Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 days of thanks

Day 1~ Thankful for great management that lets me off early, when I'm suppose to work till 5:30 now.
Day 2~ Thankful to be 4 down......4 to go......then 4 more.
Day 3~ Thankful to have awesome In-Loves who sent me a Happy Anniversary card & fabulous weekly dinners w/ fantastic friends.
Day 4~Thankful to have such a loving & amazing husband.
Day 5~Thankful that I have became best friends with two of the girls I have had the chance to work with at the CDC. I love you Crystal & Sarah and am so blessed to have you in my life.
Day 6~Thankful to be able to celebrate such important moments in the lives of my friends, such as birthdays. Happy 27th Birthday John!!!
Day 7~ Thankful that I was able to host a dear friends Baby Shower @ my house & thankful for Sarah for all her help.
Day 8~ Thankful to have such a loving husband!!!!
Day 9~ Thankful for a wonderful 3 years of Marriage, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!! here's to many more to come!!!!
Day 10~ Thankful for relaxing nights @ home & Country Music!!!!
Day 11~ Thankful for ALL our Veterans who have & are serving our country!!! I <3 & miss my Soldier like Crazy!!!!!!!
Day 12~ Thankful that I'm able to spend the evening at home talking to my honey & relaxing w/ the pups with out a thing to do.
Day 13~Thankful that I have great friends to spend my weekends w/ & to be done w/ Christmas shopping already.
Day 14~Thankful for modern tecnolgy & waking up to my husband.
Day 15~Thankful for baking soda......it puts out kitchen stove fires.
Day 16~Thankful for my Best Friend Angela and Sarah!!!!!!
Day 17~Thankful for friends that are there when you really need them most.
Day 18~Thankful for being able to capture little moments by photography & sharing with mommies of deployed spouses
Day 19~Thankful that I have a wonderful support system in Hawaii.
Day 20~Thankful I live in Hawaii, I love this place.
Day 21~Thankful for SHOPPING, oh how I love Holiday Shopping.
Day 22~Thankful for lazy evening's at home.
Day 23~Thankful for my amazing husband who gets me through each & everyday.
Day 24~Thankful for long 4 day weekends!!!!!!
Day 26~Thankful for Black Friday Shopping & Good Deals!!!
Day 27~Thankful for this wonderful life I have and what the future holds.
Day 28~Thankful for the rain, its so peaceful & relaxing.
Day 29~Thankful for a great team @ work.
Day 30~Thankful NOVEMBER is OVER!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Hau’oli La Ho’omakika’i "

"Hau’oli La Ho’omakika’i " ~ Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much in my life to be Thankful for but the most important thing is my wonderful family. I have the most amazing husband that I could ever ask for. He takes care of me and is always there, he is a true blessing in my life. My morning started off with a phone call from him....awh I love nothing more than waking up to his voice. Shortly after a fabulous morning with my lover it was time to get the turkey in the oven. Cleaned & stuffed with loads of veggies & season's it was ready for cooking. Dinner wasn't till 6pm so I had a good amount of the day to clean & get some things done around the house. Such as ~ Christmas gifts wrapped, laundry folded & put away, did a bit of decluttering, Christmas tree up & decorated, floors clean, side dishes made. It was a busy but relaxing day, jamming out to some of my favorite tunes with a breeze blowing through the house made for a wonderful day.

Dinner time arrived & everyone showed up just in time, we loaded up our plates & dug right in. On the menu was ~ Turkey, Ham, Green bean Casserole, Sweet Potato's, MexiCorn Casserole, Deviled Eggs, Stuffing Balls, Rolls and that wasn't even the desserts. I absolutely love Thanksgiving, getting together with the ones I hold dear to my heart & talking about the year that has just passed & everything we are thankful for. Even better that Gabe was able to get online & video chat with us in the middle of dinner which was the cherry to my day!!!!!!!

Once dinner was done & cleaned up we got the pooches in to their PJ's, yup I said PJ's. Sarah & I had a sleep over planned at my place prior to BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING, although we didn't end up sleeping.

