Thursday, February 5, 2015

My 1st Trip to Hawaii (part - 4)

We spent the next month and a half talking non-stop. Again till wee hours in the morning and later into the day. I couldn't get enough of him. I remember taking a cruise mid January thinking what am I going to do a whole week without talking to him. Whelp it didn't happen. He may have had a crazy high phone bill that month but it was worth it. 

At some point mid January we decided we just couldn't wait any longer. We needed / wanted to see each other again but when and how? He was in Hawaii and I was in Texas. He wasn't getting leave again any time soon so the option for him to come to TX was out. So I went to Hawaii. Yup, he flew me out to Hawaii over a long weekend. And it was the absolute best weekend ever. Very few people knew I went. Again I kept things very hush about the two of us because I didn't want anyone coming between us and at that time I knew of a few people that would try to. 

Just a week before Valentines day '07 I took the 2nd biggest leap of faith, flying across the Pacific to Hawaii. It was my very first time flying alone and on top of being completely excited and nervous the flight there was full of turbulence all the way there. Talk about being a nervous wreck. I arrived late that evening and he made it well known he was on time. The first night we staying at his friends J & A house since he was living in the barracks. The plan was to get a hotel for the rest of the weekend and go that route but J & A insisted we stayed with them. They had the extra room and it was a great way for me to get to know them as well. After all they were all such good friends to the hubbs. 

I mean who were we to argue and complain, it saved us money for sure. 
We spent the weekend out and about checking out the local area. He showed me around to some of the more popular spots around town. We had a couple date night and beach trips mixed in there as well. He even had a surprise dinner and carriage ride planned for one evening. 
I have more pictures from that weekend (& the weekend he came to TX there just on my external hard drive & frankly don't wanna get up to get it right now. ) but here are a few from our date nights. I had the best time ever. We hiked up KoleKole pass which quickly became our go to place when I move to Hawaii. 

The weekend went by way to quickly and before I knew it we were saying our "see you soon's" again. He was headed off to the Big Island for training just days after I went home. The distance and lack of communication sucked major. But we never, not once let it affect us or come between the relationship we had built. 

Mid spring that year, I can't remember when exactly it was but his mom came out to Texas to visit so we could meet in person. We had previously talked on the phone several times and I was excited to meet her as well. She knew we were serious and wanted to get married, she said she just couldn't wait any longer. Ok, fine by me. Forgive me as I don't exactly remember what all we did that weekend. If we're being honest I truly enjoyed it and was so grateful she came but my focus and energy was the relationship I was building with her son, not her. lol

(the proposal's coming up....)

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Brittany said...

I can't believe you took that leap of faith but I think it's so awesome (and look how it worked out!!). And who wouldn't want to go to Hawaii?! You guys are so cute!!