I'm so thankful for my Husband and all the other Veterans that give everyday past and present. Happy Veterans Day. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 12- We are so grateful and thankful that both our tickets home were taken care of by a complete stranger to us. There are good people in the world! Although id still rather not be going home bc of this.

30 Day's of Thanks Day 13- I'm so Thankful that the hubbs was able to come home to Texas with me to be here. I simply could not have done it with out him. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 14- I'm Thankful to know that my Mamaw touched so many lives in her 73 years and now she is dancing in heaven with both her sisters. Aunt Marie and Aunt Joy, I miss you all so much. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 15- I'm Thankful we were all still able to gather at Mamaw's house and hang out and visit just like normal, only she wasn't there. It still has not set in, it doesn't seem real. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 16- I'm Thankful for a loving and supportive family. Life hasn't always been easy but they've always been there supporting me along the way. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 17- I'm Thankful for the friends that I've met through being a military / army spouse. Its a bond like no other and they are friendships I'll have for a life time. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 18- I'm Thankful to be able to call Texas Home! It will never be the same now that my Mamaw is no longer here but its a great place to be that's for sure. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 19- I'm thankful that we have officially found out were we will be moving next, paper work has already been started. (although we already knew were we are going to be moving, knowing paper work is in the works makes it that much more real. we've got about 6.5 months left in the South) We're excited about the next chapter in our lives together. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 20- Today I'm Thankful that I was able to meet and have dinner with two couples that mean the world to me. Stephanie and Eric (he married the hubbs and I, I used to baby sit his two boys when I lived at home.) Linda and Ken are long time family friends they have a daughter that is 3 years younger than me. The four of them together is just so much fun. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 21-I'm so Thankful for my little brother, he makes coming home so worth it. It's going to be hard coming home from now on but thankfully I have him. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 22-I'm Thankful I had this time home with my family, even though it wasn't my ideal way to come home. I'm looking forward to getting back to Cola and my hubbs. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 23-I'm Thankful that I'm able to be involved with my hubbs Company and Unit, it allows me to go visit him during the day when he's at work and take the Drill SGT's lunch. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 24- I'm Thankful for my Mamaw, today she would have been 74 years old. She was one amazing woman that I'll forever remember and tell my child about one day. I only wish she'd be here to meet them. Happy Birthday Mamaw, I know your enjoying your Birthday with Aunt Joy, Aunt Marie and Grandma & Grandpa Hester. I love you!! 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 25- I'm Thankful to have a love for Cooking and Baking, I love being in the kitchen trying new things and being creative. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 26- I'm so Thankful for My Spouse, life just wouldn't be the same with out her in it. I love you to pieces and miss you even more!!! PS: thank you, I really needed that. It came at the perfect time!!

30 Day's of Thanks Day 27- I'm Thankful for the ability to run, not many people can. Its my therapy, my time to myself were I can let out all my stresses and worries. Just me and the streets, I'm Thankful for the ability to do something only many wish to do. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 28-Happy Thanksgiving, I'm so very Thankful for so many things. Most of all being able to experience life to the fullest and enjoying it with the ones I love both family and friends. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 29- I'm so ever Thankful for that phone call 7 years ago today, that forever changed my life. Happy 7 Year Anniversary of being together babe, I love you to pieces and there isn't anyone in the world I'd rather be with. 

30 Day's of Thanks Day 30- I'm Thankful for relaxing day's at home on a cool winter afternoon!


Kate @ Daffodils said...

SO much to be thankful for. What a great list!

Brittany said...

Love this list! I'm so sorry about your Mamaw :(. I know the wound's still really fresh and this Christmas will be tough, but she's looking down on you and watching over you and your sweet family. Keep that chin up, pretty lady! I LOVE your love for Texas! The land of Whataburger and Chicken Express sweet tea! :)