Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'm a Texas Girl...

            ...and we typically don't ever get more than a inch of snow collectively through the winter season. (although this year I think they've got a little bit more) But back to the reason behind this post. I'm still living in the South here in Tennessee but this is as far North that I've ever lived. Over the last month or so we've gotten some snow flurries here and there we even had a pretty good snow back in January (you can read about it here!) But it was melted away before mid-afternoon. So when the forecast kept calling for this crazy winter storm we were suppose to be getting I didn't so much shrug it off but I didn't believe all the hype. Sunday night a got a text that my work was closing for Monday, shorty after that my Monday night class got cancelled. One- work never closes like ever!!! So this had to mean something, they were calling for several inches of snow over the next two days.
I have to admit I was pretty bummed about work closing, when we close for for weather related reason's we don't get paid. (please, don't even get me started on that one) If it was any other week I wouldn't have really cared but I already had take Thursday and Friday off which were going to be unpaid. (I don't get paid vacation till I've been at my school a year, blah!!)
            I woke up Monday morning to a snow white covered neighborhood. I let the dogs out back and poor Bailey wouldn't even go off the deck. I had to bundle up and go out there with her. Mean while it was still snowing pretty good. Thank Goodness work was closed, I wouldn't have been able to get out of my garage. I had laid out some ground turkey the day before (just in case things did get bad) and spent the morning cooking up some yummy chili in the crock pot and taco stew on the stove. Nothing like having some quick frozen homemade meals ready to heat up on a cold winter day. There aren't many young kiddos in our neighborhood (its mainly young married kid-less couples, or couples with little babies) but the few kids that are were out enjoying the cold white fluffy stuff. Along with quite a few big kiddos as well. There are several people in our neighborhood that have 4-wheelers and even a few that have snowmobiles. I spent the better part of the morning into the afternoon lounging around watching Netflix and listening to them ride up and down the streets. The pups would bark at the door every time they heard them go by. It got so annoying. I finally decided to bundle up and venture out into the coldness with the pups. We walked out and several of our neighbors were out enjoying the snow. The couple to the left of us had shoveled their whole drive-way. No thanks, I'll just take a stroll around the block and let the pups run around at the bottom of the hill.
        I really can't think of a time that I've seen this much snow in person before. Remember I'm from Texas, lived in Hawaii and then South Carolina. I haven't had many opportunities to experience snow and I've been ok with that. I strongly dislike the cold weather and having to venture out in it simply terrifies me. They were calling for more snow over night and icy freeze temps as over the next several days. Before I knew it work was canceled for Tuesday as well aaaaahhhh. All I could think about was my up-coming road trip for in two days. I was suppose to be leaving for SC on Thursday morning. I was helping host a Baby Shower for one of my good friends and I needed desperately to get away for a while. I was in a rut and needed to clear my head. So Tuesday after the pups and I walked around the neighborhood a couple times and up to the main road to check out the streets I though I'd try to clear my driveway. I needed to make sure I could get my car out in case we opened on Wednesday and so I could head to SC the following day. Well we don't have a shovel not even a small garden one. But we do have a large push broom so I figured if I swept out a path for the tired to lead down to the street I would be good. About half way through I pulled the car out and well got it stuck right in the middle in of the driveway. I couldn't get it back in the garage or out on the street. Hello water works, I lost it. I sat in our garage and cried my eyes out. I hadn't talked to the hubbs since Sunday night and I wasn't sure when he'd be able to get on-line again. It was a bad bad moment, I was melting and had officially reached my breaking point with in the deployment. I gave up for a while and a few hours later when out to give it another try after asking a neighbors to borrow a shovel. I guess the girl across the street from me, who I hadn't met yet felt sorry for me because shortly after she finished her drive way she came over and offered to help with mine. Bless her heart. (We're now friends and she's a pretty awesome chick!) Thankfully I was able to get the car outta the drive way on to the street to finish clearing my drive way and back in the garage. I was determined to get out of TN one way or another. I was kinda freaking out though because I had work Wednesday morning we were suppose to get another 3-inches over night.
And you guessed it Wednesday morning I woke up to a drive way and street full of snow. UGH!!! Thankfully it was soft as powder and I was able to sweep it away.
OK OK enough with the chatting here's some of the pictures I snapped through the past two days with all the snow.
After I shoveled it Tuesday afternoon.
And then again had to shovel it Wednesday morning. 


Pamela said...

soo pretty! That's crazy that you don't get paid because you can not help one bit that you are not there!!

Jamie said...

Hope things are good!