Saturday, January 24, 2015


It wasn't the first snow day of winter, but it was most definitely the first one that amounted to anything. Friday night I went to dinner with a girlfriend from work and we had a fabulous time. I knew the weather was suppose to be getting a little nasty so I was glad that our dinner date didn't last to late. As I was driving home it had already started snowing. It wasn't terribly bad but for this Texas girl, it was the most I'd ever driven in myself. (Thankfully last Jan. when we came back from NYC the hubbs drove through the awful snow storm.) I was just happy to make it home with out any issues. Surprisingly enough it wasn't to cold outside, I mean it was bearable. So I bundled up and took the pups out front to play. It was dark but with the street light in the corner of our yard there was plenty of light to see. Vs. the backyard was completely dark. The pups ran around and acted all silly trying to figure out what this cold white stuff was. They've played in snow and seen it once before when we lived in Cola. When we had a pretty good snow storm there. But it's obviously not something we have to deal with all that often. At least we haven't and I'm quite content with that. I couldn't help myself, I wrote a few little lovey notes on the hubbs truck to send to him!!! 
The next morning I woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow covering the front and back yard. Our neighborhood looked even prettier then it already did. I decided to take the pups out for their morning walk before it all melted away. I head down to the field at the bottom to let them run around and play. As we headed out the door I noticed Dingo slip on a slippery patch near the bottom of our porch steps but I didn't think anything of it. I stepped down and bam fell right on my butt, putting my wrist down to brace my fall. I was almost in tears, it hurt pretty bad. I had plans later that afternoon and I couldn't handle any bruises or pains :(. It took me a minute to gather my thoughts to check the streets and side walk to see if we could even make it down to the bottom. We took it slow and managed just fine, with only a few slippery spots here and there. It was well worth the slippery trip, the pups had so much fun running around and it was simply beautiful. 
I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live somewhere, where there was inches and inches of snow all through out the winter months. But then driving in it might be a nightmare. I'll stick with the little bit we get here and there! 

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