Saturday, January 10, 2015

January Review Week-1

Well let's just say I gave it my best effort and I did pretty good (kinda) for the first week of the month. I've been pretty good with the no junk food 21 day challenge. Ugh, till it came to this weekend. Not gonna lie its been pretty hard some days but all it took was alittle will power and I pushed through but fell off the wagon over the weekend just a smig. This past week I had two mini bags of pretzels (which were gluten & fat free) from the vending machine at work. (on separate day's of course) I asked around at work and more people then not considered them not to be chips. I was desperate, hungry and had a dollar bill on me which never happens because I do not carry cash. I didn't consider it breaking the "No Spend January". For NSP I opted not to use my debit card. However let me clarify, I do not / did not have cash pulled out or set aside to use during the month. I just happen to have it tucked away in my wallet. 
So moving on, I never had to go on post unless I'm going shopping at the commissary which is about once a month. I did have to go this past week to pick up a refill at the pharmacy though. Which just happens to be located a few doors down from a Smoothie King, my weakness and the only one in town. I'm a huge fan I went back and forth all morning before going weather I was going to get one. I mean there's not another SK in the city and who knew when I'd be back on post again. So I caved and splurged spending a whopping $6.89 on a (healthy mind you) lunch. Friday morning one of our parents brought in Donuts for us, it was Friday PEOPLE!!!! I caved and indulged on a donut or two ok ok 3 but that's it and seriously I never eat donuts so it was a treat. A treat I should have done with out but I didn't. I had a sleepover with my Sweet Little Friend Savvy this weekend and had to stop and get something to finish dinner with and a small baby shower gift. Which are ok purchases on the "NSJ". However this afternoon when I was taking Savvy home she wanted cupcakes so we stopped. Who's the best Auntie!!!! Oh Yea Right here!!!! $16.50 on cupcakes all for her and the little dude. I did get one for myself because well, why the heck not. I only ate half of it which means I only half failed. Besides 3 small house hold bills that had to be paid and a late Christmas gift to myself. It was already budgeted for, I already had the money set aside for it (from my NeNe), I was just waiting for the item to come back in stock. 
I finished off the week with a Friend from work at a baby shower for one of our Co-Workers. Were I had two chicken salad sandwiches on croissant rolls. They were fabulous and after I left I felt so awful for eating them. blah. I refused to walk by the dessert table not to be tempted and I held my head high and did great. 
1 week down 3 more to go. Here's for a even better week 2. How are you doing on your New Years Goal's / Resolution's? 
Aside from this little January Challenge I've been doing really well on my New Year's Goals. Of course its only 10 days in but I'm quite proud of myself.
Baby Shower Shenanigan and my new Wifey sweater from my Spouse (Love it and You Girl, thanks a million) Paired with my Tiffany & Co. Crystal Tear Drop my husband bought me for our 3 yr Wedding Anniversary. 

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