Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Get Away

This weekend get away couldn't have come at a better time, although I almost didn't think it was going to happen with the horrible snow storm we had just got. But I was determined to get out and make it to South Carolina, one way or another. One of my dearest sweetest friends is preggers and I was helping host her baby shower. See my reasoning for HAVING to go. Sure the shower would have gone on with out me but I would have been crushed. I've been in a slump with the deployment, school and work and I needed to get away for a bit to relax and refresh. 
I already had scheduled Thursday and Friday off from work and Wednesday afternoon we closed early due to weather related problems coming in later that night. I contemplated all day on whether or not I wanted to leave that night or wait till Thursday morning, which was my original plan. But with the below freezing temperatures coming again I was worry about the street conditions for Thursday morning. So I chalked it up and headed home to pack the car and walk the dogs. I decided to I'd leave that night, take my time and if needed I'd stop in ATL to get a hotel. Not even gonna lie, it was ruff but I pushed through and made it in to Cola about 3am Thursday morning. My friend's M & C that I was staying with was so kind to get up and let me in, Bless her heart!! 
Thursday I spent the better part of my day at the school were I worked visiting and catching up with friends and the kiddos. I had a lunch date with my YaYa at our usual Mexican joint. Visited some of my favorite local stores, bakeries and caught up with some more friends. One of them being our old neighbors from when we lived on post. They are just the sweetest retired couple I'd ever met. That evening I had dinner with two of my favorite parents K & K and their little girls. Crazy how much they've grow in the short 5 months since I'd seen them. I finished off the evening at K's house catching up and playing with the kiddos.

Friday I headed to the gym for a spin class, it felt great to be back at my old gym having my booty handed to my by the lovely Khop. After M (also a host for the shower) and I met up with another one of our friends for bunch at the ever so yummy Diprato's. Seriously they have some of the best food ever. After brunch M and I ran last minute errands and did a bit of shopping in preparation for the shower, which was on Saturday. We spent the rest of the evening at home and ordered take out for dinner from Devine Food's, a yummy local Greek place. I had some home work to catch up on so while M & C got little miss Lilly to bed I was knee deep in my books. 
Saturday started early, the shower was at 11am. We were doing a brunch style so we had to head over to C's house early to get everything set up and food prepared. OMG, everything was so good and there was so so much food. It was perfect and she loved it!!! I was so honored and happy to be apart of such a beautiful shower. We wanted to make sure it was perfect because this was the only shower that B was going to have. A few co-workers from our school came so I was able to visit with them a bit more. Later that evening I said my goodbyes to M & C and headed on post to meet up with the last of our Army friends that are still at Jackson. 
My YaYa & I 
Bobbie the Momma to be 

Pit stop to finally meet sweet little L and get some love in. And much needed catching up with her momma!! 
Becky works at Victory bingo on post and C was on CQ duty so we met up with him when she got off work to visit. Becky and I then headed to play bingo at a place in W. Cola. I'd never played bingo before EVER (sidenote: she can't play at V. Bingo since she works there, who woulda thought) and I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Did you know there are a lot of rules and do's and don't's that go into the game. And let me tell you these people really get into it. I went with $20 and when it was gone it was gone. I can def. see how people can go through and blow money not even knowing it. I had so much fun though and we played till the last game which was 2am Sunday morning. It was a long day, I'd been up since about 7am the morning before and was heading home Sunday morning. Becky and I headed back to the house. They've moved since I'd been back last time and of course I had to get the full tour before calling it a night. 
That morning when we woke up C was home from CQ and he made us a yummy breakfast omelet before we headed out to get my car so I could get on the road. I hated having to say goodbye knowing I was having to head back to TN. It feels so much like home being back in SC, everything is so normal as if I'd never left. I found myself going through the day without ever thinking to get on FB or Instagram to check in on the world. I left the stress and worry of life in TN and didn't look back. I was headed back a newly refreshed girl with a new out look on life and ready to tackle the rest of this deployment and school we have to go. 
I can't wait to go back and visit again, there's possibly a trip in the horizon for the end of April. Seriously I wish we could just pick up and move permanently back already. Soon, in due time though. 
See You Soon Cola, Until we Meet again!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'm a Texas Girl...