8:30pm rolled around & we found ourselves randomly walking through Kmart although that was short lived seeings they closed at 9pm, so we made our way over to OLD NAVY & camped out till midnight. There was probably about 20 people in front of us so it wasn't bad at all but after about a hour & half the line was all the way down the side walk & wrapped around the building. Once we got in it was mad craziness people every were and they kept coming in. Before we knew it the line to check out wrapped all the way to the back around the back wall and then back down the opposite it was madness. It went by fairly quickly though we only ended up waiting in line for about half a hour. I scored a couple new pair of blue jeans a shirt for the hubby & a couple outfits for two of my cousins back in Texas.

Next stop was ALA MOANA MALL downtown it was 3AM be time we got there & got in line for Victoria Secret. Which didn't open till 6AM oh dear lord what were we thinking. We sat & people watched for the next two hours playing the "this or that" game. Would you wanna wear this or that, I think we missed the memo because just about 85% of girls had on booty cut shorts with wanna be UGG boots. It looked absolutely ridiculous, I mean really we are in Hawaii for heaven sakes.

5AM rolled around & I made my way to Macy's (leaving Sarah STILL in line @ VS) to get Gabe's Christmas gift. The Keurig Platinum addition with the works, & a box of K cups. He started looking at them the month before he deployed but I talked him out of it only because they were so expensive & I couldn't see paying that much for one when he wasn't going to be able to use it that long & then it would sit for a year. Well a couple months ago I was making sweet tea & broke his coffee pot & so this is his replacement. I waited in line for a hour just to pay for it and I was thinking to myself he better really like this darn thing. It was a great deal because it was HALF off the original price so I really couldn't pass it up. Be time I was done it was already 6:15 in the morning I made my way back to VS to meet up with Sarah & lucky for her she had already made her way in. Sadly enough for me the line STILL wrapped all the way down the mall & around the corner, so needless to say I waited outside.

We finally made our way back to my house at 8AM this morning, after a long eventful night / morning of shopping. I love Black Friday shopping, its a fantastic way to get in the Holiday spirit. Not to mention it's even better in Hawaii because you are not freezing your butt off standing in line outside the stores.
I can not believe we are already at the end of November & that we just had Thanksgiving. Time is really starting to pick up, it still seems like just yesterday he left when really its been months. I am so thankful for the many experiences that have come my way through out this deployment & the people I have met. I can't wait to see what else is to come.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

30 Random's you may not of known........

1. I am a proud Army wife!
2. I'm head over heels in love with my husband
3. I'm OCD abt my house & it being clean
4. I live in Hawaii but my heart belongs in Texas
5. My favorite color is pink
6. I hate spiders
7. I love the beach
8. I Love photography & taking pictures
9. baking & cooking is one of my passions
10. I have 5 tattoo's
11. I have 2 four legged babies who are spoiled crazy
12. I love to water ski, Slalom
13. I want to spend every second of my life stuck to my husbands side.
14. I can crochet
15. I could live of rice or mexican food.
16. I don't want kids @ this time but If we do have kids it will only be ONE!!!
17. I live in flip flops.
18. I drive a Dodge CHALLENGER
19. I enjoy randomly going for a drive w/ the windows down & radio up
20. I just celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary
21. Birthdays are a BIG deal to me.
22. I hate folding clothes.
23. I was on the drill team my freshman year of high school
24. I met my husband over the telephone.
25. I have flat feet (I dont have a arch in either of my ankles.)
26. I have one younger brother. but he looks older lol
27. Im a Kit Kat freak, I love them
28. Has the best, best friends in the whole world. I love you Angela, Crystal, Sarah & Misty
29. Secretly loves Arizona but dont let Gabe know.
30. My husband is my world

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Off Days

In Honor of Veteran's day I was off work, to bad I couldn't spend the day with my love. Although the morning was allot of fun. I met up with my sweetest friends The Martin's and off to North Shore we went. They had asked me to take a couple pictures of them for their Christmas card along with their dog Ella. I was more than happy to help, not to mention it gave me a reason to hit up the waves and catch a few pictures for myself. As we were leaving the beach a local guy happen to notice us taking pictures and told us there was a Honu (Sea Turtle) just around the corner up on the beach and he mentioned it was pretty big. (and boy was it ever) So we walked down the beach a bit and sure enough there it was. This was my first time seeing one up on the beach out of the water. I was so excited but a bit scared at the same time, that thing was a giant. After snapping oh a measly 300 pictures we called it a trip and headed back to post.

Here is a few from this morning @ North Shore Police Beach.


