Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentines Day / Girls Night

Yesterday (Friday) at work was horrible, down right no good. So bad I wanted to throw the towel in and quick everything. If I'm being honest the hubbs told me to go for it and just to focus on school but I can't do that. I'm going to have bad days we all are right!! But we've got to kick up our feet, pour a drink and move on. And that's just what I did. Friday night I came home fixed myself dinner and poured myself fruity little cocktail and enjoyed the evening on the couch. 

This Morning I woke up at 6:45 in the morning, I forced myself to go back to sleep. There was absolutely no good reason for me to be up that early. Saturday's have become my only days to really sleep in because I go to church so early on Sundays. So back to sleep I went not waking up again till 9am. I was in heaven. The dogs didn't even budge a bit and just laid there with me. Just shortly after I got up the hubbs got on line and we were about to chat for a good part of the morning. All while I deep cleaned the house, vacuumed every room, dusted, started and finished laundry, cleaned out the car, did some touch up painting on our coffee table. Pulled out some things from a box I'd packed away months ago and even had myself a little breakfast. I felt so productive and good about myself, it was a new day and I was making the most of it. After the hubbs called it a night and went to bed I got my work out in and took the pups on a 40 minute walk around out neighborhood. It wasn't warm by any means out but it was totally bearable and the fresh air was good for me. When I came back home I continued with my "Me Valentines Day" which included a mud mask and a nice steamy hot bath, that may or may not of lasted over a hour. Its very very rare that I take time for myself and put everything else aside and so today was much needed and welcomed. 
I need to remember to do this morning often. 
Later that afternoon I got ready and headed out to dinner and a movie with some of the girls from work. Girls night are something I look forward to, of course who doesn't. I'm slowly coming into my grove here in TN with making a good group of friends and going out. 
We met up at Chili's for dinner and over do Margarita's, let's just say they were fabulous!!! And we'll be going back again sooner rather than later!!! 
Tropical Sunrise- was to die for!!! I had two!!! 
New Monogrammed Converse kicks I ordered, & My RockWell
Watch from the hubbs for V-day.

My friend Nisha had already seen American Sniper but Brit and I hadn't yet. I was in the middle of ready the book when she went and I wanted to finish it first, which I did last weekend so we made plans to go see it. It was definitely a good movie. I'm glad I had read the book before hand. It answered a lot of questions I would have had, as well as filled in a lot of empty spots that they did not put in the movie for one reason or another. "After all its hard to put someones whole life story into a 2 hour movie" as Taya, Chris Kyle's wife said in the book. So many people asked and made comments about me going to see it while the hubbs was deployed. Making sure I could handle it. It didn't even cross my mind at all, he's in a different place right now, fighting a different war. Him and Chris Kyle were in Iraq at the same time in the same city back in 2007-2008 which I happened to think was kinda ironic. I was ready for the tears and panic attacks to happen through out the movie but they never came. Not to say my heart wasn't racing the entire time because it was. The part I got choked up at the most was the end after the movie when they did a tribute to Chris Kyle. It's definitely a must see if you haven't.

Seriously I love these!!! I've never owned a pair of converse before and when I found these on instagram I knew I had to have them!!! After waiting almost two months for them, a mix up in the mailing I finally got them last night, the day before Valentines day. So of course I had to wear them out. Even if it was 3 degrees out and boots would have made so much more sense. I had a great night with the girls from work and can't wait to do it again!!! They definitely made this Valentines Day great considering the circumstances with the hubbs away. 


Katie said...

Crappy work days are the worst! Glad you hung in there. Tomorrows always going to be a new start. Your Valentines Day sounded great!

Stephanie said...

A girls night is always a fixer upper for me! I want to see American Sniper so bad!