            ...and we typically don't ever get more than a inch of snow collectively through the winter season. (although this year I think they've got a little bit more) But back to the reason behind this post. I'm still living in the South here in Tennessee but this is as far North that I've ever lived. Over the last month or so we've gotten some snow flurries here and there we even had a pretty good snow back in January (you can read about it here!) But it was melted away before mid-afternoon. So when the forecast kept calling for this crazy winter storm we were suppose to be getting I didn't so much shrug it off but I didn't believe all the hype. Sunday night a got a text that my work was closing for Monday, shorty after that my Monday night class got cancelled. One- work never closes like ever!!! So this had to mean something, they were calling for several inches of snow over the next two days.
I have to admit I was pretty bummed about work closing, when we close for for weather related reason's we don't get paid. (please, don't even get me started on that one) If it was any other week I wouldn't have really cared but I already had take Thursday and Friday off which were going to be unpaid. (I don't get paid vacation till I've been at my school a year, blah!!)
            I woke up Monday morning to a snow white covered neighborhood. I let the dogs out back and poor Bailey wouldn't even go off the deck. I had to bundle up and go out there with her. Mean while it was still snowing pretty good. Thank Goodness work was closed, I wouldn't have been able to get out of my garage. I had laid out some ground turkey the day before (just in case things did get bad) and spent the morning cooking up some yummy chili in the crock pot and taco stew on the stove. Nothing like having some quick frozen homemade meals ready to heat up on a cold winter day. There aren't many young kiddos in our neighborhood (its mainly young married kid-less couples, or couples with little babies) but the few kids that are were out enjoying the cold white fluffy stuff. Along with quite a few big kiddos as well. There are several people in our neighborhood that have 4-wheelers and even a few that have snowmobiles. I spent the better part of the morning into the afternoon lounging around watching Netflix and listening to them ride up and down the streets. The pups would bark at the door every time they heard them go by. It got so annoying. I finally decided to bundle up and venture out into the coldness with the pups. We walked out and several of our neighbors were out enjoying the snow. The couple to the left of us had shoveled their whole drive-way. No thanks, I'll just take a stroll around the block and let the pups run around at the bottom of the hill.
        I really can't think of a time that I've seen this much snow in person before. Remember I'm from Texas, lived in Hawaii and then South Carolina. I haven't had many opportunities to experience snow and I've been ok with that. I strongly dislike the cold weather and having to venture out in it simply terrifies me. They were calling for more snow over night and icy freeze temps as over the next several days. Before I knew it work was canceled for Tuesday as well aaaaahhhh. All I could think about was my up-coming road trip for in two days. I was suppose to be leaving for SC on Thursday morning. I was helping host a Baby Shower for one of my good friends and I needed desperately to get away for a while. I was in a rut and needed to clear my head. So Tuesday after the pups and I walked around the neighborhood a couple times and up to the main road to check out the streets I though I'd try to clear my driveway. I needed to make sure I could get my car out in case we opened on Wednesday and so I could head to SC the following day. Well we don't have a shovel not even a small garden one. But we do have a large push broom so I figured if I swept out a path for the tired to lead down to the street I would be good. About half way through I pulled the car out and well got it stuck right in the middle in of the driveway. I couldn't get it back in the garage or out on the street. Hello water works, I lost it. I sat in our garage and cried my eyes out. I hadn't talked to the hubbs since Sunday night and I wasn't sure when he'd be able to get on-line again. It was a bad bad moment, I was melting and had officially reached my breaking point with in the deployment. I gave up for a while and a few hours later when out to give it another try after asking a neighbors to borrow a shovel. I guess the girl across the street from me, who I hadn't met yet felt sorry for me because shortly after she finished her drive way she came over and offered to help with mine. Bless her heart. (We're now friends and she's a pretty awesome chick!) Thankfully I was able to get the car outta the drive way on to the street to finish clearing my drive way and back in the garage. I was determined to get out of TN one way or another. I was kinda freaking out though because I had work Wednesday morning we were suppose to get another 3-inches over night.
And you guessed it Wednesday morning I woke up to a drive way and street full of snow. UGH!!! Thankfully it was soft as powder and I was able to sweep it away.
OK OK enough with the chatting here's some of the pictures I snapped through the past two days with all the snow.
After I shoveled it Tuesday afternoon.
And then again had to shovel it Wednesday morning. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

All Good Things Must Come to a End :(

That feeling when you and your best friend just parted ways, when you boyfriend of 5 years left you or when you run out of gas and its freezing cold and rainy outside. That heart wrenching feeling when you know something good has come to a end. Yup that's how I felt Saturday evening. I knew this day would come at some point or another but I was hoping it would be later. My hair straightener is completely shot. I've had it for YEARS!!! Its not fancy by any means at all. I'm pretty sure I got it from Walmart when I was still living at home. It looks awful, its been through so so much. I've had it since before the hubbs and I even met. It's been like my best friend, we've been through so much together. And the day has come were we have to part ways and say good bye. I wanted to cry, how could this be happening. Call me crazy its ok, but I've always dreaded the day when it crapped out on me because I knew I wouldn't be able to find another one like it. Its a straightener and curler in one. It works wonders on my hair. I have thick hair and it needs to be straightened after I blow dry it other wise its a hot mess, which lets face it isn't pretty at all. 
Saturday evening I was getting myself ready to head out for a girls night and I plugged my straightener in. At which point I felt this sharp pain run through my arm. It scared the living crap out of me. Now I've been shocked before but nothing like this. I looked around to see what could have happened there was nothing else plugged in or near me. That's when I picked up the straightener and notice the exposed wiring at the base of the wand. Over time with the way I wrap the cord up after each use it has bent the cord and cracked it allowing the inside copper wiring to completely expose. 
Stupidly I continued on with getting ready and letting it heat up. I mean I had to straighten my hair, and I was leaving in less than a hour. I didn't have much of a choice. I picked it up and was bending the cord back and forth at the base were the wires were exposed, why you ask I have NO idea. But it wasn't pretty, POP!!!! Sparks came flying out at me and I just knew the thing was going to catch on fire. It was far to gone for electrical tape. But still my hair had to be straightened. 
Quickly and Carefully I straightened my hair and made sure to turn it off before unplugging it. I was not looking forward to shopping for a new one. Sunday morning before church I quickly did the same  and made a quick effort to straighten my hair. I had told the hubbs Saturday night what had happened and he very sternly replied with "throw it away now and get a new one." Yes Sir Yes Sir, I will. Any reason to go shopping I guess. Although not really wanting to spend the money on one I was still hoping I could make my current one last a little longer. 
Then I remembered I had a gift card to Target from my dad that I had been holding on to since Christmas. Well this seemed like the perfect time to break it out and put it to use. After all I'm going out of town on Thursday and needed to replace it before then. 
I didn't go with the most fanciest / expensive straightener they had but I did get one that seems to work pretty darn good on my hair. I was so used to what I had I didn't think there would be anything out there that would compare. I am kinda bummed I no longer have a two in one curling iron. I guess that means I'll have to break down and buy one soon. I've been wanting to get one of the new Wand Sticks, to try out and change things up a bit. This might finally push my over the edge to break down and get one, their just so pricey and I'd worried my hair wont hold the curl. 

