Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just a little bit of This and That

Everyone loves a random bullet point, catch up post right. I mean why not throw it all together and call it a day, so here you go. A little of what's been happening, which frankly isn't to much. 

I saw these beautiful Scrap Maps on Instagram a few months back and just new I had to have one. Your able to completely customize it to you color likings and have a heart placed on each city and state were you've lived. I went with a fun color pallet and added hearts on AZ & TX were the hubbs and I are both from. Then on HI, SC and TN where we've lived together!! I can't wait to fill our map with hearts across the US of A. 
 Every morning before work I walk the pups around the neighborhood. I feel so bad that they are home all day while I'm gone its the least I can do. Even when it is freezing cold. I think we've missed collectively only 2 or 3 days walking since the hubbs has been done. That's pretty impressive if you ask me. This particular morning I decided to weight in. I normally only weight in on the first of each month but for some reason I decided to that morning. I was down another 1.2 pounds. Doesn't sound like much to some people but for me, slow and steady progress it what I'm going for!!! It definitely gave me that extra boost and reminder that what I'm doing is working. 
 It was a chilly snowing morning in TN and I had a photo shoot with a sweet friend and my director from work. The morning started off with me slipping and fall on my butt walking out my front door. Classic I know. I've never had much confidence in myself but after that day I felt like I can conquer anything that is put in front of me. All's it takes is a little time, energy and effort. Our move to TN has opened so many doors for me, more than I could have imagined and I'm forever grateful!!! 
 No where near the half way point but we are making progress on this deployment. Some day's it seems like time is quickly passing by and then other day's I'm in such a rut that I feel like we just started this. We've accomplished a good bit as a couple just over the last 3 months. Both physically, financially and with in our relationship. The 'ol sayings so true time and distance makes the heart grow fonder. I miss my husband each and every day more and more and I can't wait till he is home. 
 A week or so back a fellow local instagramer posted this beautiful rocking chair up for sale. There was something about it that caught my eye. It's simply beautiful and I knew I wanted it. I debated and slept on it for a night or two and then finally bit the bullet. And I'm so happy I did. My next dilemma was finding the perfect pillow to go with it. My Sweet friend R (who we were stationed with in HI) got my this prudy Hawaii Postcard pillow from a local store Miss. Lucille's. It's just prefect and my newest favorite spot to sit and read and watch out the back windows. I'm currently working on a afghan to go over the back and can't wait till its done. 
 My sweet blogger - turned real life friend Sarah and I went to a Pinterest craft night at church last weekend. It was so fun, I seriously had the best time. Chatting with some of the other ladies, listening to their stories and getting to know Sarah more was just a little bit of our night. Not to mention the yummy food the ladies brought. We got started on our frame and I'm pretty sure Sarah and myself both sat there for a good 10 minutes placing branches on our frame, taking them off, putting them back on, taking them off. This went on for a while before we realized we weren't making any progress and we'd better just bite the bullet and start gluing them on. And so we did. The Moss placement was a completely different story. How much, were do I put it, how does this look, how many eggs should I use, what color blue or white. You would have though it was rocket science but I think that made it half the fun. I can't wait to have another girls night out with this lovely lady!!! 
 I've heard of Advocare and sampled a few of their products back when we lived in the South but if I'm being honest I did don't remember how if affected me. A parent who's child attends my school sells it and asked if some of us would be willy to sample the products. Sure what the heck why not, who turns down free stuff. The only flavor of spark she left was Fruit Punch, I hate hate anything fruit punch. Wednesday morning I added my Spark into my 32oz water bottle before heading to work and by 10:30 that morning all 32oz's was gone. I typically try and drink two of my 32oz bottles a day. However I don't have to refill till lunch time. Not this day, I apparently chugged this stuff down. And I was on a roll, it really boosted my energy level and I felt so good through out the day. The fruit punch flavor wasn't to bad at all. It was rather tasty!!! That evening she did a Mixer Dimistratione at work on the products and gave us a little more of a insight on how it works and how it can help and benefit your body. So a couple of us girls at work are going to do the Advocare 24 day challenge in March. I'm really looking forward to it and seeing how it will help with my current weight-loss / bettering myself journey I'm working on. I'm not really one to try new things or weight loss programs so I'm doing this strictly for the energy level and to help clear out all the icky crap out of my body. 
In the mean time I did order some Spark from my friend R who sells it and decided to try the Pink Lemonade flavor. I haven't tried it yet but I love pink lemonade so I'm hoping it's good. 


Pamela said...

I have that energy mix but have yet to try it, ha! Love the pillow! How long is this deployment??

Katie said...

OK first off...The pillow...LOVE! The chair fits perfectly in that corner.

I'm loving the map also

The photo frame is so cute!

Yay for 3 months down!

I never jumped on the bandwagon with Spark but I have heard amazing things about it....well it was from people trying to sell it to me but they "sold" it well.

I'm gonna have to find you on Instagram. you find some cute stuff :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Yay for 3 months down! Glad you and sarah are still hanging out!