Happy veterans day to all past and present troops never forgotten... A special happy veterans day to all our 1-27 and 25th ID.. Hooah "Nec Aspera Terrent"

‎"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter
words, but to live by them." -John F. Kennedy

A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom, All gave some, some gave all.

~ deployment: 2007-2009 ~

She packs. She moves. She follows. You may think she has lost her mind. But actually, she's lost her heart. It was stolen from her by a man. A man who puts duty first, who salutes the flag, and whose boots in the doorway remind her...that it takes one hell of a person to do what he does & she will forever stand by his side. Love my Soldier♥ Happy Veteran's Day to our nation's military-past & present.

Happy Veteran's Day to MY SOLDIER GABE!!!!! & to all those who have & are serving our country!!!!! I love you baby & could never be more proud of the man I married!!!!!!!!!!!
We stand on this land with freedom fought for us and yet many don't take the time to THANK the ones who fought for it. Take today to thank a Soldier for what they have done for all of us back in the good old US of A.

~ deployment: 2010-2011 ~

It breaks my heart to be away from the love of my life on days so important like today. Then I look back at what he is doing and he is fighting for freedom in the world. For me for him and for our families and everyone else to be able to sit at home with our windows open and door's unlocked and not a care in the world. Some people don't think twice about things and were it came from or how this world got to were it is today. BUT WHEN YOU DO, its all because of United States Military so thank a SERVICE MEMBER. We may live in the land of freedom BUT Freedom was NOT nor will it ever be free.

Over 43,000,000 have served in uniform during war time of those an estimated 1,194,000 + men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend the concept of freedom granted to you in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Take a minute and thank not only the ones who gave their life for this concept but also the ones that did and are currently serving to protect these ideas.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 years & still counting.....

The morning started off like any other day, only today I wasn't going to work. Up @ 7am chatting with the love of my life online, talking about the good times we've had over the last 3 years being married. Seeing him laying in bed I only wish I was there with him. OK maybe not Iraq that is but the same bed.
My sweet friend Sarah was stopping by to drop off her doggie Ella before work (long story short, they are staying here tonight) and she greeted me at my door with a beautiful boutique of flowers. AWH, I lOVE HER OH SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
I had a few wifely house chores that needed to get done around here, so I got to it right away.

Shortly after my friend Julie came over and we were off to lunch at Aloha Salad's in Kapolei. I am a sucker for a good sandwich. Out for the next adventure was some "New Ink" I have been dieing to get some work done on my back and it was just finding the right time & place. I knew what I wanted but seeing's that it was semi big I had to make sure the hubbs was really ok with it and he was. :) So after waiting for about 30 mins. when we got to my appointment early Kyle (the tattoo artist) was finally ready. He put the stencil on my back, I was in the chair clenching my fists together because I was so nervous it was going to hurt like a mofo. As he was going along it really wasn't to bad, not to say it didn't hurt but it was bearable. Now don't get me wrong it was pretty painful in some spots & I just wanted to walk away then but I knew I couldn't. Finally a little over a hour went by and he was done & I was in love with my new piece. I couldn't have picked a better shop, design, placement, style etc. it was just beautiful.

Some shopping at target to pick up a few things was a much and then a nice relaxing pedi to end our afternoon. As embarrassing as it is to say that was my first pedicure. I've had my toe nails done before but never with all the glits and glamour, so it was a well over due treat.

How for a quick change, touch up of the hair & face and to meet up with Sarah & Nancy for dinner.

We had reservations at the Oceanarium Restaurant at Pacific Beach Hotel down in Waikiki. A friend of a friend is a diver there & so that's how I heard about it. It just seemed fitting seeings we got married at a aquarium, granite it was nothing like this one. It was much more than a glass wall with fish but still it was pretty amazing. The majority of the food was sea food, I don't eat sea food but I did try crab for the first time however I was NOT a fan. I just couldn't get past the though that it was a slimy scaly fish.

The dessert bar was out of this world amazing, there was any thing from a ice cream bar to a chocolate fountain, to mini cakes & cheese cake and so much more. The whole Restaurant its self is a all you can eat self serve style so we took full advantage of it.