Just a little bit of This and That

Everyone loves a random bullet point, catch up post right. I mean why not throw it all together and call it a day, so here you go. A little of what's been happening, which frankly isn't to much. 

I saw these beautiful Scrap Maps on Instagram a few months back and just new I had to have one. Your able to completely customize it to you color likings and have a heart placed on each city and state were you've lived. I went with a fun color pallet and added hearts on AZ & TX were the hubbs and I are both from. Then on HI, SC and TN where we've lived together!! I can't wait to fill our map with hearts across the US of A. 
 Every morning before work I walk the pups around the neighborhood. I feel so bad that they are home all day while I'm gone its the least I can do. Even when it is freezing cold. I think we've missed collectively only 2 or 3 days walking since the hubbs has been done. That's pretty impressive if you ask me. This particular morning I decided to weight in. I normally only weight in on the first of each month but for some reason I decided to that morning. I was down another 1.2 pounds. Doesn't sound like much to some people but for me, slow and steady progress it what I'm going for!!! It definitely gave me that extra boost and reminder that what I'm doing is working. 
 It was a chilly snowing morning in TN and I had a photo shoot with a sweet friend and my director from work. The morning started off with me slipping and fall on my butt walking out my front door. Classic I know. I've never had much confidence in myself but after that day I felt like I can conquer anything that is put in front of me. All's it takes is a little time, energy and effort. Our move to TN has opened so many doors for me, more than I could have imagined and I'm forever grateful!!! 
 No where near the half way point but we are making progress on this deployment. Some day's it seems like time is quickly passing by and then other day's I'm in such a rut that I feel like we just started this. We've accomplished a good bit as a couple just over the last 3 months. Both physically, financially and with in our relationship. The 'ol sayings so true time and distance makes the heart grow fonder. I miss my husband each and every day more and more and I can't wait till he is home. 
 A week or so back a fellow local instagramer posted this beautiful rocking chair up for sale. There was something about it that caught my eye. It's simply beautiful and I knew I wanted it. I debated and slept on it for a night or two and then finally bit the bullet. And I'm so happy I did. My next dilemma was finding the perfect pillow to go with it. My Sweet friend R (who we were stationed with in HI) got my this prudy Hawaii Postcard pillow from a local store Miss. Lucille's. It's just prefect and my newest favorite spot to sit and read and watch out the back windows. I'm currently working on a afghan to go over the back and can't wait till its done. 
 My sweet blogger - turned real life friend Sarah and I went to a Pinterest craft night at church last weekend. It was so fun, I seriously had the best time. Chatting with some of the other ladies, listening to their stories and getting to know Sarah more was just a little bit of our night. Not to mention the yummy food the ladies brought. We got started on our frame and I'm pretty sure Sarah and myself both sat there for a good 10 minutes placing branches on our frame, taking them off, putting them back on, taking them off. This went on for a while before we realized we weren't making any progress and we'd better just bite the bullet and start gluing them on. And so we did. The Moss placement was a completely different story. How much, were do I put it, how does this look, how many eggs should I use, what color blue or white. You would have though it was rocket science but I think that made it half the fun. I can't wait to have another girls night out with this lovely lady!!! 
 I've heard of Advocare and sampled a few of their products back when we lived in the South but if I'm being honest I did don't remember how if affected me. A parent who's child attends my school sells it and asked if some of us would be willy to sample the products. Sure what the heck why not, who turns down free stuff. The only flavor of spark she left was Fruit Punch, I hate hate anything fruit punch. Wednesday morning I added my Spark into my 32oz water bottle before heading to work and by 10:30 that morning all 32oz's was gone. I typically try and drink two of my 32oz bottles a day. However I don't have to refill till lunch time. Not this day, I apparently chugged this stuff down. And I was on a roll, it really boosted my energy level and I felt so good through out the day. The fruit punch flavor wasn't to bad at all. It was rather tasty!!! That evening she did a Mixer Dimistratione at work on the products and gave us a little more of a insight on how it works and how it can help and benefit your body. So a couple of us girls at work are going to do the Advocare 24 day challenge in March. I'm really looking forward to it and seeing how it will help with my current weight-loss / bettering myself journey I'm working on. I'm not really one to try new things or weight loss programs so I'm doing this strictly for the energy level and to help clear out all the icky crap out of my body. 
In the mean time I did order some Spark from my friend R who sells it and decided to try the Pink Lemonade flavor. I haven't tried it yet but I love pink lemonade so I'm hoping it's good. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentines Day / Girls Night

