Wednesday, February 4, 2015

When You Know, You Know..... Apples (part-3)

We spent the next 3 days together, I showed him all around the area were I lived. The day after he arrived we headed out for our first official date. We went to iHop for breakfast and then headed to The Ice exhibit at the Gaylord Hotel. Something neither of us had ever been to before. I'm pretty sure that it was his planning, finding the exhibit. I'm not a 100% sure but I don't think I knew about it. I didn't venture to that area much to have known it was there. We spent the whole day there just taking it all in, it was so pretty. I remember one of the pictures we took together there, we ended up printing and framing it for his mom. (more on that in a bit.)

The rest of the weekend consisted of random window shopping at a couple furniture stores, we went to a open house in a new housing development, we even went and looked at rings. I'm telling you when you know you know and we knew. It was completely random, but he said he wanted to get a idea of what I liked. I remember as we drove up to Jared's (the jewelry store) he told me "let me do the talking". Ok, I though. What could he have possibly meant by that. And then it quickly clicked, we went in and the gentleman who started talking to us, was asking all the typical questions as to "how we met", "how long we'd been together" and so forth. Light bulb....Me I would of been like....well if you must know "we met in person 3 days ago", "ummm we just started talking just shy of a month".... you get the gist. Well he had it all worked out and knew just what to say. He's a man of many words. He's always had a way with words and knowing just what to say at just the right time. 

For personal reason's at the time I kept our relationship between the two of us. Only a few other's knew but that was it. For me at the time that was what was best. Being a man of many words, he's also a very private one. He had mentioned how he wasn't sure he was going to tell his parents just how serious things had progressed. For him it was just easier not to have to explain to his extended family what was going on at the time. We had a picture of us printed off and we found a Winnie the Pooh frame (his mom's favorite) at Walgreen's for his mom. I remember something along the lines of him saying "he was going to give it to her when he got home but after everyone had left". 

It was a short 3 days, it went by way way to quickly. We weren't to sure when we were going to see each other again. I was heart broken driving through the airport having to take him back that evening. I remembered telling him "Don't Say Bye", he responded with "I wasn't going to". After he was all checked in I stood the there holding on as tight as I could knowing eventually I'd have to give in and let go. I've never been good with "Goodbyes" lucky for us we weren't saying "bye". As he was going through security I sent him a text that said "look" as he turned around I had my arms wide open, showing him how much I loved him. Little did I know it was the first of many "look" messages to follow as we've said our "see you soon's" countless times since that day. 

He couldn't hold back, he told his mom and dad everything that night when they picked him up from the airport. He even gave her the picture frame on the way home. It was the most touching thing ever, talk about butterflies. I remember him telling me that she asked him if he wanted her to put the picture away while the family was over for Christmas and he said no. 

Not only did we agree to not say "Bye" that night when he left to go back home but we agreed to not say "Bye" or "Goodbye" when we hung up from talking to each other on the phone. So most of our conversations ended with "ok I'll talk to you later, I love you" click, "I miss you to, have a good night" click. It was as if we couldn't finish the conversation but we couldn't bring ourselves to say "Bye". He told me one day he was talking to his good friends in HI, J and A about it and how he felt bad about each of us just hanging up on one another. 

He said "I got it, I know what we can say instead of just hanging up". "APPLES" Really Apples, that's completely and utterly random. Like Apples and Banana's but just Apples. So it began, very awkwardly we would end a conversation and before hanging up we would say appppples. It was either quick or really drawn out at first because it still made no sense. 

Eventually it became normal and now to this day we never say "bye' its always always "APPLES". It's not awkward, it's not random for us, it's habit. Neither of us have to think twice about it now. Before we hang up the phone with one another it always end's with Apples. 
If you know us at all, your used to it. It's something we only use between the two of us. 
(for everyone else, its plain 'ol goodbye, peace out, good reddens lol)
It's funny to the ones around either of us when we do hang up who've never heard us end a conversation. The response is always, "did you just say apples?" Of course then we have to explain. 

Every couple has their quirks, what makes us any different?!?!?! Nothing at all.

(more to follow, tomorrow)

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That is adorable. I love couple quirks!