Before we started eating it was gift time :) First from Nancy ~ a beautiful Jessica Simpson purse which I never would of picked for myself but I love it and it's became my new favorite. Inside the purse she filled it with my all time favorite chocolate candy Kit Kat's. Second from Sarah ~ She is a big reader & I'm trying my best at becoming better at reading I just have to fine that perfect book for me to get into. She got me the book Confessions of a Military wife by: Mollie Gross & Chicken soup for a military wife. Both were on my "to get book list". Last but not least was Gabe's gift ~ wrapped in a tiny blue box :) Slowly I pulled the ribbon opening it up, there was a card that brought tears to my eyes & then when I looked down there was a tiny blue felt bag. I opened it up and pulled out the most beautiful necklace ever. It was a sterling silver chain with a crystal pendent at the bottom. I just love it, I have not felt this special in a long time through the deployment just from getting a gift.

As we were enjoying our dessert the Oceanarium does a mermaid show every night at 9PM. Watching the diver swim around with the fish we saw the mermaid diving down in as well, she was pretty but no the most graceful person in the world. The diver made her way over to our table (we were sitting right by the aquarium) and she place a sign up against the window that said "Happy Anniversary Tiff & Gabe 11-9". It was neat because at our wedding we had something similar to that, we had a diver dive in to one of the larger tanks and place a custom sign in the window were everyone could see it. (we still have it, it was a surprise to Gabe)

I had a fabulous anniversary, I was a complete mess not being able to spend it with Gabe. However I could not of asked for a better day being with out him. Everything was just perfect, and I would do it all over again if I had to. I am so grateful for my "army family" I have formed here in Hawaii. They truly made this day special for me and I love each of them.
I can't wait to be with my lover next year for our anniversary 4 YEARS wow!~!~!~!~!~! Time flies!!!!!!

love you baby always & forever & thensome!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Its a BOY!!!!

I had the chance to host my first baby shower at my house today. It was for my sweet friend Julie and her baby to come Carson. Julie and I met via facebook back in Feb. of 2010 and our friendship has just grown from there. I was honored to be apart of such a special time in her life. Seeing's she is a new army wife, her hubby is deployed and this is her first baby there is alot going on for her. I wanted to be able to make things just alittle bit easier and take care of her shower.
Once I started talking to Sarah my co-worker about the shower and everything I had planned (she knows Julie as well) she was all over wanting to help. We had the menu planned, the event was at 1pm so light snacks was a must. Sarah is a Cup Cake Queen and offered to do the Cup Cakes as the cake and use her fabulous holder as well for the table center piece. With a couple games planned out to do and Starbucks gift cards for the winners, frozen punch to drink & lots and lots of gifts and good friends I think we had a wonderful time. I have to say that this chickadee is one blessed girl, all of her friends that came showered her with love and joy and sweet words of wisdom for the mommy to be.
He parents were in town for the weekend as well (we planned the shower for when they would be here) so her mom was able to attend, which I'm really happy we were able to do. I loved being able to open up my home for my friends to gather and enjoy time together. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with the ones I love. Everyone was so grateful for everything we did and couldn't stop thanking us, "it was our pleasure" Sarah and myself said as we told everyone "we love playing Susie House Wife". :) I can't wait to host the next event or get together at our home, I think next on the agenda is THANKSGIVING!!!!

~part of the gift I got her~

~Sarah's diaper cake gift~

~the fabulous cup cakes~

~the good's~

~the host's & mommy to be~

~daughter & mommy~

~writing my advice to her~

~Sarah taking down who brought what~

~she loved the outfit so much, she got teary eyed~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Its not JUST A CAR........

......ITS A DODGE CHALLENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pondering over pictures one evening trying to figure out this years Christmas card. I knew I wanted a picture of Gabe in Iraq on it and one of us together as well as the dogs. So there is three pictures. Good enough right. Well I got to thinking I could use one of the ones that I had taken a couple weekends ago of me on it and then that's when I came up with a bright idea. I'm so crazy about my car its my pride & joy so why not see if Brittney from Lowder Photography can take my picture on the beach and incorporate my car. So I asked her and she was ALL over it. This to is a surprise to Gabe, he has NO idea I did this and I can't wait for him to see. I think after we were done I was more stoked about this photo shoot than I was for the first one. I am thinking I am just going to send him the Christmas card early and surprise him that way with the "car pictures". Well that is if I can hold out that long and not tell him.

The pictures were taken down on a beach at Dillingham, the weather was perfect and I couldn't be more happy with the way things turned out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures, I though I loved my car before now I just LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!