Yesterday (Friday) at work was horrible, down right no good. So bad I wanted to throw the towel in and quick everything. If I'm being honest the hubbs told me to go for it and just to focus on school but I can't do that. I'm going to have bad days we all are right!! But we've got to kick up our feet, pour a drink and move on. And that's just what I did. Friday night I came home fixed myself dinner and poured myself fruity little cocktail and enjoyed the evening on the couch. 

This Morning I woke up at 6:45 in the morning, I forced myself to go back to sleep. There was absolutely no good reason for me to be up that early. Saturday's have become my only days to really sleep in because I go to church so early on Sundays. So back to sleep I went not waking up again till 9am. I was in heaven. The dogs didn't even budge a bit and just laid there with me. Just shortly after I got up the hubbs got on line and we were about to chat for a good part of the morning. All while I deep cleaned the house, vacuumed every room, dusted, started and finished laundry, cleaned out the car, did some touch up painting on our coffee table. Pulled out some things from a box I'd packed away months ago and even had myself a little breakfast. I felt so productive and good about myself, it was a new day and I was making the most of it. After the hubbs called it a night and went to bed I got my work out in and took the pups on a 40 minute walk around out neighborhood. It wasn't warm by any means out but it was totally bearable and the fresh air was good for me. When I came back home I continued with my "Me Valentines Day" which included a mud mask and a nice steamy hot bath, that may or may not of lasted over a hour. Its very very rare that I take time for myself and put everything else aside and so today was much needed and welcomed. 
I need to remember to do this morning often. 
Later that afternoon I got ready and headed out to dinner and a movie with some of the girls from work. Girls night are something I look forward to, of course who doesn't. I'm slowly coming into my grove here in TN with making a good group of friends and going out. 
We met up at Chili's for dinner and over do Margarita's, let's just say they were fabulous!!! And we'll be going back again sooner rather than later!!! 
Tropical Sunrise- was to die for!!! I had two!!! 
New Monogrammed Converse kicks I ordered, & My RockWell
Watch from the hubbs for V-day.

My friend Nisha had already seen American Sniper but Brit and I hadn't yet. I was in the middle of ready the book when she went and I wanted to finish it first, which I did last weekend so we made plans to go see it. It was definitely a good movie. I'm glad I had read the book before hand. It answered a lot of questions I would have had, as well as filled in a lot of empty spots that they did not put in the movie for one reason or another. "After all its hard to put someones whole life story into a 2 hour movie" as Taya, Chris Kyle's wife said in the book. So many people asked and made comments about me going to see it while the hubbs was deployed. Making sure I could handle it. It didn't even cross my mind at all, he's in a different place right now, fighting a different war. Him and Chris Kyle were in Iraq at the same time in the same city back in 2007-2008 which I happened to think was kinda ironic. I was ready for the tears and panic attacks to happen through out the movie but they never came. Not to say my heart wasn't racing the entire time because it was. The part I got choked up at the most was the end after the movie when they did a tribute to Chris Kyle. It's definitely a must see if you haven't.

Seriously I love these!!! I've never owned a pair of converse before and when I found these on instagram I knew I had to have them!!! After waiting almost two months for them, a mix up in the mailing I finally got them last night, the day before Valentines day. So of course I had to wear them out. Even if it was 3 degrees out and boots would have made so much more sense. I had a great night with the girls from work and can't wait to do it again!!! They definitely made this Valentines Day great considering the circumstances with the hubbs away. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

4 Months till Our "I Do's" (part-5)

Later that evening after he proposed we went to Rock Fish a, local joint for a bite to eat just the two of us. He was leaving headed back to Hawaii the next day and I was trying to soak up as much time as we could together. Knowing he was going to be deploying later in the year, a few people made simple suggestions as to how we could get married at the court house and then have a real wedding when he got back. No way I wasn't having that, and thankfully neither was he. I knew we'd never end up having "our" wedding when he came back if we did that. Earlier in the week we had gone and checked out a few wedding venues we were interested in and were pretty much settled on were we wanted to get married. The DWA - The Dallas World Aquarium. I knew I wanted something different, nontraditional and not in a church. Not that there is anything at all wrong with being married in a church. I've been to many many beautiful weddings in churches, I just wanted something different and exciting. Another must have for us was to have the Wedding and Reception in the same location. At the DWA we were able to do that, total score. We / mainly myself with the help of some family and family friends managed to plan and pull of the wedding of our / my dreams in exactly 4 months. G helped were he could with suggestions and idea, but lets he real, he was pretty laid back and easy going with most details and planning. 

