Saturday, January 31, 2015

Life've been warned...

....random update of life lately, it's kinda all over the place but wanted / needed to recap. 

Well....its been a bit uneventful but a bit over whelming here lately. Parts of me doesn't mind it but then other parts of me wonders how I've managed to take on so much. When in reality its not all that much at all. With work Monday-Friday and Classes 3 nights a week, my days are pretty full. When I don't have class in the evenings I generally stay late and close at work. I like having the option to stay and close if needed vs. being completely depended on. It makes for some really long day's either way I go but it beats sitting at home alone. Some nights when I don't have class or have to close I tend to find myself hanging out and chatting a bit longer at work. I don't always feel the need to rush home, I mean the pups are there but the nights are the hardest with the hubbs away and it makes for lonely evenings. In the mornings I get up work out and take the pups for their walk before going to work. Two reason: One-when I get off its already dark out so not really ideal for walking the pups. Darn you winter time change. Two-working out before work means if I wanna come home and be lazy I can. Most nights when I cook dinner I cook enough for me to have left overs for 2 maybe 3 nights. This helps my commissary budget, as well as keeps me from having to cook every night. I don't mind cooking at all, I actually love cooking. But the last thing I want to do when I get home from class at close to 9pm is to cook dinner and do dishes. So left overs are perfect for me right now. On the weekends I might cook myself a more time consuming / involved meal because I can take my time with it. 
If I typically have any running around to do or shopping I try to get it all done on Saturday mornings - mid afternoon after walking the pups. This way I have the rest of Saturday to work on my homework because lets face it these two classes have me swamped. I've been out of school for a hot minute now and trying to get back into the swing of things with classes and homework has had its challenges. I've started reading more for pleasure but this whole reading and having to write a paper on it is a totally different thing. It also give me time to do any hously duties I might need to do clean the house, straighten up. The dreaded laundry, its so easy to throw it in the wash, then dryer but I hate hate folding and putting it away. Sunday's I go to church, the early service which is at 8:30 and I'm usually home by 9:45, unless I go to Sunday School. After our morning walk around the neighborhood I'm back in my comfy clothes for the day, vegging out on the couch watching Netflix and Hulu. I'll try and make myself productive here and there but normally I have a completely lazy day. I haven't gone out and really done much lately other than a few random outings here and there. It's been crazy cold and then we will have days in the 50's, it almost reminds me so much of Texas weather. It's been quite a bit rainy here lately as well, I never knew it rained so much in TN. I'm so ready for it to warm up more. I absolutely hate hate the cold weather, that's what 3 years of living in Hawaii will do to you. 
I've slowly been knocking my To Do List down, little by little. Reminding myself everything doesn't have to be done at one time. But oh how I desperately wish it could be. I did finally get our taxes done this morning so that's taken care of. My homework assignments for this coming week are complete and just need to be typed. I'm headed to Nashville tomorrow for a birthday party for one of my kiddos and I'm planning on making a day out of it. Heading downtown right after church in the morning!! Life's been busy and chaotic but I wouldn't have it any other way. At least I'm making the most of my time through this deployment

Better than sulking and eating ice cream from the carton every night.
 I mean a bowl is so much more classy!!! Right!?!?!?

And because a post isn't complete with out a picture.....
I slipped on my boots and took the hubbs Glock and HK out for a little swirl last weekend to this lovely setting......
I may or may not share what went on that afternoon. I still haven't decided!!! 

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Sarah said...

Girl, you are busy! I know it's awful with G home but seems like you're making the best of it!

I didn't know you're a gun person! I have a concealed carry license solely because Christopher wanted me to get one but I basically have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to guns. You might need to help me out. ;)