Saturday, November 9, 2013

6 Year’s of PURE JOY!!!!

6 year’s ago we said our I Do’s. I can’t believe its already been 6 years. Sometimes it seems longer and then other times it seem’s shorter. We’ve defiantly made the most of the last 6 years for sure. We’ve had good times and bad times, hard times and easy times. All of which have gotten us through the past 6 years as a married couple and were we are today. I can’t say I would change any of it, even the deployments were hard but we made it through more in love and stronger than when we went in. I’m looking forward to the next 6 plus years and everything that they hold. I know greater things are in store for us in our future. 
To celebrate we were in Savannah for my big race, my 1st Full Marathon. (read about it here) As you may remember I ran it on our Anniversary. I was hesitant to sign up for it in the beginning with it being on our Anniversary but it was a great day. Having the hubbs there for it mint everything in the world. Of course the day holds a special meaning for many reason’s now. We had planned to stay a second night in Savannah until we found out about a month ago our dear friends the L family were coming down for the weekend. They were staying at our house so we decided we’d go back to Cola after the race. Of course I wanted to spend every minute we could with them event if that mint on our Anniversary night. We all went to dinner together, all 7 of us (they have 3 kiddos). I wanted to go to dinner some were different, some were we don’t go often. However we settled on Olive Garden and you know what it was pretty perfect. We had a fabulous time, we were able to catch up, there were tons of laughs and jokes and of course lots of celebrating. 
We even attempted to have a slumber party in the floor of our room. Now that’s love if you ask me. The hubbs in the bed and me and sweet Madi on the floor. She’s 4 almost 5 and wanted to sleep with us. However she some how had the hardest time turning her little chatting mouth off and well mom interfered and she went to sleep with them. Of course I managed to make my way back into my comfy bed. It may not have been everything I ever dreamed of for our 6 year celebration but for us it was absolutely perfect. I’m really big on celebrating our Anniversary’s and it will be one I always remember. 
I simply can not ever imagine my life with out this man in it and I’m so grateful I never will. He’s my world, my rock, my everything. He hold’s me together when I’m at my worst and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I have an entire life time with him ahead of me. Let the good times roll!!!! 
I love you baby Always & Forever and Thensome 11-09-07
These cutie pies almost make me want to have one of my own. But in the mean time I'll just enjoy everyone else's kiddos. 
Enjoying a great dinner with fabulous friends. 
My Mistress, I've missed her to pieces. 
Happy Anniversary Love!!!!! 

 A sneak peak of our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary shoot we had taken Yesterday. 

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