20 days shy of a year later from the day we met, we were married!!!! 
We Met 11-29-06 
We Married 11-09-07
It was by far the best decision I've ever made. I never imagined I would ever move out of Texas let alone live in 3 different states since then. I've grown so much as a person and wife since we've gotten married though and I wouldn't change it for the world. 
Our Life & Marriage is far from prefect but its PERFECT for US & really that's all that matters.

I recapped our wedding a while back but if you haven't read it you should. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Proposal

Knowing we wanted to get married and soon, I knew I had to fill in people that "needed" to know about us. So April came and I finally spilled. It was hard for me to open up to certain people about our relationship again because of a past experience. I didn't want to jeopardize our relationship at all because of someone else's manipulative actions. 
Summer was coming up and that meant he was getting block leave a whole two weeks. He was coming to Texas for a week and I couldn't wait. It was the week of July 4th. It was going to be the week when he finally proposed. (We had been talking about it so I knew it was coming) My only request was that he asked my step dad for his blessing and permission for us to get married. I knew that was something my s-dad would have wanted him to do. Regardless of his response or the out come we were going to get married, having his blessing on the whole situation would have just made things a little smoother. 

The day's went on and on, we were coming up on the end of his time in TX and still he hadn't gotten up the courage to talk to my s-dad about it yet. His second to last night in TX we were watching a movie and my s-dad told J to go in the garage to help my mom with something. I though it was very odd, I mean why didn't he go help her. Hello we're watching a movie here but whatever. The evening went on and I eventually had to take him back to his hotel were he was staying. 

On the way there he explained to me how he had asked my s-dad about us getting married. Instead of just making all three of our lives easy and agreeing and saying yes his response was...."You've gotta take that up with her mom." He replied asking if he'd be digging his own grave by asking her. 
We spent the whole drive back to the hotel trying to go over every single option and scenario possible. That was it, there was no way this was going to play out the way we had talked about and pictured. We might as well hang it and and go with plan B, I was frustrated beyond belief. (there's a whole back story to the way and reason's I felt the way I did and kept things the way I did but that's not for the blog, at least not now) How in the world could he leave it up to her. What was he thinking. I was heart broken and at a loss for words, he looked to me for encouragement. He said he needed encouragement and support to be able to go in the next day and talk to her about it. I had nothing, nothing at all. It was not a good place to be in. 

Sitting in the car in the hotel parking lot he took my hand and slipped off the ring he had mailed to me months prior. Said if he saw my hand with out the ring on it, it would help him find the courage to ask her. Next thing I know he's slipping my engagement ring on my finger, followed by "your mom said k". "Wait what, I'm not looking, take it off, you can't do this tonight, what are you talking about she said k, when? I don't understand." 
Mean while I'm sitting in the driver seat looking out the window with my eye's covered. He told me that apparently at some point that evening my s-dad had already gone and given my mom a heads up as to what they had talked about and that was why he had sent him into the garage so they could talk. That night in the garage he asked my mom and she said "k" along with something along the lines of "as long as you don't take here away". (the later part of the conversation I didn't find out about till months after we were married.) Really "k" was her response, typical. I told him that I couldn't go back to my house tonight with a engagement ring on my hand. I mean he had literally just talked to my parents about it. Don't ask me why but I couldn't talk to either of them about it at the time. Yes I know it sounds silly and getting engaged is suppose to be one of the happiest moments of my life and trust me it was. Chalk it up to my past and the experience's I had with previous relationship being ripped apart by someone who felt the need to have complete control over ever aspect of my life. So after much convincing I told him to take the ring off and ask me tomorrow. And that he did. 

He called J & A back in Hawaii and told them I said "no." For the record I did not say no, I never would have said no. I just asked him to wait till the next day. And he did. I picked him up that next day and we grabbed lunch for Schlotzsky's and headed to the park for picnic. It was then he asked "ok, can I give you the ring now, or are you going to say no again." 
I kindly excepted and we were Engaged. There was never a getting down on one knee "Will You Marry Me" moment but I was and am ok with that. From the beginning things were a little untraditional with our relationship, so why start now right. 
The day before and after we got engaged. I'll have to pull up my other pictures this weekend!!!
sidenote: I still to this day wear that very first ring he mailed almost 8 years ago on my right hand. Its nothing fancy at all. Its a thin band with 3 Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers on it. Its bent and molded to my finger and I never take it off. I'd be just as devastated if I lost it, as I would with my wedding rings. 

sidenote: There was never a moment when either of us asked each other out, or we became official boyfriend / girlfriend. We just kinda rolled with the punches and went with it. We've always said and celebrated November 29, 06 as the day we got together. The day of that random phone call that I never expected to get. 

My 1st Trip to Hawaii (part - 4)

We spent the next month and a half talking non-stop. Again till wee hours in the morning and later into the day. I couldn't get enough of him. I remember taking a cruise mid January thinking what am I going to do a whole week without talking to him. Whelp it didn't happen. He may have had a crazy high phone bill that month but it was worth it. 

At some point mid January we decided we just couldn't wait any longer. We needed / wanted to see each other again but when and how? He was in Hawaii and I was in Texas. He wasn't getting leave again any time soon so the option for him to come to TX was out. So I went to Hawaii. Yup, he flew me out to Hawaii over a long weekend. And it was the absolute best weekend ever. Very few people knew I went. Again I kept things very hush about the two of us because I didn't want anyone coming between us and at that time I knew of a few people that would try to. 

