Monday, February 2, 2015

The Phone Call I Never Expected (part-1)

(I've never told our story)

Driving to my Aunts house one evening, November 29, 2006 I received a phone call. Little did I know that simple phone call would change my life. It was from my friend H's phone who was stationed in Hawaii at the time. (back story, H and I grew up together, went to school together, church together and so forth). I'd kept in touch with H after he join and moved away but we were strictly friends. He wanted more out of it, he always had a huge crush on me but I was just not at all interested. 

After a long day at work and previously already talking to H that day I was curious as to why he was calling back again. I answered and quickly realized it wasn't him. But some strange guy on the other end. I wasn't quite sure who this other guy was and there was so much commotion going on in the back ground I wasn't really sure what was going on or what to say. The phone was being passed around to a group of guys asking me 50 different questions. "Did I like him?" "Were we together?" "Why were you talking to him before?" "How do you know him?" "Did yall date?" "What can you tell us about H?" The questions went on for a good minute while this group of PVT's waited for the bus to pick them up for training and take them back to post. 

Eventually for some reason I said "put me back on the phone with whoever called me." By this time I'd pulled over in a parking lot because the conversation's just kept going and I didn't want to be rude and go into my aunt house on the phone. They put me back on the phone with J (my now husband, who doesn't go by his J any more(that's another story)) and we chatted for what seemed like just a short few minutes and before I knew it H was asking for his phone back because the bus had arrived.

 There was something there, I couldn't tell you what or how either of us knew but we did. I remember the night like it was Yesterday but the conversation after that not so much. H continued to ask for his phone back and so J asked "Hey man can I have her number?" H refused and wouldn't give in. Mean while I'm still here on the phone and can hear their conversation. "Hello, I'm here you can just ask me for my number." Light bulb moment right there yall, yes I married a winner. Only Kidding. He took my number and honestly I don't remember if I took his or not. With in a few minutes of him boarding the bus and heading back to post we were texting as though we'd known each other for months. 

Needless to say I never made it to my aunts house that night. I headed back home. We spent the next several weeks talking nonstop. Because of the time difference from Texas to Hawaii, I spent many late nights up talking to him and he had some very early mornings with me as I drove to work each day. 

I remember so many of our conversations like they had just happened. One in particular were he told me he'd never get married or he would but I'd have to get rid of the IRS first. Well crap there went any chance's I had with this guy. He was pretty firm on not getting married but I was bound and determined to change his mind.

The holidays were coming up and we were desperate to meet each other in person but how? He was going home for two weeks for Christmas to AZ and me making a trip out there just wasn't do able at the time. We'd talked about making a road trip out of it and meeting half way. But in all reality it didn't sound logical. Late one night I was at my aunts house and he called to chat, he asked what I would be doing on Dec. 19 at 3pm. "Umm well I'll just be getting off work why?" " Well I'm gonna need a ride from the airport." What your kidding, don't even joke around like that I though. There's no way. 


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