Saturday, October 18, 2014

Go Commando 5k

Checking out the Start line for B's first ever race!!!

I can't believe this was my first race of 2014 and here we are nearing the end of the year. I took a couple months off from running with the move from SC to TN but I definitely have found my groove back and am loving it. A Co-worker of mine (Barbie- pictured above) has recently taken up running and she's doing great. We signed up for the Go Commando 5K Race back in August I think it was and have been training ever since. I struggled through two injury but managed to heel and recover from both before race day. The Owner of the School were we work at was also running the 5K race that morning. We saw him before hand and chatted a bit and then that was that. B and I didn't stay together, we didn't plan to either. We both run and different paces and so we knew that wasn't going to happen and we were ok with that. About 3/4 of the way through I passed Mr. H when he was going the opposite direction towards the turn around. I had quickly glanced down at my watch when he yelled "I'm gonna catch up with you". I looked up to notice it was him and said Yea Yea keep going. Sure enough I was about 1/10th's away from the finish line and I hear someone come up from behind me saying "I caught up with you." I couldn't believe that he did, I was either running slower or he picked up his pace quick. (Let's go with he picked up his pace) When we crossed the finish line I was just a few steps ahead of him, so not to bad. There was also a Half Marathon and a 10K race going on at the same time, so there was runners coming in from all three races. 
I didn't come in were I was hoping to time wise and I am completely ok with that. (I was literally a minute and a half off) I did however place 14th in my age group, 86th out of 309 females and 183rd place over all out of 482 people. So something to be proud of for me for sure.
I love the rush you get from racing I just HATE having to get up so early to be at the start line. The city we live in there's not many races that take place so you have to go to Nashville, which isn't a long drive at all, its just the getting up early part. Oh the feeling you have after you finish though is all worth it. 
There's a 5K coming up in January at the Nashville Zoo that I'm thinking of doing, looks like it should be pretty fun and best part is, it doesn't start till later in the afternoon. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Little Bit of This & That

Some Instagram repeat photo's some not so much!!!! But I wanted to have them documented here for the memories and further reference or whatever you have it. Fun stuff around the house, out and about with new friends!!! Life in Tennessee if you'll have it. 

Crappy cell pic. but I had some monogrammed decals made for our wine glasses and they go perfectly with my cutting board my EDS girls had made for me!!! It's true you can't have to many monograms. :)
 I finally submitted all of my paper work to have my CDA renewed and the turn around time was pretty quick once they processed my paper work. My first push for going back to school was accomplishing this back when we lived in Hawaii. I wish I would have gone through with it then but I didn't. However I have been given the opportunity to go back to school under a state government funded grant  through were I work. I will only have to pay a small fee for each class, which is a double bonus. I completed the first step this past week that is required to start classes. Certificate in Hand!!! 

I've been itching for some curtains on our back patio for a good bit now and we finally have them. Our neighbors on the left side have two side windows that peep right into our back patio and well sometimes we'd like a little privacy. We do not know them and have seen them outside maybe 3-4 times since we've lived here. We kept going back and forth on how we wanted to hang them up so I'd kinda given up. A few weeks ago when the In-Loves were in town I'd mention to my FIL about the curtains and when I was in class that night…..well some one was a little busy. I love the way they turned out, still a little tweaking to do but Happy. PS: loving my Mum hanging off the corner. (its filled in quite well since then.)
 One of my favorite meals I adopted from the South is Chicken Bog. If you've never had it you should really try it. Drizzled with a little bit of Franks Hot Sauce, talk about melt in your mouth yummy. I haven't made it since we've lived here in TN so it was long over due a few nights ago. I've also had a thing here lately for oven roasted corn. Its just so good, I can't get enough of it!!! 
 We had a moment, our marriage isn't perfect but it's perfect for us. And I'd never have it any other way!!! When I left work last week knowing I wouldn't see the hubbs till later that night because we had separate engagements I found this card in my car. He knows the way to my heart, he melts me in so many ways and I love this man to pieces!!!! 

To Be Continued…….