Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Promise I Wasn't Late (part-2)

I couldn't believe it he was really coming to see me. We'd only each see two pictures of each other from online and that was it. Two very not so great pictures. (Of course my aunt new all about "this guy." It was so nice to have some one to talk to about him and not have to worry about someone trying to come between us and break us apart) Prior to him coming we shared so much about our lives, we knew the in's and outs of each other. The good the bad the ugly. We knew we wanted to spend forever together but neither of us said anything. I knew I loved him, call it crazy but when you know, you know.

I wanted to wait till we were in person to tell him. I wanted to see his reaction I wanted to be in his arms. So badly I longed for that moment, even before "knowing" him a whole month. Talking to my aunt I knew I'd be nervous to make the first move and kiss him. I was / am still a bit of a shy person when I first meet you. Some how we came up with the idea to get some mistletoe. She knew just were to get some and it was real at that. I left it at her house till shortly before I went to pick up J from the airport. At that point it had been a few days and it had been stored in a plastic baggie and was nice and moldy.
I took it any ways.

I left work and arrived at the airport, parked, went inside and was ON TIME. I went left instead of right to look for his baggage claim area were we agreed to meet. I quickly realized I had gone the wrong direction and turned around. Before I knew it J was standing in front of me with is arms wide open. It was my last first hug ever!!! (no kiss yet) It felt just right, just as I'd imagined. He gave me such crap because "I was late". To this day if you ask him he will tell you I was late picking him up. But I wasn't I was there on time, I'd just got the wrong way. Hey I was nervous alright.
But he couldn't tell you what either of us were wearing.
(me: orange crop top with dress pants, him: blue jeans and a plaid orange and brown flannel, which he still has by the way)

We left the airport and headed to a friends house from work so she could meet him. She was also in on the whole deal. Driving along chatting away I was a bit nervous but comfortable at the same time. We stopped at a red light, I knew I had to make a move or it was never going to happen. I quickly picked up the bag of moldy mistletoe and held it over our heads. Quickly giving him a little peck on the cheek and then turning back to look at the light. My heart was racing, "did he think I was crazy, or was that to soon?" It couldn't have been to soon with everything we'd already talked about.

Later that evening we arrived at my aunts house and visited with her and the fam for a bit before heading back to were we were staying for the weekend. When we got back, I had asked him something about the "Kiss and Mistletoe". He said he just kept waiting and hoping we'd get stopped by another red light so he could kiss me again. But we NEVER did, true story of the 10+ lights we went through non of them turned red when we came up to them.
With Christmas being just a few days away we of course had bought gifts and exchanged them.
I made him a build-a-bear named lucky (because we met by pure luck) and he gave me two Hawaiian Kukui nut necklaces. I'm pretty sure there was something else but honestly I don't remember.

Laying on the bed talking late into the night that first night he said "I think I'm falling In Love with you", "You Think!!" I said. "I mean I love you", he said and that was that. He told me he had wanted to tell me for a while now but wanted to wait till we were in person. I'm so glad he because it couldn't have been more perfect!! If I hadn't fallen hard enough for him already I fell even more that night.

(part 3 & 4 coming soon)


Sarah said...

OMG this is the sweetest!! Don't leave me hanging for parts 3 and 4. I need something to read during nap time. ;)

Pamela said...

aww love this!!