Just a week before Valentines day '07 I took the 2nd biggest leap of faith, flying across the Pacific to Hawaii. It was my very first time flying alone and on top of being completely excited and nervous the flight there was full of turbulence all the way there. Talk about being a nervous wreck. I arrived late that evening and he made it well known he was on time. The first night we staying at his friends J & A house since he was living in the barracks. The plan was to get a hotel for the rest of the weekend and go that route but J & A insisted we stayed with them. They had the extra room and it was a great way for me to get to know them as well. After all they were all such good friends to the hubbs. 

I mean who were we to argue and complain, it saved us money for sure. 
We spent the weekend out and about checking out the local area. He showed me around to some of the more popular spots around town. We had a couple date night and beach trips mixed in there as well. He even had a surprise dinner and carriage ride planned for one evening. 
I have more pictures from that weekend (& the weekend he came to TX there just on my external hard drive & frankly don't wanna get up to get it right now. ) but here are a few from our date nights. I had the best time ever. We hiked up KoleKole pass which quickly became our go to place when I move to Hawaii. 

The weekend went by way to quickly and before I knew it we were saying our "see you soon's" again. He was headed off to the Big Island for training just days after I went home. The distance and lack of communication sucked major. But we never, not once let it affect us or come between the relationship we had built. 

Mid spring that year, I can't remember when exactly it was but his mom came out to Texas to visit so we could meet in person. We had previously talked on the phone several times and I was excited to meet her as well. She knew we were serious and wanted to get married, she said she just couldn't wait any longer. Ok, fine by me. Forgive me as I don't exactly remember what all we did that weekend. If we're being honest I truly enjoyed it and was so grateful she came but my focus and energy was the relationship I was building with her son, not her. lol

(the proposal's coming up....)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

When You Know, You Know..... Apples (part-3)

We spent the next 3 days together, I showed him all around the area were I lived. The day after he arrived we headed out for our first official date. We went to iHop for breakfast and then headed to The Ice exhibit at the Gaylord Hotel. Something neither of us had ever been to before. I'm pretty sure that it was his planning, finding the exhibit. I'm not a 100% sure but I don't think I knew about it. I didn't venture to that area much to have known it was there. We spent the whole day there just taking it all in, it was so pretty. I remember one of the pictures we took together there, we ended up printing and framing it for his mom. (more on that in a bit.)

The rest of the weekend consisted of random window shopping at a couple furniture stores, we went to a open house in a new housing development, we even went and looked at rings. I'm telling you when you know you know and we knew. It was completely random, but he said he wanted to get a idea of what I liked. I remember as we drove up to Jared's (the jewelry store) he told me "let me do the talking". Ok, I though. What could he have possibly meant by that. And then it quickly clicked, we went in and the gentleman who started talking to us, was asking all the typical questions as to "how we met", "how long we'd been together" and so forth. Light bulb....Me I would of been like....well if you must know "we met in person 3 days ago", "ummm we just started talking just shy of a month".... you get the gist. Well he had it all worked out and knew just what to say. He's a man of many words. He's always had a way with words and knowing just what to say at just the right time. 

For personal reason's at the time I kept our relationship between the two of us. Only a few other's knew but that was it. For me at the time that was what was best. Being a man of many words, he's also a very private one. He had mentioned how he wasn't sure he was going to tell his parents just how serious things had progressed. For him it was just easier not to have to explain to his extended family what was going on at the time. We had a picture of us printed off and we found a Winnie the Pooh frame (his mom's favorite) at Walgreen's for his mom. I remember something along the lines of him saying "he was going to give it to her when he got home but after everyone had left". 

It was a short 3 days, it went by way way to quickly. We weren't to sure when we were going to see each other again. I was heart broken driving through the airport having to take him back that evening. I remembered telling him "Don't Say Bye", he responded with "I wasn't going to". After he was all checked in I stood the there holding on as tight as I could knowing eventually I'd have to give in and let go. I've never been good with "Goodbyes" lucky for us we weren't saying "bye". As he was going through security I sent him a text that said "look" as he turned around I had my arms wide open, showing him how much I loved him. Little did I know it was the first of many "look" messages to follow as we've said our "see you soon's" countless times since that day. 

He couldn't hold back, he told his mom and dad everything that night when they picked him up from the airport. He even gave her the picture frame on the way home. It was the most touching thing ever, talk about butterflies. I remember him telling me that she asked him if he wanted her to put the picture away while the family was over for Christmas and he said no. 

Not only did we agree to not say "Bye" that night when he left to go back home but we agreed to not say "Bye" or "Goodbye" when we hung up from talking to each other on the phone. So most of our conversations ended with "ok I'll talk to you later, I love you" click, "I miss you to, have a good night" click. It was as if we couldn't finish the conversation but we couldn't bring ourselves to say "Bye". He told me one day he was talking to his good friends in HI, J and A about it and how he felt bad about each of us just hanging up on one another. 

He said "I got it, I know what we can say instead of just hanging up". "APPLES" Really Apples, that's completely and utterly random. Like Apples and Banana's but just Apples. So it began, very awkwardly we would end a conversation and before hanging up we would say appppples. It was either quick or really drawn out at first because it still made no sense. 

