Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Get Away

This weekend get away couldn't have come at a better time, although I almost didn't think it was going to happen with the horrible snow storm we had just got. But I was determined to get out and make it to South Carolina, one way or another. One of my dearest sweetest friends is preggers and I was helping host her baby shower. See my reasoning for HAVING to go. Sure the shower would have gone on with out me but I would have been crushed. I've been in a slump with the deployment, school and work and I needed to get away for a bit to relax and refresh. 
I already had scheduled Thursday and Friday off from work and Wednesday afternoon we closed early due to weather related problems coming in later that night. I contemplated all day on whether or not I wanted to leave that night or wait till Thursday morning, which was my original plan. But with the below freezing temperatures coming again I was worry about the street conditions for Thursday morning. So I chalked it up and headed home to pack the car and walk the dogs. I decided to I'd leave that night, take my time and if needed I'd stop in ATL to get a hotel. Not even gonna lie, it was ruff but I pushed through and made it in to Cola about 3am Thursday morning. My friend's M & C that I was staying with was so kind to get up and let me in, Bless her heart!! 
Thursday I spent the better part of my day at the school were I worked visiting and catching up with friends and the kiddos. I had a lunch date with my YaYa at our usual Mexican joint. Visited some of my favorite local stores, bakeries and caught up with some more friends. One of them being our old neighbors from when we lived on post. They are just the sweetest retired couple I'd ever met. That evening I had dinner with two of my favorite parents K & K and their little girls. Crazy how much they've grow in the short 5 months since I'd seen them. I finished off the evening at K's house catching up and playing with the kiddos.

Friday I headed to the gym for a spin class, it felt great to be back at my old gym having my booty handed to my by the lovely Khop. After M (also a host for the shower) and I met up with another one of our friends for bunch at the ever so yummy Diprato's. Seriously they have some of the best food ever. After brunch M and I ran last minute errands and did a bit of shopping in preparation for the shower, which was on Saturday. We spent the rest of the evening at home and ordered take out for dinner from Devine Food's, a yummy local Greek place. I had some home work to catch up on so while M & C got little miss Lilly to bed I was knee deep in my books. 
Saturday started early, the shower was at 11am. We were doing a brunch style so we had to head over to C's house early to get everything set up and food prepared. OMG, everything was so good and there was so so much food. It was perfect and she loved it!!! I was so honored and happy to be apart of such a beautiful shower. We wanted to make sure it was perfect because this was the only shower that B was going to have. A few co-workers from our school came so I was able to visit with them a bit more. Later that evening I said my goodbyes to M & C and headed on post to meet up with the last of our Army friends that are still at Jackson. 
My YaYa & I 
Bobbie the Momma to be 

Pit stop to finally meet sweet little L and get some love in. And much needed catching up with her momma!! 
Becky works at Victory bingo on post and C was on CQ duty so we met up with him when she got off work to visit. Becky and I then headed to play bingo at a place in W. Cola. I'd never played bingo before EVER (sidenote: she can't play at V. Bingo since she works there, who woulda thought) and I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Did you know there are a lot of rules and do's and don't's that go into the game. And let me tell you these people really get into it. I went with $20 and when it was gone it was gone. I can def. see how people can go through and blow money not even knowing it. I had so much fun though and we played till the last game which was 2am Sunday morning. It was a long day, I'd been up since about 7am the morning before and was heading home Sunday morning. Becky and I headed back to the house. They've moved since I'd been back last time and of course I had to get the full tour before calling it a night. 
That morning when we woke up C was home from CQ and he made us a yummy breakfast omelet before we headed out to get my car so I could get on the road. I hated having to say goodbye knowing I was having to head back to TN. It feels so much like home being back in SC, everything is so normal as if I'd never left. I found myself going through the day without ever thinking to get on FB or Instagram to check in on the world. I left the stress and worry of life in TN and didn't look back. I was headed back a newly refreshed girl with a new out look on life and ready to tackle the rest of this deployment and school we have to go. 
I can't wait to go back and visit again, there's possibly a trip in the horizon for the end of April. Seriously I wish we could just pick up and move permanently back already. Soon, in due time though. 
See You Soon Cola, Until we Meet again!

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Janna Renee said...

That's so good you got time away to visit friends and reset. I wish it were that easy to go back to Colorado, but it will be awhile before I can make it back there now, haha.