Saturday, January 17, 2015

January Review Week-2

I totally failed this week on the no spend January Month. In my defense all purchase were for a good cause or good reason. I'm working on a little something for the hubbs and well I can't say what it is on here but lets just say he's gonna LOOOOOVVVVVE it. So with that being said my target trip was much needed for this little project, plus I needed dog food. I did make a few other random small purchases over the weekend for a few things I'm working on at home and some needed items. I had a gift card for the majority of it so it wasn't to bad. It was such a beautiful weekend I seriously wanted to spend the whole time outside and while I spend a good amount outside, washing my car by hand was not on the to do list. But it needed washing something bad, so I splurged and drove it through one of those fancy car washes. In all honesty I've given it my best effort but life happens and gets in the way sometimes. This little project I'm working on wasn't planned going into January so it has kinda put a damper on things. But its gonna be worth it. 
As far as the 21 day no junk food challenge I did pretty darn fabulous good, I only caved twice. Once at work on Wednesday when our sweet cook made Pizza Rolls for lunch. OMG her pizza rolls are so so yummy. There on a croissant roll and seriously are the simplest most unhealthiest thing ever to make but so tasty. I just couldn't pass them up, she only makes them for lunch like once a month. The other time I caved was this morning when I made banana nut muffins for breakfast. I was desperate and going to be home all morning with plans to clean the whole house and needed something to kick start my morning. They were quick and easy from a package but mighty tasty. 

Still going strong on my other New Years Goals and quite happy with that. I'm determined to make this a great year. So with that said I'm going to start putting some of those DIY Pinterest home project's together. I mean why else do I pin them right, not for them to just sit on my board and look pretty. 

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