Eventually it became normal and now to this day we never say "bye' its always always "APPLES". It's not awkward, it's not random for us, it's habit. Neither of us have to think twice about it now. Before we hang up the phone with one another it always end's with Apples. 
If you know us at all, your used to it. It's something we only use between the two of us. 
(for everyone else, its plain 'ol goodbye, peace out, good reddens lol)
It's funny to the ones around either of us when we do hang up who've never heard us end a conversation. The response is always, "did you just say apples?" Of course then we have to explain. 

Every couple has their quirks, what makes us any different?!?!?! Nothing at all.

(more to follow, tomorrow)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Promise I Wasn't Late (part-2)

I couldn't believe it he was really coming to see me. We'd only each see two pictures of each other from online and that was it. Two very not so great pictures. (Of course my aunt new all about "this guy." It was so nice to have some one to talk to about him and not have to worry about someone trying to come between us and break us apart) Prior to him coming we shared so much about our lives, we knew the in's and outs of each other. The good the bad the ugly. We knew we wanted to spend forever together but neither of us said anything. I knew I loved him, call it crazy but when you know, you know.

I wanted to wait till we were in person to tell him. I wanted to see his reaction I wanted to be in his arms. So badly I longed for that moment, even before "knowing" him a whole month. Talking to my aunt I knew I'd be nervous to make the first move and kiss him. I was / am still a bit of a shy person when I first meet you. Some how we came up with the idea to get some mistletoe. She knew just were to get some and it was real at that. I left it at her house till shortly before I went to pick up J from the airport. At that point it had been a few days and it had been stored in a plastic baggie and was nice and moldy.
I took it any ways.

I left work and arrived at the airport, parked, went inside and was ON TIME. I went left instead of right to look for his baggage claim area were we agreed to meet. I quickly realized I had gone the wrong direction and turned around. Before I knew it J was standing in front of me with is arms wide open. It was my last first hug ever!!! (no kiss yet) It felt just right, just as I'd imagined. He gave me such crap because "I was late". To this day if you ask him he will tell you I was late picking him up. But I wasn't I was there on time, I'd just got the wrong way. Hey I was nervous alright.
But he couldn't tell you what either of us were wearing.
(me: orange crop top with dress pants, him: blue jeans and a plaid orange and brown flannel, which he still has by the way)

We left the airport and headed to a friends house from work so she could meet him. She was also in on the whole deal. Driving along chatting away I was a bit nervous but comfortable at the same time. We stopped at a red light, I knew I had to make a move or it was never going to happen. I quickly picked up the bag of moldy mistletoe and held it over our heads. Quickly giving him a little peck on the cheek and then turning back to look at the light. My heart was racing, "did he think I was crazy, or was that to soon?" It couldn't have been to soon with everything we'd already talked about.

Later that evening we arrived at my aunts house and visited with her and the fam for a bit before heading back to were we were staying for the weekend. When we got back, I had asked him something about the "Kiss and Mistletoe". He said he just kept waiting and hoping we'd get stopped by another red light so he could kiss me again. But we NEVER did, true story of the 10+ lights we went through non of them turned red when we came up to them.
With Christmas being just a few days away we of course had bought gifts and exchanged them.
I made him a build-a-bear named lucky (because we met by pure luck) and he gave me two Hawaiian Kukui nut necklaces. I'm pretty sure there was something else but honestly I don't remember.

Laying on the bed talking late into the night that first night he said "I think I'm falling In Love with you", "You Think!!" I said. "I mean I love you", he said and that was that. He told me he had wanted to tell me for a while now but wanted to wait till we were in person. I'm so glad he because it couldn't have been more perfect!! If I hadn't fallen hard enough for him already I fell even more that night.

(part 3 & 4 coming soon)

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Phone Call I Never Expected (part-1)

(I've never told our story)

Driving to my Aunts house one evening, November 29, 2006 I received a phone call. Little did I know that simple phone call would change my life. It was from my friend H's phone who was stationed in Hawaii at the time. (back story, H and I grew up together, went to school together, church together and so forth). I'd kept in touch with H after he join and moved away but we were strictly friends. He wanted more out of it, he always had a huge crush on me but I was just not at all interested. 

After a long day at work and previously already talking to H that day I was curious as to why he was calling back again. I answered and quickly realized it wasn't him. But some strange guy on the other end. I wasn't quite sure who this other guy was and there was so much commotion going on in the back ground I wasn't really sure what was going on or what to say. The phone was being passed around to a group of guys asking me 50 different questions. "Did I like him?" "Were we together?" "Why were you talking to him before?" "How do you know him?" "Did yall date?" "What can you tell us about H?" The questions went on for a good minute while this group of PVT's waited for the bus to pick them up for training and take them back to post. 

Eventually for some reason I said "put me back on the phone with whoever called me." By this time I'd pulled over in a parking lot because the conversation's just kept going and I didn't want to be rude and go into my aunt house on the phone. They put me back on the phone with J (my now husband, who doesn't go by his J any more(that's another story)) and we chatted for what seemed like just a short few minutes and before I knew it H was asking for his phone back because the bus had arrived.

 There was something there, I couldn't tell you what or how either of us knew but we did. I remember the night like it was Yesterday but the conversation after that not so much. H continued to ask for his phone back and so J asked "Hey man can I have her number?" H refused and wouldn't give in. Mean while I'm still here on the phone and can hear their conversation. "Hello, I'm here you can just ask me for my number." Light bulb moment right there yall, yes I married a winner. Only Kidding. He took my number and honestly I don't remember if I took his or not. With in a few minutes of him boarding the bus and heading back to post we were texting as though we'd known each other for months. 

Needless to say I never made it to my aunts house that night. I headed back home. We spent the next several weeks talking nonstop. Because of the time difference from Texas to Hawaii, I spent many late nights up talking to him and he had some very early mornings with me as I drove to work each day. 

I remember so many of our conversations like they had just happened. One in particular were he told me he'd never get married or he would but I'd have to get rid of the IRS first. Well crap there went any chance's I had with this guy. He was pretty firm on not getting married but I was bound and determined to change his mind.

The holidays were coming up and we were desperate to meet each other in person but how? He was going home for two weeks for Christmas to AZ and me making a trip out there just wasn't do able at the time. We'd talked about making a road trip out of it and meeting half way. But in all reality it didn't sound logical. Late one night I was at my aunts house and he called to chat, he asked what I would be doing on Dec. 19 at 3pm. "Umm well I'll just be getting off work why?" " Well I'm gonna need a ride from the airport." What your kidding, don't even joke around like that I though. There's no way. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

30 b4 30 --- UPDATED!!!!

We're already into the 2nd month of 2015 seriously were in the world has time gone. I'll be 30 next year, just typing that makes me want to throw-up a little. There's no way, its not possible. I still have so much I want to accomplish and do before I turn 30. I have done and been through probably more than many people will in a life time being a Milispouse and its only made me who I am today. I wouldn't change any of it the good or the bad. It's definitely helped me become more independent, more loving, a stronger person and a even better wife. I really try not to sweat the small stuff and not let the little things in life get to me. Rather I try to live and make the most out of each and every day.

Living the Army Wife life we've lived in Hawaii to South Carolina now in Tennessee. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world and shown me things and taken me places I never could of imagined possible. I've met people who I've made life long friendships with that I never would have if it wasn't for the Army. 

Looking forward and thinking about the next big milestone in my life.....turning.....
....that is. I want to make the best out of the next 14 month and our future together. I made this list back in 2011 and have checked in on it periodically but its time to buckle down and knock this thing out. I've updated my list a bit to accommodate the time frame I have left as well as made some adjustments to my "must do / want to do". I've got a full life ahead of me with my husband and there's absolutely no reason to short change ourselves, because of time. 
So in NO particular order at all here is a list of things I want to do before I'm "30 THIRTY 30"!!!!! 

1~Learn how to drive Standard

2~Lose 10-15 lbs.

3~This one's private :) (makes you think though doesn't it)

4~ Go on a Post Deployment trip with the hubbs

5~Make out w/ the hubbs in the rain

6~To be debt free with the exception of our house (that'll be awhile) and possibly one car. 

7~Become a Mom (this one's still up in the air)

8~Be in two states at one time

9~Put together a cookbook of my own

10~Send out 100 (at least) + just because notes / cards to friends and family
-10 down-

11~Revamp my Wardrobe

12~Get into the best shape of my life / reach my goal weight
"In progress"

13~Pay for a strangers meal at a restaurant or drive threw

14~Read & Finish 30 new to me Books

15~Have Boudoir photo's take for the hubbs
Done January 2015 

16~Visit the United States Capitol ~ Washington DC
Done~ DC Trip w/ The Spouse May 29, 2012 

17~Buy Our First Home
Done ~ April 11, 2014

18~Go to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii
Done~ January 30, 2011

19~Visit the major Islands of Hawaii: The Big Island, Kauai, Maui        
Done~April 4, 2009, May 22, 2010, July 28-31, 2011

20~Go on a Hot Air balloon ride

21~Run a Half Marathon

22~ Go to New York City for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Done ~ November 20-24, 2012 (still need to blog it)

23~Go to New York City for the New Years Eve Celebration
Done ~ December 27, 2013- January 2, 2014

24~Sky Dive
Done~ August 6, 2010, October 24, 2010 and October 30, 2010 

25~Take a ride in a SeaPlane
Done~March 8, 2011

26~Run a Marathon
Done~ November 9, 2013 - On our 6 Yr. Wedding Anniversary 

27~Swim w/ Sharks
Done~ December 27, 2009

28~Get a Tattoo
Done~ August 9, 2008 - This was my first, I've added 4 since then. 

29~Have 5 year Anniversary photo's taken 11-9-12 (like engagement photo's)

30-Forgive and Fall in Love with Turning 30

31~Finish the list before I turn 30 : Deadline April 21, 2016

I just don't want life to pass me by and I want to make sure we have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. I plan to keep this updated over the next 14 months to keep myself accountable. I'll keep you updated on my progress as time goes along and mark the list off as I accomplish things.
 What are some things on your 30 b4 30 bucket list???